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Published by Sara on 27 Oct 2007

Oh Deer…

Neil shot and killed his first wild game today.   He woke up at 4-something this morning and took off for the hills with his veterinarian friend Carter (yes, he saves the lives of animals during the week, only to go out and murder some on the weekend).   He was home before 2pm with this animal in the back of Carter’s truck. 
He took these pictures with his cell phone (Krista-look away! :-)):



They hiked about three miles into the woods somewhere near Idaho City, a place where Carter sees deer every year.  Sure enough-when they got there, there were 4 doe’s standing there.  So they hiked around a little more looking for the bucks until they found one…not a very big one, but at least it is a buck!  Neil zeroed in on it with a 30-06 (whatever that means), and shot it right where you are supposed to.  Then they had to drag it back three miles to the truck.
The poor animal is now hanging upside down in Carter’s garage….they have to…*gag*…butcher it tomorrow.

Published by Sara on 26 Oct 2007

My Two Little Witches

We went trunk-or-treating this evening at church.  Don’t they look cute!?

And we didn’t get any pictures of the actual trunk-or-treating, there was just way too much going on.  Daddy took Beth to all the trunks while I sat in the car with Julia and gave out candy.  I had five full bags of candy and I ran out in about 10 minutes because there were so many kids there.




Published by Sara on 23 Oct 2007

Sick Girl

Bethany woke me up this morning at around 5:00 today.  I heard her calling for me, so I got up to see what was wrong.  She was standing at her doorway behind her gate covered in puke!  I didn’t realize it either until I picked her up and got it all over myself…yuck.  And I thought I was going to have to call a disaster cleanup crew to clean her bed, it was covered in barf.   Thank goodness she didn’t get any of it in her hair.
After a quick change of jammies, we got on the couch where she managed to get a few more winks of sleep.  She woke up about every half hour to puke.  Not fun.  She seems to feel better now, I just hope she doesn’t spread her sickness to the rest of us. 

Here she is carrying around her barf bucket:

And she actually fell asleep on the floor while she was watching a movie.  She has never done this before, I was so shocked that I had to take a picture.

Published by Sara on 19 Oct 2007

Favorite Things

Bethany’s new favorite thing to do lately is to push her little chairs all over the house to see what she can find up high.  She mostly opens up all the kitchen drawers to see all the cool tools that are in there. 



And Julia’s favorite thing to do is to sit around and look cute.


Published by Sara on 16 Oct 2007

Our New Baby…

Just kidding-Julia is our baby, but this is pretty cool too!
Unfortunately the TV stand isn’t coming for three more weeks…:( 



Published by Sara on 16 Oct 2007

Terribly Two…

This is what I have been dealing with today:

Let me share a conversation that I had with Bethany today:

Me:  Do you want me to tell you a story before naptime?
Beth:  Yes
Me:  Once upon a time….
Beth:  NO story!
Me:  Ok, no story then.
Beth:  Story!
Me:  Once upon a time….
Beth:  NO STORY!!
Repeat this two more times before I finally give up and leave her to take a nap with no story.

That is her princess crown from last year’s Halloween costume on her head, in case you were curious.  🙂

Published by Sara on 15 Oct 2007

Tookie sure likes peppers!

As I sat down to nurse the baby this afternoon, I started hearing a “crunch…..crunch..crunch” coming from the kitchen.  Bethany pushed one of her little chairs over to the counter, stole a green pepper and went to town!



Also, Julia is six weeks old today!  Here are some comparison shots of the two girls.
Beth at six weeks:


And Julia:


And I know I’m not the best photographer in the world, I’m still trying to figure this new camera out! 🙂

Published by Sara on 08 Oct 2007

What do babies dream about?

Mine apparently dreams about being a hula dancer…




Published by Sara on 05 Oct 2007

Fun at the Circus

Bethany got to go see the circus today with her Grandad and Grandma Fonda.  She had an awesome time!  I guess it was pretty dark in there, because the first words she said when she got home was “dark!’.  She saw elephants and clowns, an upside down house, horses, and people flying through the air.  She tasted her first bite of cotton candy, but she liked the popcorn better.  She had such a good time that she was completely pooped when she got home and fell asleep for the night at 5:45!







Published by Sara on 03 Oct 2007

Happy Birthday Julia!

Little Jules is one month old today.  Here is a visual of how big she is getting!




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