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Published by Sara on 30 Apr 2008

Purple Paint

I really need to hide my nail polish, because Bethany decided to decorate the baby today.  I guess she thought that Julia needed some purple highlights and a few other beauty treatments.  Oh JOY. 



Published by Sara on 29 Apr 2008

Shopping Cart

I am terrible about buying toys for Bethany.  I wish I had the patience to wait for a holiday or special occasion to buy her a new one.  She doesn’t play by herself very well, and I guess I buy her new toys more often than I should so that she will be entertained for a while with something new.  Plus, I am a sucker for anything that is miniature.  I am borderline obsessed with things that are little.  I loved playing with Barbies when I was young, not so much for the role-playing, but because those mini accessories are darling!  There is just something irresistible to me about a pair of high heels that are a half inch long.  Even as an adult, I love looking at dollhouses…can you guess what Bethany will be getting for her birthday this year?
Anyway, I bought this shopping cart for Bethany.  Partly because it is a smaller version of a real one, and partly because I knew she would love it…and maybe I could end up getting her to leave me alone for a half hour while she is playing with it.  It also came with a basketload of pretend food, and she has been having a great time “shopping”.





Published by Sara on 25 Apr 2008

All About Julia

Baby Julia is such a sweet little girl.  She is a very happy baby and we love her to pieces.  Plus, her being extremely cute is a nice bonus.

Little Jules is one week away from being 8 months old.  She has finally mastered the art of sitting up unassisted, so I no longer have to worry that she is going to fall over and bonk her head on the floor.  She has been rolling for several months now, but I don’t think that she understands that she can actually get places by doing it.  She just does it for fun, but if she gets tired of doing it and she is stuck on her tummy for too long, she will cry for someone to either roll her onto her back or pick her up. 

So far we have found that she hates most vegetables, but loves fruits.  Pears are her favorite.  She will take a few bites of sweet potato, but she soon realizes that it doesn’t start to taste any better, and then she swats at the spoon when it comes at her.  For a while she would refuse to eat anything off of a spoon, but she got over that after about two weeks.  She is still a little lazy when it comes to spoon-feeding…she doesn’t open her mouth up very wide so most of her food ends up on her face.  I think she prefers foods that are harder, she loves those Gerber puff things, or any foods that she can chew.  One time we gave her a pizza crust to gum, and when it got too soggy I was afraid she might choke.  So I took it away from her and she threw the biggest fit I have ever seen her throw.  We quickly gave her a new crust to chew on and she was all better immediately.  Overall I think she is adequately nourished, she nurses very well and is gaining weight. 

I am happy with Julia’s sleeping habits.  She is easy to put to sleep (unlike Bethany, she would scream her head off when she was a baby).  What I do is give her a binky and hold her sideways with her face pressed up against my body.  She doesn’t like being rocked, she has to be bounced lightly instead.  She understands now that this is the sleep routine, and she falls asleep in a few minutes…or is tired enough to where I can just put her in her crib and she falls asleep the rest of the way by herself.  Or sometimes she will stay awake after I put her down, but then she falls asleep after a while without crying (not always, she does cry sometimes…then I just re-do the holding/bouncing thing).  She slept in our bed for quite a while when she was a bit younger, and she grew attached to the comforter that we have on our bed.  So I gave her a pillowcase that is made from the same material and I give that to her when I put her down.  She usually grabs it and holds it on her face when she is tired.  Also you can tell when she is about to fall asleep because she “hums” to herself.  She has three naps a day, at around 9, 12, and 5.  She takes them in her crib, except for the 12:00 nap…she takes that one in my bed because the girls share a room and I don’t want to risk waking Julia up when I put Bethany down for her nap.  She goes to bed for the night at around 7pm, and lately has been sleeping really well.  Like last night she slept through the night and I heard her quietly talking to herself at 7:30 this morning.  She has only done this once before in her life.  Usually she wakes up at around midnight, and again at 4 or 5am.  So hopefully she will hold on to this trend of sleeping better.

