Blessing Hazelle Avery

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Today we blessed little Miss Hazelle. Ben’s family drove all the way from Arkansas to be here for it. My family was all here, it was a great day.
I was able to get the dress Natalie and I were both blessed in for Hazelle to wear. It was made by Grandma Tweet and my Mom.

For some reason I love taking pictures of Ben and Hazelle. They are so adorable together.

Here are some pictures we took of Hazelle at 1 month:



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There is A LOT to be said about turning 2. Cache was sooooo into this birthday it was not even funny! He asked every day for a month when he was going to be TWWWWWWWWOOOOOOO? He told me EXACTLY where he wanted his birthday and who he wanted to attend.
For the Where: Pizza Hut
For the Who: Jrammawwwww (Grandma) and Saige

It wasn’t hard to grant his request. Everyone else and everything else was icing on the cake, quite literally.

The hightly anticipated ICE CREAM CAKE! Cache is an ICE CREAM ADDICT so as much as it pained Ben not to get to make Cache a cake we knew this would make him happy.

When I took Cache in for his 2 year shots he didn’t disapoint on the growth chart. He has slowed down as far as height goes but his head circumference is off the charts. There isn’t anything Cache won’t try. He is our GO GETTER. Watching him run scares me to death he never watches where he’s going or how fast he’s going there and he is 1 big bruise most of the time. He is super sweet to his little sister, a good match for his big brother, his Dad’s little helper and my constant shadow. Cache is very well known for making us LAUGH, especially when we need it the most! We love you Cache!


Attempt at Family Pictures

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Wow gusting winds, cold cold Cannon Beach weather and some very young kids do not make for a sucsessful family photo shoot. Jerica and Nate get the prize for sticking it out and getting some super cute ones. Sorry to all my familia it was a flop because we LOOKED very cute!


TOO STINKIN CUTE! That’s all I have to say about this girl!

Cannon Beach 2011

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Well hold on to your socks because this is could be the worlds longest post! I give to you the Eames Family Cannon Beach RETREAT:

Bruce’s Candy Kitchen:

BOogie Boarding at Oswald Park:

CLASSIC Tillamook Tour and Ice Cream:

Our humble abode on the beach, Harm went with my family to this same house 2 years ago when I was pregnant and about to have Cache. He remembered it and asked about every five minutes for the entire month of July “WHEN ARE WE GOING TO THE BEACH HOUSE!”

Just chilling. This house does not disapoint. The compant was great and the food was better!


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