Spooky Halloween

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The boys were VERY into Halloween this year. We took them out to a pumpkin patch and they went crazy. I think Harm would have brought home the entire patch had we let him.

Yes this is Cache’s idea of smiling…every time.

Carving pumpkins was helarious! Harman wanted NOTHING to do with scooping out the guts…it was so funny to watch his face he thought it was disgusting. Cahce on the other hand couldn’t WAIT to get to it!

Along with their excitement about Halloween came the changing of their minds about constumes EVERY 15 seconds. I finally couldn’t take it anymore, we drove to DI and I let them loose with their Dad. They were all very thrilled with themselves. Grandma Cari bought the helemts at Zurchers they couldn’t WAIT to wear them. They were ARMY-FORCE GUYS! (That would be a cross between the ARMY and AIR FORCE Harm is wayyyy into the Millitary right now)

My mom had a Halloween Party at her house that was off the charts! Seriously my Grandma Tweet use to throw a hum-dinger every year when I was growing up, and this did not disapoint!

Little Bat Girl. Hazelle did NOT know what to think at first about her costume.


Growing Girl

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Hazelle is getting so big! I can’t believe it’s been 4 months. She is such a sweet girl , so content to just sit in her swing or bumbo and watch her brothers play. They love to make her laugh…even Maggie makes her laugh.
Here is the Hazelle highlight reel:

1 Month:

2 Months:

3 Months:

At the Doctor’s office getting her shots and check up. She was about 3 weeks early but she is making up for lost time in the height and weight departement! Ninty fifth percentile now.

4 months

Major accomplishments this month include: ROLLING OVER and EATING RICE CEREAL!

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