Binge Blogging

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Sorry for the BINGE BLOGGING that is taking place on my blog at the moment. A few days ago the boys and I sat down and looked back at the blog when they were little babies. It was so fun! So…I am re-committing myself to this bolg. While I back-blog please enjoy random holiday posts as well as these AMAZING shots we got at our family photo session with one Mrs. Cindy Lynn! According to Harm: SHE TOTALLY ROCKS. I concur.

Cindy seriously caught my kids being MY KIDS! I will love these pics for-ev-er!

9 years and still loving this guy!


Rafting Season-NOW OPEN!

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When we got the word that it was suppose to be 92 degrees on the Hagerman stretch of the Snake River tonight…we did NOT DELAY! We even put in at the dam and did the entire run. Got in at 6:30 got out at 9:00! The wind was a warm breeze but the water was FRIDGID!!!! Cache made his maiden voyage with us. He is to put it bluntly: A WATER DEVIL! He kept trying to jump out of the raft. Being the OH SO WISE mother that I am I dunked that kid in head first so he could learn quickly that he didn’t want to be out of the raft that badly. Good news: It worked Bad news: He’s still not speaking to me!

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