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After the Parade on the Rupert Square our Dad made a “on the low down” run to Kings where he purchased a POOL for our backyard. After three years and three plastic pools almost all our dogs have chewed up or the good old Idaho wind has blown away he found the best pool ever. It’s inflatable! The best part is that Harm can inflate it all by himself with the electric pump! OF course we had to invite the Heward’s over for some good old Gaby fun to test it out.

Who doesn’t love a good action shot?

Cacher and Cal prefer to observe from afar.

They really are best buddies, Cal puts up with a lot we will leave it at that.


Land that I Love.

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We are 4th of July DIE HARDS! We do the same thing every year and quite frankly WE LOVE IT! I was sa little nervous with three kids at the parade but everyone helped out and we had lots of fun. Then off to Grandma Cari’s for a BBQ, the water slide came out and of course we ended up on the river for fireworks. Which we don’t have any pictures of because lets face it our hands are a little full these days.

Klay had the best seat in the house.

It wouldn’t be the Rupert Parade with out the Condie’s to sit by and keep and eye on Harman! He did great this year.

These two on the other hand couldn’t get ENOUGH popcicles! A trait they share with Uncle Nate!

Hazelle was a trooper through all the partying we did this weekend, she looked so cute in her bow made by Aunt Jerica.


Blessing Baby Klay

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This little boy is by far the sweetest thing ever! I could hold and kiss him ALL DAY! His Mom is my hero! She’s so amazing and can do anything she puts her mind to. (His Dad isn’t too bad either!) WE LOVE BABY TAY!!!


Grandpa Rob…You’re the MAN!

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Grandpa Rob turned 80 this year and we brought it in with a BANG! A Disney Zip a de Do Dah theme, shirts brought to you by Kimmy and Cris.

There were tractor rides, horse rides, Mickey, Minnie, GRUMPY, and Tigger showed up for a photo op!

We have Uncle Jack to thank for the re-creation of Splash Mountain. Ben and Harm did not want to leave!

Uncle Jack himself approved it’s safety rating. 4 stars!! ****

Skits brought to you by Uncle Paul (The best to date!)

Minute to Win It I’m still laghing at this!

I think the best part though, was being all together.

This was by far my favorite scene, Charlie was holding Hazelle whenever she could too cute!!

To wrap up this expereince I have to end with….
(to the tune of Country Road)



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Coming soon to this blog there will be MANY MANY pictures of Grandpa Rob’s 80th Birthday Bash, and the 4th and Hazelle’s 2 week and 3 week pictures…but for now FEAST your EYES on this guy…

Pretty much…out of control…what are ya gonna do? We sure to miss him when he’s not around!

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