New Frontier-Christmas Morning in Twin Falls

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Christmas was so fun for us this year! The kids had a great time enjoying the spirit of the holiday. We were able to read the Nativity Story at night before bed for the whole month of December and they started to understand a lot better why we celebrate Christmas.

We changed things up a little this year. With all the travelign we did, we decided we’d go to Rupert for Christmas Eve, then come home to Twin Falls and spend the night and have Christmas morning and church here. We had so much fun with the kids Christmas morning!

Hazelle in her Christmas dress:


Hazelle was up before anyone!!

I’m not sure why I don’t have any pictures of Harman, but he was running around helping everyone with their presents it was so funny! He made sure we left treats out for Santa Clause and his reindeer.

Even Maggie got presents from Santa.

We don’t have a picture of all of us in our Christmas Church clothes becuase church was at 9:00 and we were just lucky to get there on time w/ everyone wearing shoes and socks! 😉

After Church we drove to Grandpa Rob’s for Christmas Breakfast. We wore our BSU shirts Ben picked out for the whole family.



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It was Grandpa Rob’s Big 80 birthday celebration in Disneyland! We left December 19th and flew into California. Went swimming at our Hotel the night before and got to see ALL the counsins and Grandma’s and Grandpa’s.

The next morning was HOLY SMOKES INTENSE! EVERYONE was “Buzzed” to say the least…Grandma Cari especially!

Before we get going here though, WELCOME KEVIN! What an amazing guy! For Harman it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!

Day 1:

If this is how you go home at the end of Day 1 then I’d say it was a sucess!!!

DAY 2:
It was our “Bob” T-shirt Day.

Thanks to a good friend of our we found an app that told us what rides to go on at what times so that we wouldn’t wait in long lines. The first day it was AWESOME! The second day it was a little off 2 hours waiting to ride Woody’s Round up. It was worth the wait though, I think Dad or Curtis ended up w/ the high score!

Thank goodness for phones w/ Angry Birds on them!

And of course if you need a nap, Dad is always ready to give you a ride back to the hotel…inless you sleep the whole way there and the only one who needs a nap when you get there is DAD!

After our little nap we went back to the park…we hit the gates at the same time the parade was getting over…BIG MISTAKE. I about had a nervous break down getting through Main Street with all those people!


That’s All Folks!

Except for the LOOT that Hazelle and Cacher Boy got from Grandpa Tim and Grandma Cari! We were so excited to get back home and see them!


Temple Square

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We took the boys to visit Temple Square. They loved the Christmas lights and running around the fountain. I’m pretty sure the highlight however was staying with Nat and Curt. For me is was playing with Ruby!

It was cold! Our little noses were frozen! The boys didn’t notice, they never stopped running long enough to get cold! We decided this is an excellent family tradition we’ll have to keep up with the Newman’s.
(Thanks Aunt Nat for the pictures!)


Christmas Lights-CHECK

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Since about JUNE Harm has been BEGGING and PLEADING to put Christmas lights! So when Ben got a gift certificate to Costco after Thanksgiving we knew exactly what we’d be spending it on. OF COURSE it snowed the night before Ben was putting them up! He was a trooper and the boys wanted to help too.

They look great! Harman can rest easy now. After Ben came in from putting them up Harm said” Christmas Lights on the House-CHECK!

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