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. . . And Growing . . .

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 Some aunties have been requesting more pictures of these ever growing kiddos.  So here’s a few!  Isaac is now crawling, getting more hair and smiling until he looks like he might hurt himself.  Evie started taking dance and thoroughly enjoys it, particularly when it involves jumping.  We had a super fun time with some friends at Halloween; Evie was “Cinda-yella” and Isaac was Tigger.  Both of them must have at least 4,326 kisses each day.  I just can’t control myself! 



halloween pic





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Alright, I know.  I’m lame.  Lame, lame, lame.  But the important thing is . . . I’m back!  If any of you out there in the blogosphere still have a desire to look at my blog, bless you.  I’ve kept up on oneneedfulthing a bit better than this, but in the next little bit I’ll try to update some of what’s gone on in our lives!  I wanted to share some of these pictures of Evie from this summer, along with some of what I would call “Evie-isms”–those funny, emphatic, dramatic things she says every day that are always sure to catch me off-guard and make me laugh.  Here’s just a FEW:

–A while ago, we went through the drive-up at A&W.  The wait was LONG, and as we pulled out, Cregg shouted “¡Vamanos!” (interp: “Let’s go!).   Meanwhile, Evie keeps telling us she “needs” fries.  Cregg is trying to get her to shout “¡Vamanos!” but she is more concerned about the fries.  I turn around to her from the passenger seat and throw my arms up in the air (no wonder this child is so emphatic) and shout “¡Vamanos!”  In like manner, she throws her arms in the air, and in the same three-syllable sing-song as I just did, shouts “I NEED FRIES!!”  Needless to say, we gave the girl fries.

–Once, when Cregg was walking out the door after lunch, he was yelling “bye, love you, etc” and Evie says “Dad, I need a kiss.”  When he didn’t respond, she yells “HONEY!!  I need a KISS!!”

–One of the stranger things she’s said was when she found a dollar bill somewhere in the house and pointing to George Washington, says “look, Mom!  It’s Nephi!”  She also has been known to bite her string cheese off at an angle, so one side has a “steeple” and says “look!  it’s a temple!”  The imagination of a child never grows old to me.

–Today I was trying to use this simple concept called “attending” with Evie.  Basically, you describe what the child is doing that is positive, rather than only giving instructions or asking questions.  She sometimes is slow to get out of the tub, and when she pulled the plug in the tub when asked, I said “Look! You pulled the plug.”  She made a funny face and said “you give me a hug?”  Without paying much attention to the fact that she started laughing, I repeated, “you pulled the plug,” to which she responded with a more dramatic confused face and “you give me a hug?”  When she started laughing again, I realized . . . it was a joke.  And as typical of a 2-year-old, if it’s funny once, it’s funny 20 times.  “I made a funny joke, Mom!!”

–Evie has a definite soft spot for Isaac.  They share a room, so I have him nap in his crib and she on my bed during the day.  Once, she woke up and came in with Isaac.  I asked if Isaac and I could lay down with her, to which she said “no, Isaac needs to take a nap!”  But in that instant, he gave her a big smile as we laid down, and she turned to GOO.  “Oh, HI, Isaac!  Oh! You’re so cute!  You’re so handsome!  Oh! I need to give him a kiss!!”  It really was that continuous and as pure sincerity as it was pure syrup.  I loved it.







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I took some pictures of Isaac today and decided I can be selfish no longer.  I simply must take a minute from enjoying this little boy and share a bit of the joy I get everyday seeing this happy little boy!  He is four months old now, and he seems to be perpetually happy (as long as he’s fed . . . he IS a guy).  He always has a smile for me and when he smiles, his whole face smiles.  I get a little shot of endorphins every time I look at him! 

Isaac is also a social little guy.  He has focused on faces since he was about a month old, and if you will sit and talk to him, he will smile and talk in return (and who can resist a “goo” from a baby?!) for an hour until he is altogether exhausted from the stimulation.  Most of the time, he is a pretty mellow little guy–which is good, except Evie has nearly stabbed his eye out and he just sat there blinking and smiling at her as it turned red. :s  Speaking of which, Evie really is a good big sister and a help to me.  I’m grateful to say she hasn’t really been jealous of him at all, and even though she may be a little rough at times, she always has good intentions and is trying to love on him.  I don’t think a single day goes by that she doesn’t tell me “Oh! Isaac is sweet!!”

I’m not sure why his hair looks so red in the pictures; it’s actually dark brown.  Yes, he has a dimple on his right cheek.  And yes, I think it’s adorable.

Happy Isaac--4 months

Sheer delight


One thing Isaac does NOT like is riding in his infant carrier/car seat for longer than necessary.  So we do all shopping (and various other activities) with the sling.  He loves it.

In the sling

And here he is . . . so far, the lone heir to the Poteet throne.  The only son, yet, of an only son (Cregg) of an only son (Rick) of an only son (Herb).  And take a look at that double chin!

Four generations of Poteet men

The one thing that I can hardly wrap my head around is, that one day, you are wondering who is inside your belly and the next you can’t remember ever not knowing them.  I really can’t.  I have to say, no matter how hectic a day it might be (which reminds me . . . story to come), I just have to stand back and look at these little spirits at least once and thank my Heavenly Father for my blessings. 

