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Austin Is 1 Month

May 31st, 2014 by Carmen

Austin turned 1 month old on MOnday.  Time wise it seems impossible.  Looking at him it seems that he is way older than one month!  To Keith and I, Austin seems huge!  He doesn’t even look like a newborn anymore.  We had to take him to the doctor at 3 weeks and he was already 9 pounds 4 ounces.  It’s crazy.  He’s in the 76th percentile for weight and 95th for height!  I didn’t realize how long our babies actually were (21in puts them both at 90th percentile for height at birth).  So the fact that Austin is already a month old does not seem as surprising as it did with Riley.  It is actually pretty sad.  I only felt like Austin was a newborn for about a week and then he just seemed big enough to be considered an infant.  Ugh!  I’m already at the stage of feeling like he’s growing too fast.

Not all tears though.  This month has been so sweet with him here.  Austin is SUCH a good baby!  Nursing has been going well (for the most part).  Turns out my milk comes in too fast in the beginning so he pushes away and takes in a lot of air.  So sometimes this causes him to be really gassy and fussy.  I just try to take him off and burp him a lot and that seems to help.  Sleeping is going great.  He had his first 6 hour stretch last Saturday.  Turns out he really likes to sleep on his tummy.  I’m not a fan of this.  The next night I put him on his back and it didn’t go so well.  He woke up three times between 11:30PM and 5:00AM.  After that I decided maybe him sleeping on his belly is not such a bad idea.  Every night now I lay him on his stomach.  Sometimes completely awake and he goes to bed without a fuss. Knock on wood, he is much easier to put to sleep than Riley was.  We are not swaddling this time and he does great without it.  Also, I can put him in his bed not fully asleep and he goes to sleep on his own.  From the time I hear him grunting at night to the time I change him, feed him and put him back to bed is usually under 20 minutes.  So I am really not up for long stretches at night and can get back to sleep pretty fast.  This is so nice for me considering Riley is starting to wake up earlier.

Austin is already starting to smile at me and coo.  He’s very alert and loves to watch Riley.  Riley has also been doing so well with him and will ask to hold him once in awhile.  Riley also asks “Austin belly time?”  He loves when I put Austin down for tummy time.  Riley gets down and talks to him and pats his back.  Very sweet!  I’ve been pretty amazed at how smoothly everything has been going.  Austin seems to have the same easy temperament Riley had and I feel SOOO lucky!  We’ve been going outside a lot recently for walks and bike rides.  It’s so great to have spring babies and be able to get outside for some fresh air!

Here’s our sweet chunky monkey!  I like to call him Baby Love 🙂  Keith calls him Monkey Man.  (Long story short: I watched a video about how some babies instincts relate back to monkeys.  So it’s now a funny joke at our house.)  One more thing:  he has a furrowed brow look he sports a lot.  You’ll know it when you see it!  🙂

DSC_0009 DSC_0012 DSC_0033 DSC_0036 DSC_0081 DSC_0085 DSC_0124 DSC_1595 DSC_1711 DSC_1738 DSC_1741 DSC_1795 DSC_1832

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Balance Bike

May 31st, 2014 by Carmen

It became pretty clear quite awhile ago that Riley’s 2nd birthday present HAD to include wheels.  I wanted to get him a push car and Keith was set on a balance bike (solely for the purpose that it will prepare him for a motorcycle for his next birthday).  I was sure that he would love a push car  more but a trip to the bike store proved me to be very wrong.  Riley rode the balance bike all around the store with a huge smile on his face.  A few days later we found one on Amazon and decided to just order it and give it to him early so he will have something to do when the baby comes. (This is a little out of order.  He got the balance bike in early April.)

The day it came I told him that his bike would be coming in the mail.  As soon as he woke up from his nap, before I had a chance to say anything, he ran out of his room shouting “Bike! Bike! Bike!”  It was in a box next to the door and he was so excited to see it.  I was watching Bear that day so I told him he had to wait until Daddy got home to put it together.  He sat for the longest time by the box crying “Bike open it!  Bike open it!”  The second Keith got home, he and Riley put it together and we took him out for his first ride.  He would not sit on the seat and would just walk and push it but he loved it.  On just his third time out riding it he got the concept and started sitting.  He can go much faster now and is so proud of himself that he will stop and clap.  It’s adorable!  I’m so happy to see him enjoying it so much.  I can’t believe my BABY boy is old enough to have a BIKE!!!!