She will sit in the exersaucer for maybe about 10 minutes at a time, it isn’t her favorite.  She is happiest sitting up on the couch with a pile of toys in front of her.  She is usually a very happy and cheerful girl, she squeals with delight all the time (mostly when she sees Bethany coming, she LOVES her big sister).  It’s easy to make her giggle, and she is very ticklish around the collarbone and foot area.  She also kicks her legs like mad when she is excited.

She makes the cutest little baby noises right now.  She babbles “da da da, aaah da da da”, or sometimes she will just repeat “aaah” over and over.  Occasionally she will throw out a “bah” or a “thhhhhh”.  I am working with her to get her to start using more consonants.

She has just learned over the past week how to bang toys together.  She gets a kick out of that.

Some of the names we call her are, Joo-Yah (courtesy of Bethany), Julie Bean, and Jules (which sounds like “jewels”, which is one of the main reasons why we named her Julia, because it reminds me of diamonds and rubies).

And of course I have to talk about her pooping habits, you can’t have a baby and not talk about poop at some time or another.  The thing about Julia is that she NEVER poops!  She will go almost two weeks without doing it, but she seems perfectly comfortable.  I think I will probably still ask her doctor about it at her next appointment.

So that is my little baby girl for ya! 

Published by Sara on 24 Apr 2008

All About Bethany

I am posting this mostly as a future reference to myself, so that I can remember what the girls were doing at this age in their lives.  It won’t hurt my feelings if noone reads it.  It seems as though I easily forget the little details about them, and I would like to retain as much about them as possible while they are still little.  I will probably add things to this Bethany blog after I post it because I can’t think of everything all at once.

Our Little Bethany brings us so much joy.  Lately she will come up to us out of the blue and say, “I yuv you” and give a hug and a kiss.

Currently she has been enjoying gymnastics, story time at the library, riding her bike, and weekly FHE with her cousins.  She also likes to be up in my face at all times, so she drags her little chairs all over the house so that she can be tall and get into whatever it is that I am doing.  I have tell her 30 times a day to put her chairs away.  She doesn’t like to play by herself, so she is either watching TV (Caillou is her favorite), or following me around.  She has some sort of obsession with wrapping things up, like wrapping her babies in blankets..wrapping her toys up with a washcloth, things like that.  I find blankets and rags all over the place.  She loves slides and “parks”, basically anything that somewhat resembles a jungle gym.  We will drive by people’s houses that have little play structures and say, “I need to go to that park over there!!”. 

She says “I NEED”  all the time, I am trying to teach her to start saying “may I” or “can I” instead.  She almost can’t physically say “can I”, she always says it backwards, like, “please, I can??”. 

She is a great big sister, she tries to help me out with Julia when she can.  She is also really good about doing me small easy favors when I am busy.

We have a naughty chair, but she rarely gets to the point to where she actually sits on it.  All I have to do is ask her if she needs to sit on the naughty chair and she will usually quit whatever it is that she is doing that is bad.  The only problems that I have with her now are when she gets hold of a pen and wants to draw on anything and everything that ISN’T paper.  Also she touches the TV screen (which isn’t really that big of a deal, it’s just that we keep telling her not to do it and she just keeps doing it!).  Trying to get her dressed is also a challenge, she always runs away from us.  But she never hits or spits or does anything like that, so we are grateful because she really is a mild mannered little girl.

She still likes to be held a lot, she says “pick me up” quite often. 

She is a good eater, she likes almost everything and dunks practically everything in ketchup or ranch dressing.  She likes her veggies (hooray!) and will sometimes randomly ask me for some carrots to eat.  Fruit snacks are her ultimate favorite, and she gets one package a day after she takes her nap (no nap=no fruit snacks). 

She wakes up between 7-8 in the morning and then has breakfast.  When Julia is down for her first nap at around 9-ish, we get cleaned up and ready for the day.  Naptime is usually at 1:00, after lunch.  Then bedtime is at 7, but she usually won’t go down without some form of an argument…she hates going to bed.  She refuses to fall asleep without a prayer and a story.  Lately she has been asking for “a story about camping”, so either Neil or I have to make up some sort of story about the requested subject for her.

