October 27, 2015


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I don’t remember much about our Easter celebrations this year either.  I do know that we actually dyed eggs and we did it in advance!  All of the kids love eating hard boiled eggs, so I made almost 5 dozen.  They also love the egg kit that makes monsters…they really like the hair.

3.31.15 (2)






We had a family get together at Clint and Sydnee’s house for Easter.  It was rainy and cold so we had to do the kids egg hunt inside the house.  It was slightly chaotic and not really very fun especially for the older kids.


Nash turns 7

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For some reason, I don’t have many pictures of Nash’s birthday party.  And really, I don’t remember much about it.  I do know that he got lots of Lego sets that he loved!  He got Legos for Christmas, but no actual sets.  He loves the sets, but not just Legos if he has to come up with his own designs.  I also remember that for the 3rd year in a row, he wanted to have pudding mud cups as his dessert instead of birthday cake.





We always go out to dinner as a family to celebrate each birthday.  This year Nash decided that he wanted to go to Golden Corral, an all you can eat buffet.  I think he was more talked into it, than actually decided for himself, but the rest of us were getting sick of Chili’s!  Golden Corral was a hit with the kids.  Especially the all you can eat cotton candy.  Ick!

More dog drama

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Just one week after the incident with Scout almost running away, we had more dog drama.  On Saturday, February 23rd in the morning Oakley went out to play with Scout and Stella and she noticed that Stella wasn’t quite acting right.  We brought Stella in the house to watch her and sure enough, she wouldn’t even move.  She laid on her bed and didn’t make any effort to move.  Not even when tempted with peanut butter!  We watched her for several hours but she didn’t improve.  At around 4:00 I took her out to go to the bathroom and when I had her stand up, she threw up.  This is when I decided it wasn’t good and that she needed to go to the vet.  I was scheduled to take pictures at an activity at the church at 6:30, so to make sure I wasn’t late, Coy and Oakley took Stella to the animal hospital.


They did x-rays and an ultrasound and determined that something was blocking her intestines.  Her condition was failing and she needed emergency surgery.  The doctor told Coy that the prognosis was not good.  Stella had a 25% chance of making it.  Coy was told how much it would cost and then he called me to have me make the decision.  The odds were not good and the cost was outrageous, but I only saw one option!  Stella had to be given the chance to live, no matter the cost.  Stella was admitted to the hospital to await her surgery and Coy and Oakley were sent home.  Upon further investigation, the doctor realized that a small piece of tissue had grown around the intestine, probably since birth.  Stella had a 1 foot section of dead intestine that was poisoning her body that had to be removed, then sewn back together.  The vet told us that she would call as soon as the surgery was over.  Our whole family slept on the floor in the living room that night, so we could be together when the vet called.  We got the first call at around 11:00pm.  Stella was still in surgery, but it appeared to be going well.  The next call came at almost 1:00am.  Stella was out of surgery and she was alive!  We were told that the next 24 hours would be critical and she would update us again in the morning.  I dreaded that phone call in the morning.  I was so worried that the news would not be good.  But the call came and Stella was hanging in there!  We were even told that we could come visit later in the afternoon.  On our way to the animal hospital I told the kids that they needed to let Stella know how much they loved her, so that she could get better.  When we got there, we were led back to the ICU area of the hospital.  Stella was in a kennel and she was not responsive to us at all.  She was so drugged and so tired.  We let each of the kids talk to her and pet her through the kennel.  We left feeling sad, but hopeful.  Stella spent the next 3 nights in the ICU and we got updates from the hospital staff every morning and night.  We were told that she wasn’t out of the woods and that the next two weeks would still be critical.  I visited Stella every night she was in the hospital.  Normally with one or two kids.  It was just too much when the whole family went.  The 2nd night Oakley and I went and they brought Stella out to see us and told us we could take her outside to go potty.  When they brought her into the waiting room and she saw us, she was so excited!  Her little tail wagged like crazy.


Finally on Wednesday night we got to bring Stella home.  Everyone was so excited and I could tell that she was so happy to be home.  We moved her kennel into the living room so that we could keep a good watch over her for the next couple weeks.  I had so many medications and special food to give her that I had to make myself a sheet to fill out every day.  I also had to track and examine each time she pooped.  That was the biggest positive sign that first time she pooped, it showed that the intestines were working as they should be despite all the trauma.




I was a completely paranoid wreck for the first few nights, so I slept on the floor next to her kennel.  Then the kids took a couple nights.  They would also crawl in with her during the day and fall alseep.



3.31.15_1 (2)

About a week after she came home, I woke up one morning to find that Cam had woken up during the night and instead of coming into my room, had made himself a little bed next to Stella.


Stella had staples in for the first 2 weeks.  She would lay by the window and just stare out at Scout.  Scout would scratch furiously to try and get to Stella.



We let her have a test run in the backyard at the two week mark.  Scout was so excited to have her outside, but it was hard to play because she still had the cone on.



The cone got to come off a few days after the staples came out.  She was so happy to be rid of the cone.  She was finally able to go out and be reunited with Scout.  It was the sweetest reunion I have ever seen.  They were so happy.  We only let Stella stay outside for 10-15 minutes on that first day and then slowly worked up to more time.  She slept in her kennel in the house for almost three months before I felt comfortable letting her be outside all the time again.




