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Published by Sara on 29 Nov 2008

Shopping 2-E

Shopping, 2 the EXTREME!  It is a tradition for my Mom and I to wake up at the crack of dawn (earlier than that, actually) to go shopping on black friday (aka the day after Thanksgiving).  It is the biggest shopping day of the year, and there are lots of good deals.   So we got up and ready in time to be at our first store by 3:30-ish.   Kohls seemed to have the best stuff, so we went there first.  We stood in line until the store opened at 4:00, along with 200+ other people.  Krista and Clint met up with us too, but we quickly got separated by the herd of shoppers.  I brought an empty stroller so that I could haul all my loot, I knew we wouldn’t be able to snag a shopping cart (note to self for next year, that was a GOOD IDEA).  I loaded that stroller past it’s capacity, plus had another armload of stuff.  It was crazy fun and I got almost all of my Christmas shopping done.  After I spent a substantial amount of money at Kohls, we went to 5 other stores.  By then it was 8:00, and I was pooped and went home to take a nap.  Here I am standing out in the cold waiting for Kohls to open.   

Published by Sara on 29 Nov 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

First we went to Grandad and Fondas at 11:00.  We were there for several hours and the dinner was fantastic.   I ate too much, like always!

Then it was off to Grandma and Grandpa’s for dinner #2 at 3:00.  It was also delicious and again I ate too much! 

After that, it was late and time for the kids to go to bed.  So we headed home, got the kids in bed, and I went to my Moms and we mapped out our plans for black friday SHOPPING!

We are thankful that we live so closely to all of our families and we are able to spend a little bit of each holiday with the people that we love.  It may sound like a pain to have to try and visit everybody, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!



Published by Sara on 28 Nov 2008

Storytime with Bethany

Bear Story

I don’t know if anyone else thinks this is as funny as we do, but I about died laughing.  We were just toying around with this new camcorder thing we bought and she made this story up all by herself.

Published by Sara on 23 Nov 2008

Thunder Mountain

We bought tickets several weeks ago to do a murder mystery dinner on the Thunder Mountain train with Trisha, Corey, Vicki and Oscar.  What a cool experience!!  The train starts at Horseshoe Bend and takes you up to Cascade and back.  It was dark, so we didn’t get to see any scenery, but the show was quite entertaining and the food was great. 

The actors were really good too.  They were always walking around and talking to people and acting all dramatic.  They put on quite the show for us.  Our tables were right in the center of the train car too, so they were usually standing right beside us while they were doing their thing.  And while we were eating, we were supposed to ask them questions to try and figure out who killed so-and-so. 

This girl was hilarious.

This guy was funny too.  I didn’t ask him to get into this picture, he saw that we were taking pictures and just jumped on in.  His character was a famous director and he was just acting the part.

This was outside on the open-air car.  Brrrr!

It was very fun and I would recommend it to anyone!

Published by Sara on 23 Nov 2008

New Hair

It’s a little extreme but I like it.   It’s called “boysenberries and champagne.”  I guess I’m just making up for lost time after so many years of never dying my hair!

Published by Sara on 23 Nov 2008


The movie was great!! Was it as good as the book? No, not at all. Movies are never as good as books are, but it was still pretty awesome.  If you haven’t had the “Twilight experience” you need to try it, it’s great fun.

Published by Sara on 20 Nov 2008

Today is the Day!

Twilight the movie is being released tonight at midnight!  So I guess technically that’s tomorrow, but whatever.  Becky, Trisha, and I have our tickets (I bought them two weeks ago!) for tomorrow at 7:00 and I can’t wait.  I have never been so excited for a movie in all my life, this is just crazy.  I guess it’s just because I loved the book so much.  

To show my support as a loyal fan, I made a couple of t-shirts.  Even Neil participated.

I will be wearing this one.  Yes, my boyfriend glitters.  The word “glitters” is actually glittery, I guess the flash from the camera washed it out.

Here’s the other one:

But wait, there’s more!  First I’ll start out by saying that I skipped cake class this month.  They messed up the schedule and the class was moved to Mondays, which I am not a fan of.   So I just decided to use the course 2 manual and try to do the class by myself at home.  And since it is going to be a Twilight weekend, I made this sort of strange looking Twilight themed cake.  Really, I pictured it being a lot more pretty in my head before I put it together…but oh well.  It would have helped if it weren’t practically impossible to make a deep red icing like I wanted, but I guess it still turned out to be kinda neat.

The cool thing about this cake is that the font on top is the exact font of Bella’s handwriting in the book.  And the other font is the font from the cover of the book (as well as on the shirts).  So can you tell I’m really excited for this movie? 😉

ETA:  It would appear as though I have a lot of time on my hands.  Not true.  It’s just that I NEVER watch TV.  You can accomplish many things in the few hours a day that most people spend watching TV.

Published by Sara on 18 Nov 2008

Stadium Seating

This is what your living room might look like if you try to cram EVERY piece of furniture that you own into one little room:

There was a UFC fight on Saturday, so Neil got the “stadium blocks” that Oscar made and put the green couch up on top of it.  These guys are serious about their fight nights!  Too serious to even look at me when I took their picture…:)

Published by Sara on 18 Nov 2008


Several times this week, I have caught Bethany in the bathroom doing this:

She has seen me rinse my nose with the neti pot, so she gets her toy cup and spoon and tries to do a little kid version of a nasal wash.  I asked her what she’s doing and she’s like, “Im just washing my nose…” I just thought it was funny.

Published by Sara on 14 Nov 2008

Us Lately

I haven’t blogged in a while.  We haven’t really been doing much due to the fact that I always have a friggin headache.  I even missed cake class this week :(.  Anyhoo, my doctor said that it can take up to four months to completely heal from having nasal surgery, and I can speed up the process a little by getting and using a Neti Pot.  A Neti pot is this genie’s lamp looking pot that you fill with a saline solution and pour it into one of your nostrils.  You tilt your head just right and the liquid comes out the other nostril.  Yeah, it’s a little strange.  It seems to be helping though so I will continue to use it.

Here are a few things we have done since Halloween:

Neil cleaned up the backyard, and Bethany played in the leaves. 

Julia is getting much stronger, she is finally cruising along the furniture and she will push this toy around for a little while.  I think one more month and she will be walking.  She is a smarty pants though, I’ve lost count of all the words in her vocabulary.  She even says a few two-word combos and can sing EIEIO perfectly.

I found some food markers on sale at Michaels, so I picked them up and Bethany and I made some cookies and drew on them.   

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