November Comes and Goes

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November pretty much FLEW by for us! Holy cow I can’t believe it. Harm is busy in school, Cache and Hazelle and busy growing like weeds! Here are some of our November Hightlights:

One Monday night we were trying to decide what to do for FHE. At 6:30 Ben had the brillant idea to go home and surprise my Mom and Dad and put up my Mom’s big Christmas tree. So we loaded up and headed to Rupert. It was so fun! The kids thought we were kidding when we started loading the up in the van in their pajamas! Once we got there Ivie and Maddy had all the stuff for the tree out and we got that bad boy up in record time with a little Christmas Music blarring to help us!

OUR own Gaby family Christmas tree has quite the story. It starts with us driving up Rock Creek Canyon in the south hills the day after Thanksgiving. It was less than great driving conditions once we started driving up the Canyon. The roads were snow packed and Icy. Before we could get to Magic Mountain we had to turn around because the cars in front of us couldn’t get enough traction to keep driving up the icy slope. So at the bottom of Rock Creek Canyon we found ourselves. Ben was livid, but determined. So he and Harm and Cache set out with the hack saw. Hazelle and I took a nap and 45 minutes later I woke up to Ben yelling my name. He was across the river and needed help getting the boys and this large “Thing” to the car. We managed to get everyone dried off and home safe and sound.

The tree was interesting, to say the least. The boys were estatic about it because they got to pick it out themselves. We got it to fit in the stand and in the house. After about an hour it started to smell…really, really bad. Like Cat pee.( I named it for the brief time it was in our home “SMELLY CAT”) I tried to be OVERLY optimistic. *Ben was still mad at me for making him turn around on the icy slope of Rock Creek Canyon* He was not having ANY of it. I gave up trying to convince him it was going to be just fine and went to put Harm and Hazelle to bed. When I cam out

I saw this:

Ben returned about 30 minutes later with this little beauty. We named him Max.

Good Old Fred Meyer does it again!

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