A month after surgery Stella developed a love for the trampoline.  She loves to get on and jump.  It is so funny to watch, but it really annoys the kids when they are trying to jump.




It’s now October and Stella has healed completely and is such a blessing to our family.  I am so happy that she made it through her ordeal and that Oakley had the initial intuition that Saturday morning in February that something wasn’t right.



February 17, 2015

The Valentine’s day we won’t forget

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Oakley had her first dance competition of the season on Valentine’s day.  We had to be up bright and early so we could be in Nampa by 7:45am.  She did amazing and it was nice to be back home by home by 9:30.  I can’t take credit for her amazing hair.  My friend, Deanna, gets all the glory there.



We had plans in the afternoon to go RZR riding with Keith and Carmen.  We met up and went to the trails south of Kuna.  It was a beautiful day and was surprisingly warm for February.  We decided to take Scout with us so she could get used to being off leash.  We parked the car just off the highway and unloaded the RZR.  Here’s a shot from the highway.  The hills go for miles.  There are many worn trails all over, but the rest is just sagebrush, badger holes and rocks.


3.6.08_ 053

We got back into the trails and decided to let Scout off her leash.  We had the shock collar on her just in case.  She started sniffing around for a minute and then just bolted.  She ran as fast as she could go and she never stopped once.  We started to follow her on the RZR but she was heading cross country and to get back down we had to stay on the trails.  She got so far in front of us at one point that we even lost sight of her.  It was the worst feeling.  Oakley was absolutely hysterical and was screaming things like “Scout is my whole heart.”  “I don’t want to live if Scout dies.”  She was out of control and it scared Laken and Nash and they also started crying hysterically.  We finally spotted Scout and it looked as though she may have been heading back to the car.  The car was also right off the highway.  We were able to speed up enough to get in front of her and cut her off from the highway.  We were off trail and were just hoping we didn’t come across a hole in our path. Keith was somewhere behind us at this point making an effort to help.  Scout had to have been running 25-30 mph and the shock collar proved pointless.  We aren’t sure if the batteries hadn’t charged fully or what, but she had zero response to it.  We got up next to her and she was running right beside us as fast as she could go.  We were screaming her name and trying to get her to stop, but she just wouldn’t.  We were only 5 feet from her but she kept going.  I thought maybe if she could see us standing she would come to us.  I jumped off the RZR and screamed for her, but she kept going and so did the rest of the family.  I was out in the middle of the sagebrush, more scared than I have ever been in my life, worried at what the outcome might be.  I started to run and as I was going I said a prayer asking that something would stop Scout and that she would be okay.  I said it out loud over and over again as I ran.  Moments later, two black Labs ran to Scout and she stopped to smell them.  Coy was still right beside her on the RZR, so he was able to stop and grab her.  It was an answered prayer.  A miracle.  I can’t even explain the relief I felt.  Oakley was overjoyed.  It was such an extremely emotional 10-15 minutes that once she was safe with us, we all just felt drained.  We continued to ride around for a while, Scout on my lap, but there was just a somber mood in our RZR.

Later that night, we went to Idaho Pizza Company for our Valentine’s day heart shaped pizza tradition.

photo (8)

Coy and I started that when we were just dating and it’s one of my favorite traditions.  The mood at dinner was still pretty solemn.  Oakley couldn’t even eat, she had a pounding headache.  My throat was completely raw from screaming.  It was so nice to go to bed that night and be able to know we could wake the next morning with a new day and that terrible event behind us.

photo (9)

I know to some this may seem like an overly dramatic post, but if you’ve ever loved a pet like they are your family, those people will understand.  Now on my To Do list is find a good trainer!

February 15, 2015

100th day of school

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On Feb 4th the kids celebrated the 100th day of school in their classrooms.  This must be a new thing to celebrate because we didn’t do this when I was a kid.  The 1st grade classes had a contest to see who could dress up like the best 100 year-old-person.  They sent notes home a couple weeks in advance and they encouraged kids to participate.  Nash was so excited to participate, but I kept putting it off.  Finally the night before the contest I realized that I had nothing to send Nash to school in and I knew he would be disappointed.  Luckily Coy was on a late flight home from Seattle, so I texted him and told him I needed him to stop at the store on his way home and to call me when he got to the store.  It was 11:00 at this time and his flight didn’t land until midnight, so I was just hoping he’d get the message.  I woke up at 12;30 to Coy calling.  He had stopped at Wal-Mart.  I asked him to get a pair of reading glasses and a red bow tie.  They had both!  The next morning, Coy popped the glass out of the reading glasses frames and I found some white hairspray we had left from Halloween.  I shredded up a cotton ball and ‘glued’ it to Nash’s eyebrows with Karo syrup.  We also happened to have a walker sitting in our garage courtesy of Coy’s short stint of being employed as a medical equipment salesperson.  Unfortunately the walker was too big for Nash to take to school, but it was a great prop for photos before he left.



Nash loved his costume and was so excited to burst through the door after school holding his grand prize winnings!


And a shot without the glasses because the eyebrows are just too funny.