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Published by Sara on 31 Jan 2009


We recieved an added benefit from Neil’s employer this year…dental insurance!!  We haven’t been to the dentist in a long time. I was pretty certain I had at least three cavities (a side effect of daily Mountain Dew), and Neil knew that he had one too.  I wasn’t sure about Beth’s teeth so I scheduled an appointment for all three of us. 
Bethany was so good, she sat on my lap for my entire cleaning so she could see what was going to happen to her.  When it was her turn she proudly stated that she would like grape flavored toothpaste and hopped into the chair and had her very first cleaning.  It was hilarious to watch her!




Cavity Count:

Bethany:  ZERO
Sara:  ZERO
Neil:  ONE

Published by Sara on 26 Jan 2009

Mini Burgers

Ok, so I like to make cute stuff out of food.   Ever since I saw this idea, (just a few days ago) I have been dying to try it. 




Here is what I used.
Hamburger Cookies:

Nilla Wafer buns
Oreo Snackster Mini’s-hamburger patty
White frosting mayo
Yellow frosting mustard
Red frosting ketchup
Dyed green coconut lettuce
Sesame seeds

Published by Sara on 26 Jan 2009

Lake Fork in Winter

We had an awesome opportunity to go snowmobiling in Mccall this weekend with our good friends Trisha and Corey.  Neil’s family has been camping at Lake Fork campground every summer for 20+ years, and we were so excited to get to take some pictures of the campground covered with snow.


The road leading to the campground, the “campground closed” sign is just barely peeping out of the snow (we went around it).  Oh, and there’s me in my sweet headgear.


The outhouse:



The entrance to our site:


Standing at the trailhead looking at the loop-de-loop, and T-Dub with her sweet machine:


Tonka truck hill:


Neil, up the hill behind the outhouse:


The campsite:


All of us sitting at the picnic table:


Getting warm by the fire…heeehee:


The creek, were dammit goes:


Down the creek to the bend:


I had to take a picture of the snowflakes, they looked like candy sprinkles:


This was one of the coolest things ever!  If you are one of the 30 or so people that camp here with us every year, then you know exactly where I was standing while taking each photo and can imagine that spot in your head.  There are more pictures, but a lot of them are blurry.  It was snowing pretty heavily, my lens was fogging up, and some of the pictures were taken through a helmet. 

We had such a good time!!  We stayed in a very nice condo, ate good food, and had great company.  It was very relaxing and very exhilarating at the same time due to the snowmobiles-those things are faaast!  One other picture I have to share is of the giant cinnamon rolls that you can order at The Pancake House for $2.95.  They are monsters!!  And the pancakes are enormous too.  That place is the BEST!


And this picture that I actually jumped out of the car at a stop sign to take.  This tree is probably 50 feet tall and there were lights covering every inch of it.  Amazing!


Published by Sara on 21 Jan 2009


We have been waiting a long time for Julia to be brave enough to let go and start to walk.  Just this week she finally figured out how to stand up without holding onto something, and then she was off.  She walks all over the place now and it is so fun to watch her.  She is adorable.  We are so proud of her!




Published by Sara on 18 Jan 2009

Lightning McQueen

This is the reason why I wanted to practice with fondant.  I made a cake this week shaped like Lightning McQueen, the car off of the Disney Cars movie. 

First, I baked two cakes.  Then I ruined one of the cakes, so I had to bake another.  Then, I realized that I needed more cake, so I made yet another one.  Four cakes total.  I stacked them up and carved them into the car shape using a small model of McQueen.


Then a crumb coating of icing:


Then another layer of frosting:


Then here comes the really fun part.  I made a double batch of fondant and gave myself carpel-tunnel mixing the red coloring in.  I channeled all of the knowledge I inherited from watching Ace of Cakes on the food network, and applied the fondant to my very first fondant covered cake.


Woohoo!  Success!  I thought for sure I would ruin it.  So then I trimmed it off and added a few details:



And then I finished him up by adding even more details.  Yes, I know the tires are deflated-looking and hideous.  If you think of a better way to make realistic tires out of sugar, please let me know. 





I want to thank my friend Mary for having confidence in me and asking me to do this cake.  I had a wonderful time making it!  I can’t believe it turned out halfway decent looking.  Not too bad for my first fondant cake. 