Isaac and Mommy

Dead Skunk in the Middle of the … House

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It’s late, and my house is filled with the smell of SKUNK.  One of the joys of living in “the middle of nowhere” (which is, ironically, the center of the universe when that’s where you hang your hat), is that Pepe le Pew is never far away.  Cregg has nearly killed us swerving to miss a skunk or slamming on his brakes and throwing it into reverse at the first sight of black and white.  And tonight, I don’t think I blame him for those times.

Cregg ran somewhere on the farm for a minute this evening.  Meanwhile, I sat down on the couch with Miss Evie while I fed Isaac and glanced out the front window to see our black cat, Cookie, by the road.  A few minutes later, I hear something rustling around the house (evenings out here are very quiet), and casually wonder if Cregg is outside.  It wasn’t long before I take a sniff and reject my inital idea that Isaac has gas.  Isaac doesn’t smell like THAT.  My second idea is one of panic that there must be a skunk in my house (there wasn’t).  I even jumped when I saw Evie’s dark colored shoe peeking out from under the couch.  Pathetic, I know.

Cregg gets home, we discover the garage reeks, and the house isn’t much better.  So perhaps Pepe was after Cookie this time.  Dumb story, I know, but it had me singing a song my Dad used to sing with that smirk that lets you know he thinks he’s being funny (and he is).  It goes like this:  “DEEEEAD skunk in the middle of the road!”  That’s pretty much all there is to the song, except after repeating this several times, it’s concluded with “stinkin’ to HIIIIIGH heaven!”  So while I’m sitting here, still not getting used to the pungent odor, I’m smiling thinking of just one of the many entertaining songs my Dad sings.  What happy memories on such a stinky night.  Thanks, Dad!

A Picture Like This…

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Snapped this pic today.  A picture like this is worth any number of hours of labor, sleep lost, tantrums, or watching Dora instead of Law & Order.  I am so blessed to have these two:

Stuffed animals compliments of Big Sis

And to have this guy.  Love him!

Evie and Dad


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It can be a difficult feat–getting pictures of your newborn awake when he sleeps over 20 hours a day.  What a good little guy . . . I remember before he was born, thinking of a scenario in my head of Evie crying like she can do so passionately and waking the baby up and trying my patience.  Rather, I am more concerned about Isaac waking her up because his crying is a relatively rare and very short-lived experience.  I’m embarrassed to say that he has slept so much and stayed so quiet, I’ve nearly forgotten he’s in there sleeping or still in his car seat. 

But he sure is a sweet little guy.  Evie likes to rub his cheek and say “Oh, sweet!” or “Isaac a cutie!”  So here’s a few more pictures of him wide-eyed:


BIG sis and LITTLE bro


This picture depicts another of Evie’s favorite “jobs.”  She likes to cover Isaac with a burp cloth like it’s a blankie.  She arranges and rearranges it so it’s tucked right under his chin.

Covering Isaac with a burp cloth :)


Just chatting...

Isaac Cregg Poteet–He’s here!

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I’ve been a little slow posting pictures and making the announcement–because I have been holding this beautiful little boy! 

Isaac Cregg Poteet was born Thursday, March 18 at 7:58 pm (ironically, the exact time of day Evie was born!).  He weighed in at a hefty 6 lbs even and was 19 inches long (no wonder pushing him out was a breeze . . . a long day of waiting around and the party happened all at once!).

We are all doing great.  Evie had an emotional week last week–I think my little control freak understood that her life was going to change somehow, but wasn’t sure just what “baby brother” actually meant for her.  But when we finally took the two little ones home (although one of those little ones is not looking so little anymore!!) we were so happy to see her excitement to “hold her! hold her!” (“no, sweetie, hold him“) and to give him kisses and inquire about Isaac first thing after naps and each morning.  One thing about it . . . we feel extremely blessed with these sweet little spirits in our home.  And we feel extremely blessed for all the love and support shown to us by so many dear friends and family members–THANK YOU!!

The newest Poteet

Love this still-slimey brand new baby! 

Isaac and his handsome dad

Isaac Cregg

Ready to go home from the hospital

Big Sister

Yep--that's what a baby brother is!

Push Him Out, Shove Him Out, WAAAY OUT!!

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I couldn’t help myself–Bill Cosby is one of the funniest people ever.  I just had to share this video my sister sent me.  I’ve had a few people ask me if I do “natural” childbirth.  I have a great respect for those women with a bit higher pain tolerance who, for a variety of reasons, choose to or have to have their babies naturally.  My own dear mother was forced to have a long and painful labor after a very long and stressful pregnancy.  But my answer to the question is that I wouldn’t mind that much if I, like a hibernating mother bear, slept through delivery.  I know I would be really thrilled to wake up to a new baby after a good deep sleep!  But . . . not likely. 

Wish me luck as I “push him out, shove him out, WAAAY out!” on Thursday, when I get induced.  Pictures to come!

Bill Cosby Himself – Child Birth

Fria | MySpace Video

New Blog–One Needful Thing

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One Thing is Needful

So I’ve had this idea for a new blog that just kept coming back to mind.  I finally got enough “pieces” in my mind to put the idea together and this is the start–One Needful Thing, a blog aimed to Christian women.  Take a visit to it and read the first post to get an idea of what I plan it will be about.  Then feel free to let me know what you think or give me any suggestions.  Although I’m a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I don’t plan it to be only an “LDS” blog; rather, I would hope to appeal to Christian women of many faiths.   Let’s see where it takes us!