photo (8) IMG_3652 IMG_0674 IMG_0673 IMG_3594

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Riley’s Birthday Party

May 31st, 2014 by Carmen

With Austin’s arrival Riley’s birthday came at the perfect time.  It was so good for him to have the spotlight all on him and I wanted to make it special.  This year I went with a race car birthday theme.  I didn’t have as much time this year so his cake suffered a little and there were no favors for the kids.  BUT, I still spent time making some cute decorations.  I even found a couple hours to leave Austin at home with Keith so Riley and I could go pick out some fun stuff for his party.  He is old enough to understand this year so he was really excited on our trip and the days leading up to his party.  For days before his party before bed we would tell him about all the fun stuff we would do at his party and who would come.  He would sit on my lap FOREVER watching me edit his video and replaying it for him.  And the entire week he would say “Riley birthday party.  Presents.  Grandma and Papa.  Cake.  Pizza.”  He would also name off cousins and aunts and uncles that would be there.  It was adorable.  On the day before his party he helped me make his cake.  He even stole a cupcake off the counter when I wasn’t looking.

On the day of his party Keith and I frosted the cake and cupcakes and decorated.  When he woke up we brought him into the living/dining room to show him everything.  He was immediately excited!  He kept saying “Riley birthday party!”  He had a blast at his party playing with his cousins.  He had lots of presents to open and he successfully blew out his candles.  Riley wanted nothing to do with his cupcake.  He’s not a fan of sweets so when we gave him his cupcake he promptly asked for more pizza.  But he liked everything else.  I can not tell you how happy it made me to see him enjoying his party so much.  Riley is the sweetest little boy and I want nothing more than for him to know how special and loved he is!  Thank you to everyone that came to celebrate with him!


On his actual birthday we met up with Laken, Dave, Zach, Rochelle, Evan and Jenni after work for some fun with Riley’s friends at Wahooz.  We had also been talking this party up and Riley would just name all his friends that would be there (Asher, Maddoc, Max and Miles).  We had pizza, he opened presents and then it was onto some fun!  Those boys tore that place up and had a blast.  We could not get Riley and Asher off the jungle gym.  Meanwhile, Maddoc, Max and Miles were all over the place.  Their poor parents chased them all over Wahooz.  Sorry guys!  🙁  Riley was still thrilled to see everyone!

IMG_4168IMG_0893photo (13) photo (16)




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Riley’s 2!!!

May 20th, 2014 by Carmen

Hard to believe another year has passed with this sweet boy in our lives!  The transformation in Riley from last year to this year is incredible.  I thought the first year had the most change but this one has brought on almost as many.  Riley doesn’t even look the same.  He went from looking like a practically bald baby to a little boy.  Last year he was barely able to walk.  This year he runs (fast enough it’s hard for us to catch up at times), he can hang from bars and support all his body weight, he rides a bike and jumps and goes down slides by himself.  He’s become an independent toddler and he’s playing like the big kids.  It’s crazy!

His speech has grown majorly.  Riley is way ahead of the game for his age.  The doctor asked us at his last appointment how many words he could say.  He talks so much I haven’t counted since my last update on here.  I was not prepared for the question and said “Well over a hundred.”  The doctor was surprised and said that was advanced for his age.  In the days since I realize that number was a big understatement.  In reality he probably says over 200 or maybe even 300.  There really is no way of being able to count.  He repeats EVERYTHING you say.  Riley also 3, 4 and even 5 word sentences.  His favorite being “Hey, come back here!”  Which he also adjusts to certain situations (Example:  “Hey Daddy, come back here!”)  I’m not sure where he learned to say this.  One day (before Austin was born) we were reading books and I got up to go to the bathroom.  Riley shouted “Hey, come back here!”  It was pretty comical.  He also understands how to use words in the right context at times which really blows my mind.  I swear the kid is a genius.

One thing about Riley though is you have to catch him when he is in the mood to do something.  I have heard him count to 15 by himself but if you ask him to count he pretends he doesn’t know how.  We have also been working on colors for months.  I know he knows his colors but you can tell him a million times his shirt is red and you ask him what color it is he will say “Blue!”  If you can catch him off guard and ask him to hand you a certain color crayon he will always pick the right color.  That is until he realizes that you are working on learning and then he gets mad and stops playing.

