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Published by Sara on 28 Jun 2008


We had an amazing fun day out on the lake today with Trisha and Corey.  My mom was very nice and watched the kids for us so that we could go play.  I haven’t been on a boat in a very, very long time.  We had a blast.  And I must say that it was a VERY nice boat and we felt like kings of the water in it.


Neil on the surfboard.  Surfing is a lot like wakeboarding, only your feet are not attached to the board so it is a little more difficult. 



Here is MY attempt at surfing!


Ha ha.  I eventually figured it out and was able to surf for a short period of time, but I definitely need more practice.  Tubing is a lot easier, all you have to do is hang on for dear life!


And it was really hard to hold on tight when you are laughing so hard.  Eventually we hit the wake so hard that Trisha FLEW off, which messed up my balance.  I hit another wave full force about 2 seconds after she went flying, and the tube acted like a trampoline and bounced me up SO far into the air that I had time to think to myself, “am I ever going to hit the water?” while I was up there.  It was crazy, crazy fun!

Neil also caught some air on the tube…


Just watching the water go by with the wind in our faces, awwww.


We had a great time.  I took over 200 pictures too, these are just a few of my favorites.  The only thing I regret is that I didn’t put sunscreen on when everyone said that I should.  So I am currently looking and feeling a bit like a boiled lobster.

Published by Sara on 25 Jun 2008

Nose Job

I’m getting one.  No, really.  “Nasal reconstructive surgery” to be exact.  Ok, so it isn’t REALLY a “nose job” but in any case I will be having facial surgery sometime in October.  I haven’t been able to breathe very well through my nose for years.  Lately it has gotten worse, I have been feeling more tired than usual and my throat is drying out.  I have a deviated septum (the piece of bone/cartilage that separates your nostrils), which means that my septum is protruding into my right nasal passage and blocking the airway.  And I can actually SEE that my nose is misshapen, but I guess other people don’t see it.  Here, look at this picture and see for yourself.


I think that Bethany took this picture, by the way.  Clearly there is a difference in my two nostrils.  Anyway, I will be having surgery for the very first time in my life.  I’m not scared, I’m actually excited to get it done so that I can breathe again.

Published by Sara on 25 Jun 2008

Family Update

I just wanted to document what’s been going on in our little family over the past few weeks.  I just love going back and reading my previous blogs about the kids and what they are doing, their current favorite things and such.  So here we go, please pardon my lack of proper paragraph structure, because I don’t really care. 🙂

I just can’t believe how adorable miss Julia is.  I love this age.  She is learning new things almost daily, and her newest thing is that she shakes her head like she is saying no and she thinks it’s the funniest thing ever.  In the past month or so, she has learned to clap her hands and wave.  And since she is figuring out basic hand motions I am starting to introduce sign language.  She can almost make the sign for “more”, I can see the wheels turning in her little baby head, and then she looks at her hands and just can’t quite figure out how to make them do the sign.  Probably pretty soon though.  She tries to copy all the sounds that we make at her, so she has learned quite the assortment of funny mouth noises.  When it is naptime, she likes to play a fun (not) game with me that involves her repeatedly throwing her binky over the edge of the crib (she WONT fall asleep without it).  So I hide on the floor by her bed so she can’t see me and toss it back to her.  After about 5-10 times she gets bored and shoves it in her mouth and falls asleep.  I couldn’t figure out where all of her pacifiers were disappearing to until I looked under her bed.  She has a favorite little slot that she likes to drop her binkies down, and I found EIGHT pacifiers down there the other day.         
She is a little pig and LOVES to eat.  She will eat anything that you put in front of her as long as she can feed it to herself.  Tonight for dinner she was just chowing down on green beans and loved every minute of it.  I have been giving her a lot of table food because she seems to prefer it over baby food (she’s no dummy).



She had her first swimming experience just the other day. 


She wasn’t liking it!  She figured out that the water was fun after a while, and then she was fine and had a good time.

Bethany, on the other hand, is like a FISH.  She absolutely loves the water and can’t get enough.  I had to keep a close eye on her while we were swimming.  There was one point where I just looked away from her for a second, and when I looked down she was underwater…just floating there, hanging out.  She wasn’t scared or anything. 


Little Tookers is growing up so fast.  She talks like a little mini adult.  If she is in a good mood she will go on and on, just talking about random things.  She even likes to quiz me, like she will say, “Mommy, what color is this?  Red?  Right.”  And if I don’t get to the phone fast enough, she will answer it and just talk and talk to whoever it is.  She loves to sing, and usually will sing a few songs to herself before falling asleep.  Old Macdonald seems to be her current favorite, but she still likes Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and the alphabet.  She has developed some sort of strange fear of the wind.  Sometimes she won’t even let me go outside to get the mail because it’s too windy outside.  I guess she thinks that I will blow away or something.  But she seems pretty deathly afraid, she cries and gets a terrified look on her face. 
One of her favorite things to eat is frozen waffles.  She likes to eat things straight out of the freezer, and she really does eat them so I let her.  Frozen chicken nuggets, french fries, whatever.  If it’s frozen she will eat it.  Most of her meals are cooked though!
She has been sleeping on the floor in her room a lot lately.  She hates going to bed and usually puts up some sort of a fight, so she ends up getting her pillow and putting it on the floor by the gate and sleeping there.  Tonight she fell asleep partly in the closet though.  Whatever, as long as she goes to sleep it is fine with me!

