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Published by Sara on 28 Dec 2008

Christmas 2008

Our Christmas festivities started on Christmas Eve, with the annual party that was held at Uncle Jim and Aunt Don’s.  We had super nachos for dinner and then played our traditional candy exchange game and opened a few gifts.




Christmas morning we all woke up to see what Santa had brought.  Julia got some Little People toys that she loves, especially this litte dog that came with one of the sets.  She wouldn’t let it out of her sight.  Here she is hugging it:




Bethany got a princess army…



Then we packed up and went to my moms to have Christmas there, where Santa came again!


After that, we headed to my dad’s in Emmett.  We ate an extremely yummy turkey dinner and opened more gifts.



After that, we went to Aunt Don’s again for a while, then we went to Neil’s parents house to open gifts there.


It was a long and great day!!  Julia was pooped.


I hope everyone had as Merry of a Christmas as we did!!

Published by Sara on 22 Dec 2008

Holiday Houses

We made graham cracker houses at Clint and Sydnee’s house tonight for FHE.   Neil and I worked diligently to construct our little house, although he spent most of his time squeezing frosting right into his mouth.  Hee he.


Our house was a little one-bedroom cottage that we built for the santa gummy bears.


It even had a custom built fire pit in the backyard.


One of the santa bears got a little too close…

071eHeeeelllllpppp meeeeeeee!

We had a lot of fun making our houses!  In the end I think we went a little overboard though, just so we would have more candy to pick off and eat later.  Here is our finished house, and then all three of our houses on display (ours, then Krista and Coy’s, then Clint and Sydnee’s):



Published by Sara on 22 Dec 2008

More Goodies

Chocolate dipped caramels:


White chocolate pretzel cups (big and little):



These are egg nog truffle cups.  It’s a white chocolate shell filled with egg nog creme.  The tops were ugly, so I disguised them with the red drizzle, which wasn’t much of an improvement!


Published by Sara on 22 Dec 2008

Santa Pictures

Bethany was excited to see Santa this year at our ward party.  She waited patiently in line for her turn to sit on Santa’s lap.  I asked her what she was going to say to him, and she said she was going to say “Merry Christmas!!”   However, Santa made her feel very uncomfortable as you can see in the photos.  She still talked to him though, and told him that she wanted a fairy for Christmas.



Julia wanted nothing to do with this strange, hairy red man!


Published by Sara on 21 Dec 2008


It’s baking season!!





Published by Sara on 12 Dec 2008


I deleted the post from yesterday, just forget I ever said anything.  My body decided to play a trick on me.  There will be future baby Adams’, just not right now.  🙂  Don’t feel sorry for me because I’m not at all upset about it, really.   Our lives are back to normal for the time being!  Thank you to my friends and family for being so happy and supportive.

Published by Sara on 08 Dec 2008

15 Month Check-up

Julia had her 15 month well baby appointment today.  Here are her stats:

Weight:  19.28 pounds, 5.37%
Height:  30.25 inches, 45.1%
Height/weight ratio:  5.99%

If these percentile things don’t make sense it’s like this:  Julia is in the 5th percentile for weight.  That means that 95% of the population of babies her age are heavier than she is.  Make sense? No?

She has no problems and is very healthy.  She is still very light, but her growth chart is maintaining a steady upward curve.  She’s still not walking but doctor said that her legs feel stronger and she will walk when she’s ready.  She has been cranky lately, and it was confirmed that she is currently teething her lower molars.  And like her doc and I have said before, she has a very advanced vocabulary.  I’m going to attempt to list the words she says on a daily basis:  Mommy, daddy, puppy, woof, cow, moo, book, banana, nite nite, binky, bee, more, up, down, baby, cat, kitty, dog, play, ball, duck, quack, eye, sock, shoe, fish, bug, sheep, baa, bear, deer, giraffe, apple, balloon, phone, please, num-num, bubble bath, drink, hello, bye bye, hi, stinky, no, cracker, five (like gimme five), uh-oh, hot .   There are other words she says too, they just aren’t said as often.  Car, cookie, Trisha, tree, toy, poop, peekaboo to name a few.  I think the reason she knows so many words is because she loves books, especially if they have lots of pictures.  We sit with her and she points, and we say the word.  Then she says it and usually remembers it.

She also had three shots.  She did really well and is acting normal 4 hours later.  She took a really long nap when we got home, she was sleeping so soundly that I was confident I could get a picture without waking her up.

Published by Sara on 08 Dec 2008


AAh!  It’s a scary skeleton face!!  So I’m pretty sure there isn’t anything wrong with my sinuses.  Even I can look at these films and see that they are normal, and I am not an educated medical professional.  I did take the films to Dr. Callanan, my allergist, and he didn’t see anything either.  He said that I may have tension headaches, which are probably caused by the kids, which were given to me by “HIM” (pointing to Neil).  So in conclusion, my headaches are Neil’s fault.  Haha.

To be honest though, my kids are great and really don’t cause me very much stress.  Tension headaches can come about for a variety of reasons, I just need to find out the cause so that I can take care of it.

Published by Sara on 06 Dec 2008

Husband Tag

What is his name:  Neil Anthony Adams
How long have you been together?  Married for 6, together for 11.  2 of those years don’t really count though because he was on his mission
How long did you date?  3 years (5 if you count the mission)
Who eats more?  Hmmm.  I’d say it’s a tie
Where do you like to eat together?  Outback or Olive Garden usually
Who said ‘I love you’ first?  Me, waay back in high school
Who does the laundry?  We both do
Who does the dishes?  Both again.  Mostly me though
Who sleeps on the right?  I do, because it’s closer to the bathroom
Who pays the bills?  He makes the money, I pay the bills
Who mows the lawn?  Neil.  I mow it on occasion
Who cooks dinner?  Me
Who is more stubborn?  Hmmm.  I’d say that’s a tie too
Who kissed who first?  That was sort of a mutual agreement as well, but probably it was mostly me because he was dating another girl at the time..hehe
Who asked who out first?  I did.  Grubby Skip 1997!
Who proposed?  Neil, but we had already agreed on it and picked our rings out together
Who has more siblings?  Neil, by 5
Who wears the pants?  I had to ask him about this because I wasn’t sure.  He says he does.  Ok, whatever!
Where do you fit in birth order?  We are both second born. 

Tag to anyone who is married and feels like doing a tag. 🙂

Published by Sara on 06 Dec 2008

New Hair #2

Here we go again!  I really loved the purple but I decided it was a little too punk-ish for me.  However, I LOVED the darker hair look, and I was very close to going completely brunette.  Wouldn’t that be awesome?!  I didn’t want to do it because of the way it would look as my hair grew, blonde roots and brown hair.  Not so cute. 

Here’s the picture of the boysenberry hair:

Here it is now:

That’s as far out as my camera would let me zoom.  So you get an extreme close up.  If you want to see my whole head then I guess you have to come visit me.  🙂

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