She can say her ABC’s, although she usually mixes up a few of the letters.  Her other favorite song to sing is Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star (she calls it the “how I wonder” song).  She has this Fridge DJ toy that she plays with while she is eating at her little table, and she knows all of those songs and sings along with them.  She knows most all of the colors and shapes too.

Some cute phrases that she is saying:  “That’s a GREAT idea,” “Nevermind!!!,” “Come and see me!” “I took a big huge monster duke!” (yeah, her daddy taught her that one!) “I save the day!!” There are many more, but that’s all I can think of.

Her favorite babydoll is named “Walmart Baby” followed closely by “Target Baby”, and coming in third is a doll named “Karin’s Baby”.  She also has a doll named “Richy”, a stuffed horse named “Big Girl”, and a little pony named “Ice cream”, but she hasn’t played with the latter three toys in a while.  She plays with Walmart Baby almost every single day.  Her babydolls have gobs of clothes, but they have to be naked at all times for some reason.

She is afraid of bugs, but if you ask her about it she will deny it.  She will say, “I yike bugs a yot!”  but if a gnat or fly comes at her, she will try climbing up your leg to get protection from the scary flying thing.

Our nicknames for her are Tookie or Tookers (originating from the original Tute’ nickname).  Weird, I know.  She knows that mom and dad are named Sara and Neil, and she will call us by our first names on occasion.  She calls Julia “Joo-yah”, and so we have all started calling her that too.

Also It seems like everything lately to her smells like bananas…lotion, food, whatever.  She will be like, “Smell it, smells like a banana!”

That’s all I can think of for now…a post about baby Julia is to come.  🙂


Published by Sara on 21 Apr 2008

Do Not Leave Cake Unattended

My mom and I had some rebate money to spend at Costco, so I decided to splurge and get a chocolate cake.  This isn’t just any chocolate cake, but the best cake on the planet.  I was trying to preserve it and keep it looking pretty until it was finished (which didn’t take long, I have been eating cake non-stop since we bought it).  So I was a little bummed when I saw that the frosting had been tampered with:


Gee, I wonder who did that?


Published by Sara on 20 Apr 2008

Goodbye Dutchmen

So we sold our beloved camping trailer.  We contemplated a lot before buying it last year, because we didn’t want to give up the rugged feel of camping in a tent.  Also we were afraid that we would be dubbed sissies by our fellow campers.  We decided that it would be okay if we bought a tent trailer, because then at least it still had the word “tent” in the title.  So technically we were still camping in a tent (just a really nice one).  🙂 

Here it is, our trailer that we loved so much.



So why did we sell our tent trailer?  This is why:


We have upgraded.  Two years newer and two feet longer!  Plus a lot nicer in every way.  Have we gone soft?  Maybe.  I’ll think about that some more while I am sleeping in my nice warm camper this summer.   😉

Here is the inside:



Published by Sara on 18 Apr 2008

Camp Trailer Saga


To be continued……………………

Published by Sara on 17 Apr 2008

Ice Cream Man

Bethany was just getting ready to take her little sister for a bike ride…


…when we heard the enticing music of the ice cream truck.  She got all excited, so I ran inside and grabbed my wallet and the camera.  I gave her a dollar and Daddy helped her get a treat.


Patiently waiting (or is she praying?) for her ice cream cone.





Published by Sara on 15 Apr 2008

Here it Comes…

…Julia’s first TOOTH!


You can see the indentation where her gums are opening up to let the tooth through.  It isn’t up yet, she is enduring the painful part right now.  She must really be feeling it today because she is CRANKY!  Thanks to Krista for noticing it, I haven’t looked in her mouth at all lately.

Published by Sara on 14 Apr 2008

Bethany’s First Diaper Change

So Beth decided that she wanted to be a big girl and help change the baby.  I just happened to be sitting there with the camera so I took some cute pictures of Bethany trying to wrestle with her wiggly baby sister.  Julia thinks that Bethany is just hilarious, so she was hyper and giggling the whole time, which makes for a pretty difficult diaper change!






Nicely done, Beth!


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