Published by Sara on 22 Jun 2008

Zach + Rochelle

Neil’s cousin Zach was married on Saturday.  He has found what seems to be his perfect match in every way, she is just adorable.  Anyway, the wedding was beautiful and the weather was HOT outside on the temple grounds.  I managed to get a few OK pictures while we were there.




It is so hard to get a decent family picture.  To get both of the girls to look in the same direction at the same time is impossible.  And getting them both to smile?  Forget it.  So here we have Bethany not paying attention, Julia checking Bethany out, Neil making his signature squinty face, and then there’s me…also known as Hugh Jarms (if you are clever you will figure that one out and maybe chuckle a little, but don’t laugh because it ISN’T funny.  Ha ha.)


The reception was held at Barber park, which gave me a strong desire to float the river.  It also apparently gave me a strong desire to eat too much, because that’s what I did.  Who can resist shish kabobs and pop in glass bottles? 

See what a perfect couple they make? 


Published by Sara on 19 Jun 2008

Time for a Change

I have always taken really good care of my hair.  Never once have I colored or bleached it.  I hardly even use any hair spray or product of any kind on it.  But I guess that is why it always looks so…blah.  Recently I have been trying to do new things with it, but it seems like any style I try just falls out because my hair is healthy, which makes it slippery and it doesn’t hold up a do’ very well.  Plus my hair is getting darker as I get older.  Sooooo, I made a trip to “Stacy’s Salon”, and went “under the foil” tonight for the first time in my life. 


And she did a bit of cutting as well.  Looks like a lot of hair huh!  It really isn’t though, it is mostly from the underside of my hair.


So my hair has officially been chemically tampered with.  Here is the new, blonder me!



Published by Sara on 17 Jun 2008

Lunch in the Park

I was informed by several different friends about the Nampa school district lunch in the park program.  It is basically a sack lunch given out to the children just to be sure that they are getting at least one good, nutritious meal every day, FREE.  I think it is mostly a benefit to the underprivledged children in the area…but the more people that show up, the more money the school gets.  They want people to come.  I guess that’s my reason to have Bethany partake of a free lunch without feeling guilty.  🙂  The park is less than a mile from my house, so I packed the kiddos up in the bike trailer and off we went.




There is a van parked along the side of the road with a table set up, and a man handing out sack lunches.  Here is Beth taking her lunch to the playground area, where lots of our friends are already sitting and eating.


Hot chicken nuggets, pears, carrots with ranch, and a chocolate milk.  What a great little meal for my hungry girl!



After lunch, Julia and I sat in the shade and visited with friends while Bethany played on the playground.  You can see her getting ready to go down the slide in the background.


Published by Sara on 15 Jun 2008


Our day started out with the Nampa air show.  Living so close to the airport is really cool during the air show weekend, because all we have to do is step outside to watch the stunt planes doing crazy things in the sky.  Seriously, these pilots have got to be SO brave and maybe a little bit nuts to be doing tricks like that.  I’m glad they do though, because it is very neat to watch.


After attempting to get Bethany to take a nap (that was a failure), we headed to good ol’ Emmett for some Cherry Festival activities.  We tried to watch Aunt Karin’s clogging performance, but we couldn’t even see her because there were just too many people in the way.  So we went to the food area for some of my favorite things to eat…greasy carnival food, yum!  I had an Indian taco and a roasted corn on the cob.  Neil had curly fries and deep-fried cinnamon rolls (we are trying to keep up on our girlish figures, you know).


Then we walked down Main street to secure our spots to watch the parade.  Bethany had a really good time-except for the Shriners’ “Holy truck of TERROR” that was firing off extremely loud guns.  I don’t think that there was a child in the vicinity that wasn’t bawling from fright.  Other than that, Beth had a good time waving at everyone and collecting candy off the street.

Watching the horses with her “best friend” Oakley:


Julia sat with Daddy in the shade while I sat on the curb with the kids, Krista, and Grandma.


CANDY!  Go get it Beth!


After the parade, we went to Grandma and Grandpa’s, where we ate MORE food and celebrated Clint’s birthday.  It was close to 10:00 when we left, and the girls were pooped.  They NEVER fall asleep in the car, so I had to take a picture of them when we got home:


Published by Sara on 02 Jun 2008

The Wedding

Keith and Carmen were married on Saturday.  It was SO beautiful.  I had a little problem holding myself together during the ceremony, Carmen looked stunning and Keith was so handsome.  I have known Keith since he was just a little boy, and seeing him standing there with Carmen was very emotional for me for some reason.  Ok, I’m sappy.  Anyway, I couldn’t have planned a better wedding myself.  It was at the most gorgeous place in Boise and it had decorative little touches everywhere.  They had their own custom “K & C” logo which I thought was genious, the food was yummy, and my favorite was the cute little candy bar that had candies in their wedding colors.  Including these sparkly crystal candies that are just too pretty to eat.


Neil was a groomsmen and he was very handsome in his tux.  I had Dad take some photos of us in the garden, none of them really turned out though because Beth was in a bad mood and I just wasn’t taking very good pictures.  There are a few that I like though, like this one:


And really the only reason that I like this one so much is because it is hilarious.  Bethany looks thrilled and Julia looks like she’s on drugs.  It cracks me up.

Me and my handsome man:


A big thanks to Dad and Fonda for helping me with the kids.


I didn’t take any pictures of the bride and groom, because I knew that Clint and Krista would have plenty of those!  🙂 vanstrander.marianne