Happy #5 HaRm!

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Harm was very conflicted this year for his 5th Birthday. He wanted a SHARK WEEK PARTY very badly. He also wanted to go to “Snowy Mountain” Aka: an cabin in Island Park. In the end a trip to Snowy Mountain won. (He is still planning a Shark Week Party in August when Shark Week is actually ON) Ben’s friends the Heider’s heard Ben saying we were looking for a Cabin in Island Park and they offered to let us rent theirs for a few days. As luck would have it, it was avaliable the exact weekend of Harm’s Birthday.

The entire drive there Harm kept asking why we were going to NARNIA.

Once we got to the cabin we were greeted by 18 inches of new snow. We literally dug our to the cabin door and the Ben and the boys dug out the water main. It was so much fun! Ben and the boys wasted NO time building a sled run off the front porch and Hazelle and I enjoyed the nice cabin.

Putting up the tent was a MUST.

We had a fun first night but Friday Mom, Dad, Ivie, Maddy, Duke, Aunt Jerica, Klay, and Saige came up. THEN it was a party.

Harm wanted this “Flying Shark” for his birthday so bad. Grandma Cari and Duke delivered and it was SOOOOO funny to see his reaction! I have it on film I need to get it on here!

The next morning it was very windy but Ben and Harman were determined to head to a real sledding hill.

Cache didn’t last as long as Harm did in the wind. We had a good time in the car w/ some powdered donuts!

The following Monday for FHE we put together the FLYING SHARK!

It was a process, Harm kept telling Ben “Dad you are reading the Destructions all wrong!”

What more could a kid ask for! Snowy Mountain with his family and a Flying Shark! Pretty good Harm, Pretty good.

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