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Published by Sara on 31 Mar 2008

Mowin’ The Lawn

We Shaddys are strange people, we get together and play with the lawnmower for fun.




Here I go…


Klayton, Becky and Richy laughing because I look like a goober on the mower:


Cam wanted to try it too.


The truth is that my Dad scored a sweet deal on this new ride, after his old mower tragically was destroyed when the shed caved in during a windstorm.   It probably still worked, but it was so old that it took some serious work just to get it started.  We all wanted to take the new one for a test drive.

Published by Sara on 25 Mar 2008

Easter 2008

Easter was especially fun this year, with Bethany being old enough to get really excited about it.  The girls woke up with their Easter baskets waiting for them, and we hid treat-filled eggs in the house for Beth to find.

The baskets:


Then we got all prettied up to go to church.  The girls looked so cute in their matching dresses.




Then it was off to Emmett for an Easter pot-luck and family egg hunt.  I could hardly get a picture of Bethany, she was a blur because she was running as fast as she could and screaming with excitement the whole time. 




After the little ones found their eggs, we all jumped on the tractor and headed down to Uncle Jim and Aunt Don’s golf course for the adult egg hunt.  This is where the older kids get to search for very well hidden eggs filled with money.  It was a lot of fun, Neil and I ended up making three dollars, woo hoo! Krista took some good pictures, see the Hibblog for those.

Published by Sara on 24 Mar 2008

March 22, 2008

We had our ward Easter breakfast on Saturday.   It was yummy…breakfast burritos and yogurt/granola/fruit.  Then it was time for the egg hunt, Bethany was SO happy about this part.  All the kids had a 6 egg limit, and junior primary got to go first.  And these eggs were filled with awesome candy; Snickers, Sweet Tarts, jelly beans, caramel filled chocolate eggs, and more!  It was a lot of fun and a well put together activity.


Bethany was too excited to gather her eggs and THEN see what was inside, she had to open them as soon as she picked them up.



Julia got to eat some eggs too.



Later on in the day, we had the Williamsons over for a little pizza and a friendly dance-off (I am still the reigning champion, thank you very much :-)) The little kids did some dancing too, which made for some very funny pictures.





Published by Sara on 18 Mar 2008

The Dress that Never Was

I hadn’t gotten my sewing machine out in a very long time, so I decided that I was ready to tackle a project.  I was going to sew a dress for Bethany, and then when that one was done I would make a matching one for Julia.  So about three weeks ago I started sewing.  And the thing that was different about this dress was that I was not going to use a pattern.  For some (dumb) reason, I wanted to design and sew a dress from scratch.  Hey, if the people on Project Runway can do it, why can’t I?  Maybe because I’m not a fashion designer, duh.  Anyway, it took some drawing, a bit of math, and a LOT of thought.
I am surprised at the results, it is actually a really cute dress.  It is white with a sheer dot overlay, and it has cute little see-through sleeves.



The reason for the title of this blog is because the dress is not done (the black waistband dealy is just pinned on, and it needs some more hemming), and it will never be done and here is why:


I wasn’t paying attention and got a little careless with my iron and melted a big hole right in the front of it.  Whoops!!  Oh well, burning a hole in it gives me a really good excuse to be done with this project without technically “quitting”, because what good is finishing a dress that is useless anyway?  I’m still glad that I was able to do it, I learned a lot more about sewing from making this dress and I am proud of it.

Published by Sara on 17 Mar 2008

A Weekend Away

We were invited to spend this last weekend with friends in Garden Valley.  The Andrews have a big family cabin there, and we enjoyed playing in the snow, swimming, eating, and the company of our good buddies.  Here are a few pictures from the trip.





Here is Neil gracefully snowboarding:


The littlest ones of the group:


Bethany and Neil also went swimming in the hot springs pools, I stayed behind because Julia was napping.  I was planning on joining them later when the baby was up.  When she awoke, I got both of us dressed in our swimming gear and got in the car, only to realize that it was stuck in the snow and I couldn’t get it out.  🙁  Neil un-stuck it when they got back.  And poor Bethany, after all of the activities on Saturday, she started saying, “my froat hurts” and then she spiked a fever.   She is a trooper.

Overall we had an awesome time and are grateful to have such good friends.  🙂

Published by Sara on 10 Mar 2008


Guess who came to our house today?


Yes, the satellite fairy came and brought us 200 channels of pure couch potato joy!  Now I finally have my Food Network, Neil has his UFC…and Bethany has Dora The Explorer.  YAY.


Published by Sara on 08 Mar 2008

First Haircut

It was time to rid Julia of her shaggy do’.  A lot of babies are born with little or no hair, so I was reluctant to take the scissors to it at first.  I felt like it was a blessing for her to have so much hair, so I should leave it alone because baby hair is precious.  And I was worried that it would look funny if I did it myself, but whatever, I did it anyway.  I was a little sad after it was all done, because she just didn’t look the same, but I quickly got over it.

Before (and yes I realize that she has food on her face…my intent was to put her in the tub right after her haircut):



Here we go!:



After (although I did a little more trimming after her bath to even it out a bit):



Isn’t she just about the cutest thing ever?! 

Published by Sara on 06 Mar 2008

Biker Chick

Bethany is finally tall enough to pedal her bike.  We took it outside for the first time this year and she rode it all the way down to the end of our street and back-her very first bike ride.  She looks hilarious pedaling her little legs and wearing that helmet. She probably could have ridden that thing all day. 



And Julia got to ride in the stroller:



Published by Sara on 04 Mar 2008

6 Months Old

Julia turned 6 months old yesterday.  Can you believe that my little baby is already half a year old??  I took some pictures of her with her little ponytail for everyone to see before it goes away, we are probably going to cut her hair pretty soon.  It is long up top, and very frizzy and thin.  It only looks good when it is in a pony or a barette, but even then it still looks a little silly.  It usually sticks straight up in the air when it is in a ponytail, but this time I twisted it so it has a little loop-de-loop in it.





Oh, and look what she can do, she can sit up!  She tips over sideways after about 30 seconds, but it’s still an accomplishment.  Also this week she has been starting to babble, “da da da da” and “ba ba ba ba”.  It’s so stinking cute.



Published by Sara on 02 Mar 2008

So Pretty

Bethany looked so cute today before church, so I thought I’d share.  She is looking more grown up every day…*sniff, sniff*