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Published by Sara on 28 Aug 2008

Felt Board Fun

This afternoon, Sydnee, Krista and I all got together at my house to make felt boards for the girls.  It was very simple and Bethany loves hers.  After everyone left our house, she got busy and played with hers for quite some time.  She told her own little version of the Three Little Pigs, which went something like this, “The three little pigs were walking down the street.  The first little pig saw something beautiful!  It was a ring.  The second little pig made his house out of bricks….” 

She constructed this scenario all by herself.  I asked her what the pigs were all doing in a circle like that, she said, “they are all sleeping in their sleeping bags…” 


This is going to be such a fun thing to have in our house.  I’m glad that she has a “toy” where she can really use her imagination.

And what is up with this kid?!?


I put her to bed THREE hours ago and she just won’t fall asleep.  It’s like I gave her Mountain Dew or something (did I?  No…I’m pretty sure I didn’t) 🙂  I just decided to let her get up and get her wiggles out, since all she was doing in her crib was bouncing around anyway.  So here she is…10:00 at night and hyper, terrorizing my house and throwing felt pieces all over the place.

Published by Sara on 25 Aug 2008

Fat Lip

Poor Julia had a little accident today.  Yes, I KNOW that you aren’t supposed to use a Bumbo seat on a “raised surface”, but I honestly thought that I had at least six more months before Julia would figure out how to wiggle her way out of one.  So I put her in her Bumbo seat up on the counter like I always do, and I turned around to open the pantry to get her out something to eat.  As I’m looking in the pantry I heard a strange noise-the noise of a baby sliding out of her seat and onto the counter.  So I flip around really fast only to see her rolling off of the counter and onto the floor.  My heart jumped out of my chest and I swooped her up as fast as I could.  Bethany saw the whole thing and it scared her too-she was screaming, “WHAT HAPPENED?!” and crying, she was really upset that Julia had gotten hurt.  It might be hard to tell, but she has quite the fat lip.


She is also teething her I-teeth, ouch!  You can see her little injury a little better in this picture.


I feel terrible about this!!  Luckily she only cried for a few minutes-I gave her some pudding right afterwards and she was fine.  I’m going to make sure I lock her in that seat from now on though!

Published by Sara on 25 Aug 2008

Western Idaho Fair

We went to the fair last week, and since it was a week ago I’m having a hard time thinking of anything to say about it.  Short term memory loss!  I’m getting old, you know.  Anyway, enjoy some pictures. 












Published by Sara on 13 Aug 2008

Another Craft Project

I have a friend who will be having twins at the end of the month (one boy, one girl), and since I have been feeling extra crafty lately I made her a set of “pirate” type onesies.  Tutorials are kinda fun, so here we go!

This project is “freezer paper stenciling”.  Freezer paper is waxy on one side, and sticks perfectly to fabric with an iron.  So I made a pattern with Word and printed it right onto the freezer paper. 


Then you take your handy-dandy exacto knife and cut out your pattern.


Trim your patterns to size, and iron.  For the other onesie, I stole a designer’s logo right off their website and printed it…ha!  I won’t say which one it is, because they will probably find me and sue me or something.


Then fill in your stencil with fabric paint.


You are supposed to wait 4 hours before peeling the paper off, but I am impatient and just waited until I felt like the paint was dry enough (1.5 hours I think).  It’s so much fun to peel the paper off and admire your work!   This is definitely something I will do again and again, it was very fun and very easy! 


Published by Sara on 13 Aug 2008

Here She Comes!!

She FINALLY figured it out!  CRAWLING!  Now she is all over the place.  I’ll put her down in the living room and go in the kitchen, and then she takes off!  She is behind me within seconds.  She thinks it is hilarious that she can follow me around, she gets to crawling and is just cracking up the whole time.  



Yay Julia!