Some funny things Riley does that I want to have a record of:

-He likes to pretend to take his own temperature and then he says “Eighteen, fourteen, six” (I’m guessing he’s trying to copy us saying 98.6)

-When he wakes up in the morning he runs into our room where I’m sleeping with Austin and says “Seven o’clock” … Pretty accurate he wakes up around 7:30.

-If you talk about Daddy leaving and when he will be back Riley likes to spout of hours “Fourteen hours” like he knows how many hours Keith will be gone.

-When he takes bites of food he has to say what it is before he puts it in his mouth (Ex: “Bite yogurt!”)

-At his two year appointment he was 22 pounds (1st percentile) and 33 inches tall (19th percentile).  His doctor asked us if we wanted to do a blood test to find out if there is a medical reason why he is so small.  We declined and the doctor said that since he is hitting all the major milestones there is no reason to worry.

Here’s some pics over the last year.  Can’t believe it’s been 2 years with this sweet, sweet boy!

DSC_0210 DSC_0744 DSC_0845 DSC_1147 DSC_1173 DSC_1297 DSC_1512 DSC_1543 DSC_1574 DSC_1947 DSC_2182-X2 IMG_0689

IMG_1466 IMG_1823 photo (4) photo (5) photo (7) photo (8)

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Austin’s First Week

May 8th, 2014 by Carmen

It is insane how fast a week with a newborn can go!  I feel like he just got here yesterday and Keith and I already feel like he doesn’t even look like a newborn anymore.  It’s crazy!  But the first week went pretty good.  We had lots of help from family and friends bringing dinner, which is so nice.  Most everyone is working during the week so we had mostly quality family time.  This family time I should admit was mostly me and Austin and separately Riley and Keith.  Riley did not adjust nearly as well as we thought he would.  I’m not sure if it was because he was confused about who Austin really is considering we had to tell him there is no “Sissy”.  He has said “Sissy?” a couple times or will still say “Sissy’s room!”  But he wants almost nothing to do with Austin at all.  I’ve been trying to get Riley to hold Austin for a picture for a week now.  Each time Keith is holding Riley kicking and screaming while bribing him with candy and bike rides.  It’s been useless.  He has given Austin a few kisses, put a blanket on him because “Austin cold!” and he’s fetched a few things for Mommy to be her big helper.  I’m sure it is just going to take some time but it has been a little downer for me.

Austin however, is doing amazing!  The lactation consultant came over on day three and in just three days Austin gained half a pound!  I told you he doesn’t look like a newborn anymore!  Nursing has had it’s issues but it’s a million times better than it was with Riley.  I think I have just come to realize that as sad as it is breastfeeding just does not come naturally to me.  It’s a work in progress and I’m just trying my hardest and hopefully we can make it longer than I did with Riley.  The first night home Austin was using me as a pacifier.  I spent 4 hours straight nursing off and on.  I’ve really been working on trying to keep him awake for feedings so he eats more than enough to just fall asleep and that seems to be helping.  Last night we went to bed a little after 11 and I only had to wake up at 2am and 5am to nurse so that was nice to catch up on some sleep.

I really don’t feel like things could be any better.  I forgot how perfectly sweet newborns truly are.  Keith and I agree that we make some dang cute babies!  We’ve just been smitten.  Keith went back to work today and I was so worried to see him go.  He is SUCH an incredible help to me and I will miss him terribly!  I got a little emotional thinking that our week to adjust as a family of four is over.

*I wrote this at the beginning of the week and am just now getting around to adding pictures.  Today is Thursday and after Keith went back to work things seemed to instantly change with Riley.  On Tuesday night I took Riley shopping for decorations and things for his party while Keith stayed home with Austin.  When we got home Riley even held Austin!  I adjusted pretty well without Keith too.  I’ve been so busy trying to finish Riley’s video for his party.  Once his party is over it will be a little less stressful.  Also, Austin went to the doctor on Tuesday and we weighs 8lb 7oz!  In just 8 days he gained 15oz!  Nearly a pound!  It’s insane how big he is getting!  He’s not even the same boy we brought home less than two weeks ago 🙁


DSC_1483 DSC_1490 DSC_1501 DSC_1521 DSC_1543 DSC_1545 DSC_1548 DSC_1550

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