Published by Sara on 14 Jan 2009

Another HA Update

HA is an abbreviation for headaches that I remember from my working days.  I think I can even remember the ICD-9 code…794 point something…I think.  Anyway-that was useless information.  Today, I went to my otolaryngologist (a fancy name for the guy who hacked up my nose).  He called me in because he found the reason for my headaches.  He got the films from my CT scan and pointed this out to me:


Ok, this is going to be hard to explain…see that blob of tissue that the arrow is pointing to?  Ok, well it isn’t supposed to be touching my septum like it is.  The septum is the long semi-straight line right down the middle.  And the blob is actually pulling my septum back into the crooked position, as you can see it is slightly curving to the left in the picture.  The doctor rattled off some medical name for this condition which I instantly forgot.  All I know is that the only way to correct this “condition” is through surgery.  Gaah!  And there is a catch, he is only about 50% certain that having this second surgery will fix the headaches.   It’s not a good sign when your doctor says, “well, I just don’t know”.  It would be a test, he says.  Gee, thanks Doc…you is real smart.  Haha, that was a joke.  I really like my doctor and he is doing the best he can.  The reason that he isn’t 100% certain that it would make the headaches go away is because he sprayed that poison numbing spray up my nose again (GAG!!!), but this time it didn’t do anything.  Still had a headache.  

Here is my plan.  1.  Get my eyes checked.  My vision has been blurry lately and maybe I’m straining my eyes and it’s hurting my head.  2.  See a chiropractor.  Maybe I’m out of alignment or something.  3.  Then decide whether or not to have another surgery.

Published by Sara on 14 Jan 2009


I have been really wanting to learn how to work with fondant for a while now.  I was planning on taking a class next month.  I didn’t even want to attempt to mess with it until I was formally educated on the subject, because I hear it can be tricky stuff.  However, I decided to play with it now…a practice run for an assignment that will be revealed later (IF it turns out).

I was going to just run to Wallys and pick up the already made fondant, but just about messed myself when I saw how much it cost.  Forget that!  And I hear the boxed kind tastes like crap anyway.  So I made my own, and it was actually quite fun.  My trusty Kitchenaid even did most of the work.

Mr. Happy fondant blob:


Adding some color, which has to be mixed in by hand.  I wanted to see how hard this would be for me, because I have wussy hands.



I rolled it flat after all the color was mixed in.  I should have added more for a darker orange, but…well I’m lazy I guess.


I cut it out and put it on some cookies for the guys to eat when they came over after basketball.  They were semi-cute-ish…but they tasted like crap.   Note to self:  fondant shouldn’t be allowed to sit atop a sugar cookie, it just isn’t sweet enough and has kind of a rubbery texture.  But my main goal was completed; to make and play with my very first batch of fondant!


Published by Sara on 07 Jan 2009


We are involved in a preschool co-op, and it is our turn to host it at our house.  The kids all came over yesterday, and we learned about the letter K.  Here are the kiddo’s I had over yesterday.


Assembling the letter K on the flannel board:


Doing their letter K coloring activity:


Published by Sara on 07 Jan 2009

Harry Bungalow

Neil bought a pet tarantula for his brother Kevin 3 or 4 years ago.  He had a good home, but eventually Kevin lost interest and the spider was handed down to Neil’s youngest sibling, Karin.  Karin took good care of it until it started doing some freaky things that scared her (like clinging to the top of the cage upside-down).  So then, Mr. Bungalow was put into a spare room.  Neil felt sorry for the big nasty bug.  He asked me if we could take it home.  NO.  NO NO NO NO NO, I said.  Absolutely not.  I HATE spiders, more than anything.   He said fine, that he would leave the spider alone.

SO.  I was folding laundry in my room when Bethany happens to stand up on my bed and look behind it.  “What’s that thing, Mommy??”  I peeked behind our bed to see the dreaded spider cage, hiding under a pillow.  Yes, there was a big hairy tarantula living less than 3 feet from my sleeping head!!  Aaaahh!  I had Bethany call Neil’s phone and leave him a message saying, “You’re in BIG TROUBLE Daddy!!”

The spider was stealthily snuck out to our car on Christmas day, and Neil was able to get it home without anyone seeing.  It’s funny I didn’t notice.  There was one day where Neil was in our bedroom with the door shut.  I peeked in there to see what he was up to, he was on his knees beside the bed.  He shooshed me out.  I thought he was praying, but he was really feeding crickets to that blasted spider!!  He said the reason he shoo’ed me out was because Julia was in there sleeping and he didn’t want me to wake her up.  RIGHT. 

I told him that the spider has to go.  But then he said, “what do you want me to buy you?”  HMMMMM!  I mentioned a few items off my list.   Ok, you can keep the spider.  It’ll cost you though!  Haha.  I had him move Harry into the laundry room.


In case you are wondering, the spider’s name is Harry Bungalow because he has a Hairy…um, you know…”bungalow”. 

And Neil really didn’t want me to post this story because he doesn’t want anyone to think he’s strange for liking spiders and sneaking them into the house.  He really just finds spiders very interesting, that’s all.  I love him anyway.

Published by Sara on 05 Jan 2009

Our Little Sunbeam

I can’t believe Bethany is old enough to go to Primary!  Sniff, sniff.  Where did my tiny baby girl go??  She LOVED going to the “big kids class” (after a five-minute crying fit), and she loves her teacher and talked about her for many hours after church was over.   A lot of kids were missing from church today, so it made her class pretty small, but here she is in her classroom with Trey and Mason.


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