Published by Sara on 13 Aug 2008


What started out as just a little bit of mud on the stucco of our porch…


…has turned out to be our fun little family of swallows.  First, we enjoyed the mommy and daddy bird as we watched them build their nest.  After it was complete, they took turns sitting on the eggs for about two weeks.  Then we noticed that the parents weren’t sitting in the nest as often, and we watched them as they brought food to their new babies.  Krista took this picture:


And this is what we found when we got back from Lake Fork.  After just one week, the babies have gotten their feathers.  Aw, they grow up so fast!  Soon we will be empty nesters…


Published by Sara on 11 Aug 2008

Lake Fork 08

The Adams family has been going to the Lake Fork campground in Mccall for many, many years.  We just got back yesterday from our 5 day, 4 night camping trip with the whole family.  I think there ends up being close to 30 people camping up there together-there are tents everywhere.  We wished we could have stayed longer, we had a great time like always.  The weather was great, except for a few thunderstorms that happened at night (which is cool anyway-scary, but cool), and it rained on us once at breakfast.   Here are a few of the many pictures that I took.










Bethany and Oakley were holding hands constantly it seemed, even while riding down a hill on the Tonka trucks.  Which they did over and over, and over again.


lake-fork-08-108.JPG    lake-fork-08-120.JPG    lake-fork-08-116.JPG

Published by Sara on 05 Aug 2008

11 Months Old

How did this happen?  My little Julie Bean turned 11 months old yesterday.  Holy cow.  She will be a year old in one more month.  I guess time flies when you are having fun.

She has been such a joy.  She is such a happy girl and is just adorable.  She is finally starting to learn how to crawl, she takes a few “steps” on her knees and then she gives up and flops onto her tummy.  She has perfected the army crawl though, and she figured out how to get into a sitting position from her tummy.  And what a smarty pants she is!  She is already saying about the same number of words that Bethany was saying at 17 months old.  Just a few:  Uh-oh, bye-bye, Mama, Daddy, cat, dog, ball, bear, up, baby…she tries to sing EIEIO and moo like a cow too. 

Oh, how we love her!  One more month and we will be having a first birthday party!



Published by Sara on 04 Aug 2008

Drying Apricots

I am up to my elbows in apricots, I got two big boxes full from my Aunt Ada, who has an apricot tree in her backyard.  I love fruit leather, so I wanted to make a bunch and take it camping this weekend.  I’m going to post a bit of a tutorial, because I will probably do it again next year and I’m almost positive that I will have forgotten how I did it the first time.


First, they get a bath in the sink:


Then they get split in half and the pits are removed.  I took the pits out the first time using a knife and carefully cut each one open, but then I realized how dumb of an idea that was, because they very easily split open if you just use your fingers to tear them apart.  After that, they take another bath in a solution of ascorbic acid to help them keep their pretty orange color.  2 Tablespoons Fruit Fresh + 2 quarts water.


The next step is messy and loud, so I take it outside.  Just fill up a blender with the fruit halves, with about 1/4 cup of sugar (optional), and puree.



I used 2-3 cups of puree on each sheet (special fruit leather sheets).  Spread it out as evenly as you can and load up the dehydrator.


I put the dehydrator outside and let it run, because it is loud and generates heat.  Each batch took about 8-9 hours to dry.  Then all that’s left to do is peel the leather off, cut into pieces, and roll in plastic wrap. 


 The End.

Published by Sara on 01 Aug 2008

A Night at the Drive-In

We went with a bunch of friends last night to watch Kung-fu Panda at the drive in theater in Caldwell.  I have never been to a drive-in (that I can remember) and it was so cool!  You just bring some munchies and a cozy place to sit and watch a movie under the stars.

Here’s all of us (well, most of us.  And I think these pictures are too tiny to even see anybody, but whatever!):



Bethany had her very first “Ring Pop”…she thought it was just about the coolest thing she’d ever seen.


Here are a few pictures that I took while we were there, I was just messing around with them in Photoshop: