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Published by Sara on 21 Feb 2009

We Did It

The TV came back on!  They were glued to it as they watched the Tinkerbell movie.



We feel good that we didn’t watch TV all week.  Bethany has learned that there are better ways to entertain herself than sitting and watching the tube.  We also realized that TV isn’t a bad thing at all, moderation is the key.  It was a worthwhile experiment, but we are glad to have our TV back.

Published by Sara on 20 Feb 2009

Days 3 and 4

Day 2 started out with a BATH because of what this child did to herself with her oatmeal…



We have been having tea parties, buidling “tents”, and coloring.  One of the girls’ favorite things to do has been to take all the pillows off the couch and my bed and then jump into them. 



I took them to the library on Wednesday for storytime, they enjoyed that.  Thursday was pretty easy, Grandma came over to play with the kids for a while and they loved it.  We had another tea party under a tent, and did some painting.  The girls have also really learned to play alone very well this week.

So far, so good!  One day to go.

Published by Sara on 17 Feb 2009

Unplugged, Day 2

We had another pretty good day today without watching TV.  One of the first activities pulled out of the fun box this morning was finger painting, so we did that for a while.  Then I wanted to do some yoga on the Wii, so Bethany and I did some of that for a while.  Neil says that’s cheating because we were using the TV, but I say not.  I don’t consider it a waste of time because we were right there doing it together and she actually worked up a sweat.  Anyway, the next card said to play outside with sidewalk chalk, so that’s what we did.



And they did a little “exploring”.




At one point in the day Bethany was asking (more like whining) if we could watch a movie.  Then I said, “hey! Let’s do a puzzle!  And she forgot all about the movie.  We will see how tomorrow goes, I wonder if we can actually really not watch TV all week.  What did people do with their kids before TV’s were invented?  I often ponder that question in my head.  How did the moms get anything done?  It’s really hard to cook dinner while holding a small child.  The women back then must have had some really ripped biceps.

Published by Sara on 16 Feb 2009

Project “Unplugged”

I am unplugging my kids.  I feel guilty every day when I give up on my parenting and let the TV take over.  I decided to take the “no TV” challenge, starting today and ending Friday.  The TV will not be turned on this week.  My baby girls are so little, I want what little time I have with them to be shared and cherished, not wasted by Nickelodeon.  Before I know it, they will be asking me for car keys and I will wonder where the time went with my little girls. 

So what exactly am I going to do with these little kids all week?  Enter – the FUN BOX.  I made up a bunch of cards with activities on them, folded them up and stuck them in this box.  For example; have a tea party, paint with watercolors, go outside with sidewalk chalk…things like that. 


Here we go!  It’s just after breakfast and Beth is already wanting a fun card.  By the way, she thinks the fun box is the coolest thing ever.


This one says “play with star stickers”.  You can buy them in the office supply section at the store.  She decided that she wanted to decorate a rainbow with them.




Great!  That lasted five minutes…
Next, she dressed up like a princess and strung some beads.



Next, we set up a grocery store and did some shopping.  She’s so cute when she is pretend shopping.  She says things like, “welcome to my store!” and “here is your change, have a nice day!”




Then she decided that her pretend grocery bag needed a little sprucing up. 


I even let her have my camera so she could play photographer.  Check out this funny picture she took.  There’s a cute little girl with a giant camera in the horribly dirty mirror with a giant handprint on it.  Priceless.


Bethany never even asked to turn the TV on at all today.  She was having too much fun doing other things.  In between doing activities out of the fun box, she drew a few pictures and played on her own for a while and played with Julia too.  Julia was either napping or tagging along with Bethany.  Or walking around with a bucket on her head.



Published by Sara on 16 Feb 2009

Valentines Day

Our Valentines day was filled with many hearts.  We started our day off with hearts on french toast, and heart shaped muffins.  We gave the girls a few little gifts in the morning; coloring books and candy and some little trinkets.  Neil got me a 90 minute massage gift certificate.  WOW!  Thanks babe, I love you!


And then for lunch, it was heart shaped sandwiches.


Then we took off to go bowling with Krista and Clint and their families.  Bethany had never been bowling before, she had a great time!  It would take her ball forever to roll down to the pins because she couldn’t  roll it very hard.  The little girls would just park it right in front of the lane and watch the ball make it’s very slow trip.  It was adorable.





Even Julibean gave it a try.  Here she is waving bye-bye to the ball.


After that, we headed to Idaho Pizza Company for some more heart-shaped food. 


We hope everyone had a happy Valentines Day!  We love you!

Published by Sara on 06 Feb 2009

Guitar Cake

My Dad’s birthday is tomorrow, and I asked him if I could make a cake for him.  He said he wanted a guitar, a Gibson SG to be exact. 

I was thinking that I would just carve the cake free-style, like I did with the last one.  But then I saw this:

Hewooooo Wabbit!


I got this bunny pan for Christmas (thanks Tony and Char), I think Mr. Bunny will make a fine guitar. 

I set out to make a replica of my Dad’s Gibson, the one in the center.  The one on the left is a Fender I think, and the one on the right is an “Ice” something-or-other.  This picture was taken in his garage, where you can see many bike racing numbers, and apparently someone needs to call the police for some reason.


So I got to work, turning Mr. Bunny into Mr. SG.



All done!  I did the best I could.




Rock on.