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Published by Sara on 27 May 2008

Julia Update #3

Miss Joo-yah had a follow up appointment with her pediatrician today.  There isn’t a thing wrong with her.  All of her recent blood tests came back normal, she isn’t wheezing anymore, and her iron levels aren’t even that low.  WHEW!  Her weight is the only concern now, so I am supposed to start feeding her avocados and stirring canola oil into her baby food to help her put some weight on.

And that’s all!  She doesn’t have to go back to the doctor until she is 12 months old.

Published by Sara on 20 May 2008


Yesterday was such a pretty day.  It was nice and hot outside, so we busted out the garden hose for Bethany to play in.  She loves running water and it entertains her longer than any toy.  She was afraid of getting a sunburn, earlier in the day she said, “my neck hurts, the outside burnt it”, which wasn’t even true-I don’t know where she gets some of her ideas from.  So I slathered on some sunscreen and released her to play outside.  I only stayed out there with her for a while, because you have got to be nuts to trust a toddler with a water hose. 




After daddy got home, we put our garden in.  All we had room for was 1 Roma tomato, 4 Early Girls, and 1 Japanese cucumber.  I’m thinking next year we will construct another raised garden so that we can plant a bigger variety. 

Published by Sara on 17 May 2008

Julia Update #2

After patiently waiting by the phone for a call regarding Julia’s lab results, her doctor finally called me at around 10am on Friday.  Her white blood cell count and platelet counts are still elevated, but they have come down a bit.  There wasn’t anything abnormal in her blood, thank goodness!  I just about worried myself sick thinking of all of the things that could be wrong.  She is a little anemic (iron levels are low), so the doctor said to give her more iron-rich foods and possibly supplement her diet with iron-fortified formula (which she won’t drink).  So we go back for some more bloodwork in a week, followed by a recheck by the pediatrician a few days after that.  Also, I am to continue with the nebulizer treatments for a week.  The doctor thinks is that she probably has some sort of virus that is making her body produce more white blood cells, plus she might have acid reflux that is some roundabout way is making her lungs inflamed.  I still have to take her for that upper-GI test, but I am going to get a second opinion first. 

So, a sigh of relief for now…everything is going to be alright.  Besides, how can anything be wrong with her when she is always so happy, and not to mention ADORABLE.

Here she is after her THIRD blood draw in 24 hours.



I had “Dr. Mom” bring me a nebulizer machine from work and she showed me how to use it.  Julia wasn’t really thrilled with the little pediatric mask, so we got out the adult mouthpiece and she seemed to do better with that one.

First, the medicine goes in the little chamber:


And then the machine turns the liquid into a fine mist, and you have to somehow get a wiggly, grab-everything baby to inhale it:




And this is what the inside of a cute baby looks like :):


Published by Sara on 15 May 2008

Julia Update

I wasn’t really expecting a call from Julia’s pediatrician today.  I figured that her blood tests would be normal, no worries.  She probably just has a little bit of reflux that is causing the wheezing and weight loss.  I had her tested for allergies last night (thanks mom), she was negative for food allergies (although I am still waiting for the official blood test results from yesterday).

So her doctor called me while I was taking a shower.  The doctor herself.  And not only did she call ME, she called my cell phone, AND my emergency contact number.  I got her message, and then I went into a slight panic.  Doctors don’t usually call unless there is something wrong.  And there is something wrong.  Julia has a high white blood count, and a high platelet count.  I was ordered to go back in to the medical facility and have a chest x-ray (to rule out pneumonia), and ANOTHER blood test. 

So after listening to Julia scream through her chest x-ray, we headed upstairs to have a look at them with her doctor.  She didn’t see any pneumonia.  Also, her wheezing is worse today.  So we are going to go ahead with the nebulizer treatment, every 4-6 hours for a week.  The doctor doesn’t know why her white blood count is high.  So we headed downstairs for another blood test, which went a little better than yesterday.  They took the blood out of her finger instead of her arm, so that was the nice part.  The not-so-nice part was that the blood that they collected ended up getting clotted (probably due to her high platelet count), so now I have to take her BACK for one more blood draw. 

Her pediatrician seemed to be pretty concerned about the highness of her white blood cells.  I am a little confused about all of this, so I did a little research on the internet about it.  All of a sudden I find myself looking at and reading symptoms of leukemia.  And then I remembered that her doctor had said the word “cancer” when we were talking to her today.  She wasn’t referring to Julia when she said it….and I actually can’t remember why she said it, but she did. 

I guess I’ll just have to see how this next blood test comes back.

Published by Sara on 14 May 2008

Well Baby Visit

Julia had her 6 month well baby visit today (even though she is 8 months, her pediatrician gets booked really quickly).  Julia has been such a good little baby with only a few minor issues that I was going to discuss with her doctor.  She has been wheezing a lot lateley, and she has had a minor cough nearly her entire baby life.  I was going to suggest that maybe she has a touch of asthma.  Also, she has strange bowel habits and a few other little things that are really not a big issue.   I was excited to see how much she has grown since her last visit, Julia had great numbers at her last checkup for weight and height.  She was a perfect 50% for her weight when she was 4 months old, and a very tall 90% for height.  So my heart dropped when I saw her growth chart today:


Her percentile for weight is now 10%, a 40% DROP.  Which isn’t really that big of a deal, that happens a lot according to her doctor.  But when you look at the ratio of growth between weight and height…she is .6% away from being underweight.   Her height percentile has also dropped by 40%.  She is not thriving like she should.  And I was right about the wheezing, the doctor heard it too.

Her pediatrician thinks that she may have one or more of the following:  a food allergy, reflux, or asthma.    Julia had to have her blood drawn today to test for the allergies (I don’t even want to talk about that right now-it was horrible!).  Also she will probably have an upper GI test done to test for the reflux.  She was even going to send me home with a nebulizer treatment for Julia, but then we both decided that I would just wait and see what happens with the wheezing.

So this might all be a little hard to understand, and I could go into more detail but it would take a lot of typing.  I will post an update when I get the blood test results back. 

On a brighter note, she is still just about the cutest thing EVER!  See her little bandage from where they had to poke her?




Published by Sara on 11 May 2008

Bridal Shower

Last friday was a bridal shower for my sweet soon-to-be sister-in-law Carmen.  I forgot to bring my camera to the event (not surprising, I always forget something), but I had Char take a few pictures of the cute cake centerpiece that I made out of bath towels.  Carmen just happened to register for white towels, so they made a perfect looking wedding cake. 

100_48341.JPG     getattachment1-2.jpg     getattachment1.jpg

Carmen, we are so excited for your wedding!  We couldn’t be happier that you and Keith are getting hitched and you will soon be a member of the family, even though we consider you a member already anyway.

Published by Sara on 06 May 2008

A Disadvantage of Hand-me-downs…


I just couldn’t resist taking a picture of that cute little toe poking out. byers