Happy Valentines Day

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Hazelle was ready for Valentines Day this year!
Grandma Cari got her some pretty cute jammies.

The Valentines Day Outfit was a hit! Ben and the boys started a new tradition. The boys took the girls out for dinner. We went to Johnny Carinos it was a blast! We went the night before Valentines Day because we knew Valentines Night would be maddness. The kids even after a whole day at the babysitter’s did great and it was a great suprise for me because I had worked all day so it was nice to not have to come home and make dinner! LOVE MY BOYS!!!


Before and After

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The boys are turning into great little helpers. (When they really really put their minds to it, or they are REALLY REALLY motivated) but still it’s nice that they are learning to pick up after themselves.
The playroom BEFORE:

The playroom AFTER:

The best part is NOT the 2 hours they spend up there (mostly playing and torturing each other) no, the best part is how proud they are of themselves when they are done!


Grandma Day

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Last month I called and asked my Mom a HUGE favor, if she could please come and watch the kids while I worked for a day. She agreed. Harm was super excited for “Grandma Day”. Around 10:00 I tried calling the house, no answer. I received this text and this picture:

“Try not to bother us right now, we are hunting scorpions and having a war with dinosaurs and dragons…this battle is VERY intense!”

Wow, did I mention my Mom was “under the weather” when she got to our house that morning? My instructions to her were “Put your feet up and turn on a movie!” Around noon I called again, again no answer. Again another text:

“Try not to bother us, we are having a picnic! No need to hurry home!”

Good heavens she was going for Grandma of the year! I asked her how Hazelle was holding up since I didn’t see her in the pictures. She was being an angel as usual! So Grandma pulled out all the stops, even went as far as to make “COLORED ICE BALLS” with the kids. Turned into a VERY funny story which included an exploding yellow balloon in our bathroom and Cache getting some of the yellow water “IN HIS EYEBALLS!” He tells a great story. But bascially they filled up ballons with colored water and froze them in the freezer. Yesterday we were able to get Harm’s out and he played out side with it non stop!

Harm and I had this conversaion as I was putting him to bed that night:
Harm:”Mom when is the next Grandma Day?”
Me:”I don’t know did you have fun?”
Harm:”Ya, Grandma didn’t even kiss me too much!”
Me:”Wow I’m proud of her, I sure do love her!”
Harm:”Ya me too Mom where did she learn to be such a good Grandma?”
Me: “Probably from her Mom”
Harm: “Probably you’re right. I am going to get a scorpion gun for our next Grandma Day!”

Better Late Than Never

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So I have A LOT of “back” blogging to do, this I know. I figure before I get so far behind I convince myself it’s hopeless I would start posting TODAY! Right now as I type it is SNOWING! We have had a serious lack of snow this season and quite frankly my children were growing desperate! Harm has begged to go sledding since Thanksgiving. He and Cache pray for snow every night and this is what their prayers sound like “And please bless us to have snow…more and more and more SNOW!” So last week we FINALLY got our snow. There were some great lessons learned at our house already this year: a) patience and b) the Lord really does hear and answer our prayers.

We had about 3 hours of great snow! Then it started to rain, and rain, and rain. Ben got home from work and took the boys to go shovel sidewalks and driveways. When they got home it was a soggy, sloppy mess out side. BUT Ben had promised the boys a snowman…so at 8:00 at night in the pouring rain, they build a snowman!

They came in at about 9:00 soaking wet, frozen to the bone, but happy as could be!


New Frontier-Christmas Morning in Twin Falls

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Christmas was so fun for us this year! The kids had a great time enjoying the spirit of the holiday. We were able to read the Nativity Story at night before bed for the whole month of December and they started to understand a lot better why we celebrate Christmas.

We changed things up a little this year. With all the travelign we did, we decided we’d go to Rupert for Christmas Eve, then come home to Twin Falls and spend the night and have Christmas morning and church here. We had so much fun with the kids Christmas morning!

Hazelle in her Christmas dress:


Hazelle was up before anyone!!

I’m not sure why I don’t have any pictures of Harman, but he was running around helping everyone with their presents it was so funny! He made sure we left treats out for Santa Clause and his reindeer.

Even Maggie got presents from Santa.

We don’t have a picture of all of us in our Christmas Church clothes becuase church was at 9:00 and we were just lucky to get there on time w/ everyone wearing shoes and socks! 😉

After Church we drove to Grandpa Rob’s for Christmas Breakfast. We wore our BSU shirts Ben picked out for the whole family.

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