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Published by Sara on 29 Jan 2008

Afro Girl

This is what happens when you stick a fork in an electrical outlet.  




Actually, this is what Bethany’s hair looks like after using a blow dryer on it.   She’s so funny, she looked at herself in the mirror afterwards and said, “I look like Einstein!!”

Published by Sara on 27 Jan 2008

Chunky Baby Bums

I don’t know what is is about baby butts, they are just so cute!!  After Miss Julia’s bath tonight, I decided to snap a shot or two of her chubby little rear, and then I remembered that I had a picture of Bethany that was almost identical.  Here are the two girls, Jules on the top and Beth on the bottom.   They are almost exactly the same age in the two pictures.


As you can see…Julia clearly takes after her mom, having longer legs and…well, more cellulite.  🙂  She’s also a lot taller than Bethany was at her age.

After Julia had her bath, Bethany decided that she wanted one too.



Published by Sara on 24 Jan 2008

4 Month Appointment

We went to the pediatrician today for Julia’s 4 month well baby checkup.   She is very healthy and normal according to her doctor, yay!  She got a little scared at the sight of these strange people that were putting cold do-hickeys on her chest and pushing on her tummy, but she warmed up to them and was happy and cheerful during the appointment.  Apparently babies develop “stranger anxiety” at around four months old.  She got three shots, *sniff sniff* which she handled quite well, she screamed of course during the shots but quickly recovered as if nothing had happened.  I am almost certain that she will be getting a fever later on today though…:(

Here are her stats:

Weight:  14.5 pounds-50%  (almost a whole McKinlee!)
Height:  26 inches-89%  (she has grown 6 inches since birth, the doc was quite amazed at that)
Head:  16.25 inches-42% 

Published by Sara on 23 Jan 2008


There hasn’t been a lot going on around here to blog about, so here are a few pics of the girls.

These were after breakfast this morning.  Bethany loves her little sister, (sometimes too much, causing Julia to freak out and cry) and she always wants to be near her.




This is Bethany’s new thing that she does in the tub.  She gets flat on her back so that her whole head is under water and just her little face is sticking out.  She thinks it’s hilarious.




Published by Sara on 17 Jan 2008

Baby Bath Pictures

Julia loves her bath!  Could she get any cuter?! 






Published by Sara on 16 Jan 2008


Bethany had just gotten done with her bath, and she was alone in the bathroom for just a few minutes.  Then she came out looking like this:


Um….WHAT?!  Honestly though, when I saw this I about died laughing.

Published by Sara on 11 Jan 2008

Snow Angel

Here is my little Julia’s first snow encounter.  Isn’t she cute?

By the way, these pictures were taken BEFORE Bethany picked up a giant ball of snow and dropped it on her face.




Published by Sara on 09 Jan 2008


We have been wanting a Wii for a while now (along with half the nation).  Thanks to an inside source at Sam’s Club, I found out that they got a shipment of 15 of them in this morning.  So, I woke Julia up from her nap and quickly put her and Bethany in the car and hauled down to buy one.  I swear I have never been in such a hurry in my entire life.  Thankfully, I made it there safely, the roads were very snowy and slick.  I made it just in time, they only had 3 left when I got there…I bought two of them (one for us, and one for Trisha and Derek) and the guy behind me in line bought the last one. 

Wooo hoooo!!!!


Published by Sara on 07 Jan 2008

What an awesome day!!

Besides being totally STOKED about the cash reward that came in the mail today, it snowed several inches and it was beautiful outside!  (See Clint or Krista’s blog for more details about the cash reward)

I bundled Bethany up and let her run wild in the backyard this morning.