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Published by Sara on 29 Jul 2008

More Boating

Our friends Nephi and Tiffany just bought a boat, and they invited us out for some water fun yesterday.  I was a little apprehensive about bringing the kids along, I thought that it would be scary for Bethany and I also had a paranoia that we would hit a bump and Julia would fly out of my arms and into the water.  Not the case.  I don’t think Bethany has had so much fun in her entire life.  She wasn’t even a tiny bit afraid.  She even rode in the tube with Daddy and Sariah (their 2 year old).  And Julia was just “chill” the whole time.   The only part that I didn’t fully enjoy was giving myself whiplash on the wakeboard…I was so proud of myself that I actually got up on the board and was skimmimg along on the water.  And then I ATE IT.  HARD.  MAJOR face plant.  I hit the water and had an instant headache.  I also bit my tounge and thought for a second that I had lost a tooth.  But it was still tons of fun and hopefully I will get the chance to try it again sometime.




Tiffany on the wakeboard..yeah she’s a little better than I am!








And check out Julia’s new chompers!


Published by Sara on 28 Jul 2008

Move over, Martha!

I found an idea for marble magnets online, and the thought occured to me to make some for Keith and Carmen for their housewarming party.  They had these tiny circle pictures of themselves at their wedding that I knew would work out perfectly.  So I gathered all the neccessary supplies and went to work.  When I was done with the magnets, I wanted to come up with some sort of storage container for them, so I decorated an Altoids tin and it turned out SO cute.  It was one of the funnest craft projects EVER, and I was very happy with the results.


“We stick together”-get it?  Because magnets stick together?  HA!



I got some super strong neodymium magnets off ebay, they are tiny but they will hold up 6 sheets of paper on the fridge.


Anyway, I just had to brag about that!  I was very tempted to keep this handmade treasure…but I can always make more!

Published by Sara on 19 Jul 2008

Happy Birthday Bethany

Wow.  I can’t believe that I had my first baby girl three years ago.  She is so precious to me and she is growing up so quickly.  I can’t even express how much I love this little girl!

So we had a party for her today!  She was so excited for her birthday to come.  The cute invitations (shout out to my sista Krista!):


She got her present from us first thing in the morning.  We got her this sink for outside that has constant running water.  She loves it.


The cake…or should I say the giant cupcake and corresponding mini cupcakes…?


Bakerella is my hero, I got most of the dessert ideas from her.  Her cupcake pops are just the cutest things ever.  I based Bethany’s entire birthday theme on them.



Yipee, I’m three!!!







She had such a wonderful birthday.  She is a lucky little girl to have such great family to come and celebrate her big day.  She got so many great presents, thank you to everyone for making her day so special.

Published by Sara on 14 Jul 2008

Bee Catcher

Neil and Bethany have a little ritual where they go outside every day to catch a few bees to feed to the spiders (we have two big ugly spiders living in our garage right now-as PETS…I’ll have to save them for another post).  Well apparently Bethany is no longer afraid of bugs, because she was out there CATCHING BEES all by herself.  She probably caught 5 or 6 bees in a period of 3 minutes.  She had NO fear, she would hold her bee up and look at it, without the bag even being sealed.  And since the spiders had already eaten, we had no use for the bees that she was catching.  So she would just open the bag and let them fly out, and then go and catch another. 





What a silly, brave little girl I have!


Published by Sara on 06 Jul 2008


Bethany has been asking to go camping for months now, and this past weekend it was finally time to go.  We packed up and had a very nice few days at Lake Fork.   Our favorite campsite was taken, so we had to choose a different one.  We ended up really liking this spot, except that the stream access is a little less kid-friendly.  But that might just be because the water level is still pretty high in the creek.



Bethany is scratching her head in the above picture, the mosquitoes ATTACKED her.  Skeeters just love babies and little kids.  You can see how many bites she has on her head in this picture…and also how dirty she is! 


VERY DIRTY…Ewww Gwoss.


Bethany’s favorite thing to do was play in the dirt.  She had dirt EVERYWHERE.  Someone remind me to get a bigger bathtub for next time…


Julia slept quite a bit.  I swear that mountain air makes babies sleep longer.  She would wake up for maybe an hour or two and then she would want to go back to sleep.  Fine with me!  I actually got to relax because she was in the camper most of the time, safe from the blasted blood-sucking pains-in-the-butt mosquitoes.


Mmmmm, my favorite!  Dutch oven dinner.  It was delicious.


So as we were getting ready to leave, the forest ranger lady showed up.  We were like, “oh great, she’s going to yell at us for not paying” like she usually does when we are up there.  It’s not that we don’t pay, it’s just that we usually wait until we leave to put our money in the drop box.  Anyway, all she wanted to do was give us a bag full of Smoky the Bear stuff for Bethany.

Maybe that ranger lady isn’t so bad after all.


Published by Sara on 02 Jul 2008

Julia is Talking!

Look here:

Published by Sara on 02 Jul 2008

Once Upon a Time…

…there was a lonely anemone.


He needed a friend.  He decided to painfully rip himself into two pieces.


And then there were two happy anemones.


The End.