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Published by admin on 30 Sep 2007

Baby’s first bath

Julia’s bellybutton finally looked like it was healed, so we went ahead and gave her a real bath a few days ago. 

Just a couple of pics of Miss Cuteness…:-)



Published by admin on 30 Sep 2007

Ok, now I’m ready to Blog!

After being informed that my pictures are too big and such, I had a “blogging class” with master Clint himself.  So now I think I’m ready to go!

Published by Sara on 23 Sep 2007

She smells so minty fresh!

We have been having trouble getting Bethany to go to sleep lately. Last night, she decided that instead of sleeping…she would rather see what goodies she could find hidden on the changing table. She found a small tub of Vick’s Vapor Rub and smeared it all over her face and hair. I could feel my nasal passages opening up just being near her. 🙂
Anyway, that stuff is impossible to clean off. She had to take a second bath in the sink.



Published by Sara on 23 Sep 2007

Look Clint! I figured it out all by myself. :-)

I still need some help making it look pretty though…I can’t figure out how to get some cute pictures up at the top like you and Krista have. fritchey_davina