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Published by Sara on 28 Nov 2007

Tree Decorating

We have a new tree this year, and it’s a beauty!  It’s really skinny, but it’s also really tall.  9 feet to be exact, it fits in that little corner perfectly.   Neil and I hung the garland and beads, and Bethany had a good time hanging some of the ornaments.  She kept saying, “another one please!”


Published by Sara on 26 Nov 2007

Growing Up

Julia is now almost three months old, how did that go by so fast??  She is still such a good baby.  She falls asleep all by herself, and she slept through the night for the first time on Saturday night.  I put her to bed at around 11pm and she still wasn’t awake when I got up at 7am.  Yay! 
Lately she has been trying really hard to learn how to grab things.  It’s so funny to watch her concentrate so hard:
Now how in the heck do I get that thing in my hand so I can stick it in my mouth?!?
Ok, I figured out how to raise my arms, now how do I get my hands to open? 

See how chubby she is getting!

Published by Sara on 24 Nov 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

Thanksgiving this year was more pleasant than usual, mostly because we got to eat our three meals on three separate days instead of one.  The first dinner was at mom’s house on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, then we had another at Tony and Char’s on Thanksgiving day, and then the last dinner at my dad’s on Friday. 
Here are a few pictures of Bethany attempting to beat the tar out of Turkey George:


Daddy held one end of the pinata and Tren held the other.

It was Julie Bean’s first Thanksgiving.  She spent most of her cute baby time being passed around from person to person, or hanging out on the floor.  She had a great time.  🙂


Oh, and flu season is upon us…don’t forget to get your flu shot!  He he.  Here is my brother fully enjoying getting his vaccine. 

Published by Sara on 20 Nov 2007

Sharing Time

Just thought I’d share a few things that are going on around here.  We had our carpet cleaned last week, it was so dirty!  Take a look at the before and after:

So far we have spilled Pepsi, applejuice, and melted ice cream on the freshly cleaned carpet.  We should probably quit taking our food in there…:-)

Julia now sleeps in the crib in her and Bethany’s bedroom.   I decided to go ahead and move her since she is slowing down on her night feeding, and the bassinet is taking up way too much room in our bedroom.  We haven’t had any problems with the girls waking each other up at night so far.
Sound asleep with her hands on her face…

And I caught Bethany trimming her own toenails hillbilly style.  She kept saying, “Look!  I bite it off!!”  Yuk.

Published by Sara on 19 Nov 2007

All Better Now

Well, mostly all better now.  Dad is feeling good and wants to go home, his official discharge date is today (Monday), and he can hardly wait.  We went for a visit yesterday and took lots of pictures. 
Here are the battle wounds:


The long vertical scar is where they actually did the surgery.  And the one below that is actually three openings where they had these tubes coming from the heart and attaching to this “heart washing maching” do-hickey.  I don’t really know any other way to explain it…the machine had water in it, and it would send water to the heart and rinse it off, and then some kind of bloody water stuff would come out of another tube.  Anyway, they were pretty large tubes and so they had to stitch up the holes after they pulled them out.

His hospital room and a few others:



A message from Becky on his little info board:

He has to suck air out of this thingamabob (aren’t I good at explaining this stuff?), it helps his lungs to expand back to normal size.  They had to collapse one of his lungs in order to get to the heart during surgery. 

And this is Sir-Koffs-a-Lot.  He’s a bear that was designed for chest surgery patients.  Dad never really used it though because he’s too manly to hug a teddy bear. 

Bethany chugging some rootbeer with Sir-koffs-a-lot.  She thought he was pretty cool.

This is his “barcode”.  Any time a nurse does ANYTHING to him or gives him some pills or something, she takes a scanner and beeps his bracelet so that he gets charged for everything just like at a grocery store.  Oh, and a sweet tattoo also (the hospital didn’t do that though 😆 )

Going bye-bye in the elevator.  Bethany absolutely loved riding in the elevator.  She made Fonda take her up and down quite a few times.

Throwing a penny into the fountain on the way out:

Published by Sara on 14 Nov 2007

Just a Bump in the Road…

We went to see Grandad in the hospital today, he is doing just fine.  He says he feels fine, and that this situation is “just a bump in the road”.  He acts like his normal self, even messing around with the nurses.  Once, he held his breath for a few seconds and watched all the nurses come running in.  And then later, he unplugged one of his electrodes just to see what would happen. 
Beth and Grandad in the hospital (he’s in the critical care unit):

Here’s Julia chillin on the hospital bed:


The cardiologist came by while we were visiting, and he said that my dad is so healthy that he will tolerate the surgery extremely well.  And he also said that open heart surgery sounds bad, but it is acutally one of the least painful surgeries out there.

Published by Sara on 13 Nov 2007

Thoughts and Prayers Needed

My dad is currently in the hospital awaiting open heart surgery :(.  He started having some chest pain last week, which he just tossed aside and figured it was acid reflux.  At the persistence of Fonda, he went to the doctor for a check-up.  Physicians don’t take chest pain lightly, so he was referred off to have a treadmill test (they hook you up to a bunch of monitors while you jog on a treadmill to see what your heart is doing).  After the treadmill test was over, they decided there was something seriously wrong, so he was immediately scheduled for an angiogram with a probable stent put in.   The doctors said that they haven’t seen a treadmill test look that bad in five years, and that they were amazed that he was up and walking around.  During the angiogram, the cardiologist had the stent ready to go in…but then they saw that the blockage was too large and it was in a critical spot in the heart, so he is now waiting for a double bypass that is scheduled for Thursday at 10 am.  They would have done the bypass right then and there, but they gave him some medicine to thin his blood, and they have to wait for that medicine to wear off first.  And he can’t go home because he could have a massive heart attack at any minute.

The main artery that feeds blood to his heart is blocked 90%, and they say that it is a medical miracle that he is still alive.

I am pretty confident that everything will be alright though.  If you know my dad, he is probably one of the healthiest people I have ever met, and he will probably be back on his bike as soon as his chest heals.

Published by Sara on 11 Nov 2007

Boing, boing, boing!

Today we went to Grandad and Fondas for a visit.  Bethany had the time of her life on the trampoline!  And you can clearly tell that we have a hard time keeping her butt crack covered now that she doesn’t wear a diaper.






Published by Sara on 06 Nov 2007


The girls took a bath together for the first time tonight.  Bethany thought it was awesome, and she took up the job of rinsing the baby for me…although I had to tell her many times to quit dumping water right on her face.  Julia didn’t mind though.  





And check out how long Bethany’s hair is when it’s wet:


Published by Sara on 02 Nov 2007

Life is Good

I have the best little baby anyone could ask for.  She is always so happy…all you have to do is look at her and she cracks a giant smile.  And another huge plus is that she falls asleep all by herself.  All I have to do is put her in her bed with a binky.

Five minutes later:
She likes to cover her face up with her hands too.  It’s so cute!

Also, she is big enough to sit in the Bumbo.  She actually joined us for dinner last night.   

And finally, this is Bethany’s new favorite spot to chill in front of the tube:

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