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Published by Sara on 25 Feb 2008

Tag! I’m it.

10 Years Ago:
1998.  I was a junior in high school, skiing a lot, playing soccer, and being with Neil every available minute of the day.  I think also that this was the year that I assisted in burning down the log plant, and Neil chopped his thumb off.

On My To Do List:
Buy new jeans, my one and only pair now have gaping holes in the thigh area.  Make dresses for the girls, buy bedroom furniture for the girls, get Julia some clothes that actually fit her, plan and attend an activity day, go VT’ing.

5 Places that I’ve lived:
All have been in Idaho:
1.  At home with my parents
2.  A crappy downtown apartment.
3.  Clocktower apartments.
4.  The Springs apartments.
5.  At my house in Nampa.

5 Jobs I’ve had:
Newspaper Photographer
CSR/medical group
Billing Coordinator/medical group
NEO (new employee orientation) computer trainer/medical group

What I would do if I became a billionaire:

Build a subdivision with giant houses for my family and friends so that we can all live next door to each other.  Put myself through medical school just for the knowledge.  Oh, and get liposuction.  😉

Bad Habits:
Chewing/picking my fingers
Eating/drinking unhealthy crap
Forgetting to put stuff away when I’m done with it

Things I enjoy:
Eating out
Drinking pop
Doing fun things with my family/friends

Things people don’t know about me:
At one point in my life, I had two modeling agents. 

I tag Vicki, Jessica, and Dad!  Get er done.

Published by Sara on 23 Feb 2008

Neil, the Iron Chef

Today was the 2nd annual Elder’s Quorum cook-off, where the men have to cook something and bring it to be judged.  Neil couldn’t decide for the longest time what he was going to make, but then he finally decided to make Krista’s manicotti.  He went to the store and gathered all of the ingredients, and then he went to work.


Insead of reading the entire recipe and THEN starting to mix things, he just read the first sentence that said “mix all ingredients”.  I noticed him dumping the spaghetti sauce into the ricotta and stopped him, so it was easy enough for him to correct this mistake.  Oops!


Concentrate, Daniel Son:


He placed his manicotti into the “main dish” category, along with nine other entries.  There were SO many good main dishes there, it was so hard to decide which one was the best.  This is what Neil ended up getting:


That’s right, FIRST PLACE!!  Two years in a row he has won first place, last year he made a dessert that was also a first place winner.  Way to go Neil!

Published by Sara on 15 Feb 2008

Happy Valentines Day

For Valentines day, Neil came home to a sparkly clean house and a fancy dinner prepared by me.  The Olive Garden is one of Neil’s favorite places to eat, so I got some recipies from Sydnee that taste like exact replicas.  Zuppa Toscana and fettucini alfredo, yum!  Neil surprised me with a gift certificate to a day spa for a massage or whatever I want.  Thanks Neil, I love you!  And the girls each got a little toy as well.


And to all of our family and friends, here is a message from the girls:


Published by Sara on 11 Feb 2008


Bethany has been into the Vicks Vapor rub again.  While I was in the shower, she found it and smeared it all over her face.  She got it so close to her eye that it was all red and swollen and watery…she didn’t seem to even care.  She kept saying “I got Daddy’s stuff!  BIG MESS!”


Published by Sara on 06 Feb 2008

Sleep Training

 Attempt #1

Julia hasn’t been the best sleeper.  For one, she pretty much sleeps in our bed, because I get tired of going and getting her out of her crib and having to step over the gate in the door several times a night.  Plus, I have nowhere to nurse her when she wakes up, so she ends up in bed with Neil and I.

Tonight I decided that something needed to be done.  My plan is to get her out of our bed and into the bassinet that is in our room.  That way she is still close and I don’t have to go far, and maybe the fact that she is at least still in our bedroom will comfort her in some way.  I just want her to learn that I’m not going to pick her up if I know she isn’t hungry.

So at 7:30, I popped in the binky and held her until 7:40…she was pretty much asleep in my arms. 

7:40-put in the bassinet.
8:30-woke up and started talking to herself…then she got bored with that and started crying.
8:40-went in and gave her binky back.
8:42-spit the binky out and started crying again.  I went in and replaced it and she was happy.
8:50-lost the binky, here we go again.  Went in and replaced it.
8:55-guess what?  Yep, lost the binky again.  Went in and replaced it.
9:00-Lost binky…I’m really beginning to hate that thing.
9:04-replaced binky.
9:05-dropped it again.  ARG!  Went back and replaced it, but this time I stayed in there with her and let her hold my hand until she fell asleep.
9:14-started crying again, binky went in the trash (not really, but that’s what I was thinking!).  Gave pacifier back and let her hold my hand again for a few minutes.
9:25-Crying again.  Gave up, picked her up and put her in my bed where she instantly fell asleep and stayed that way.

Anyone have any better ideas?

Attempt #2- 02/07/08

Put in bassinet at 8:10 with her binky, a pillow from my bed, and a little stuffed animal to hold (as suggessted by Dr. Dint).  She cried for 50 minutes.  It really wasn’t all that bad, she would cry for 10 seconds at a time, and then she would be quiet for 10 seconds, and she just kept doing that the whole time.  So after 50 minutes had passed, I went in there and gave her her binky and little animal and put a blanket on her face (she likes that for some reason).  She fell asleep pretty quickly after that.

So, we will see what happens tomorrow I guess.

Published by Sara on 06 Feb 2008

Tumble Bus

A friend in our ward (Michelle) that runs a daycare has been inviting us to come check out the Tumble Bus for quite a while now, so we went to her house this morning.  It’s a pretty neat setup!  It is basically a school bus with all its guts ripped out.  So instead of rows of seats, it is a carpeted gym complete with a trampoline and other props for gymnastics.   They pull up to your daycare once a week to give the kids something fun to do.  Bethany was really timid at first because she had never seen any of these kids before, but she eventually loosened up and joined in.  She still wanted me close by though, I had to hold her hand the entire time.  Maybe next week she will be brave enough to tackle it without me right by her side.
And as an awesome bonus, Michelle watched Julia for me while Beth and I enjoyed the bus.


It was hard for me to get any pictures of Bethany, every time I got the camera out she would say, “NO PICTURES!!”  and make a really mean I managed to get one of her when she wasn’t looking…