Meet your Greats!

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Hazelle got to meet her Great Grandma Lou and her Great Grandma Tweet this weekend when we were home for my Dad’s birthday. What amazing examples she will have to follow through out her life.

Annnnd this was too cute not to post!


Father’s Day, #29, and MONO

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We had a GREAT Father’s Day with our newest little addition. The boys AND Dad came away with some pretty awesome presents.

Mega block Leggos and Bubble Bee Transformer.

Which turned into HOURS of endless entertainment…sooooo really more of a present for Mom and Dad

Dad and his little Sweetheart!

I celebrated my 29th Birthday, it was a party and Mom made one of my favorite cakes, Strawberry Lemonade.

And in other news…yesterday my Mom and Ben took Harm to the doctor and found out (after a blood test) that the large lump on his neck is due to swelling caused by MONO! Poor Harm he does sleep A LOT lately and has not been acting himself. He will now spend the entire week on the farm so little Hazelle doesn’t get it.


Hazelle Avery Gaby 6 lbs 14 oz. 19 inches

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The day started off early.
8:00- Pick up babysitter
8:10-Drive to Burley for my weekly check up with Dr. Cannon
9:00- Dr. Cannon announces I am now a 3 but still only 60% effaced. Oh well.
10:00- Drive home trying to convince myself this baby WILL come eventually
11:30-Drop off babysitter
12:00- Swim lessons for Harm
1:00 -Nap time
1:30- Sit STRAIGHT up out of my bed contractions coming very strong
3:00-Call Dr. Cannon he advises me to come in to be monitored
3:45-Ben drives us like a MADD MAN down the freeway with his HAZARD LIGHTS ON. My mother declares this is every mans DREAM come true. By Kasota Road they are fast and hard and only 4 minutes apart
4:00-Enter Dr. Cannon’s office, he pronounces I am a 4 and we are having a BABY! WHOO HOOO!

< 4:30-All hooked up in labor and delivery...NO EPIDURAL YET...Nate and Jerica bring Ben dinner. 5:30-EPIDURAL HEAVEN!!!! Start Pitocin. Dr. Cannon says I'm a 6. 6:00-9:00-I sleep. 9:15-Nurse Linda declares I'm a 10...time to push! (This is the part where I always get a little skeptical really? Pushing time?) 9:31- Two pushes (barley) BABY HAZELLE arrives!!

She is just a little peanut! Our smallest yet!

The Brother’s Gaby meet their new little sister. Harm lovinly refers to her as PEACHES.

Cache not so lovingly refuses to hold her.

Friday night we headed home with our new little baby girl.


Fun with Cousins

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To preface this post I should begin by saying:Ben has been HARD at work transforming the nursery. For the entire month of May and most of this month as well he has done the following: Ripped out carpet and baseboards, put in bead baord, added a chair rail, painted the ceiling and walls and my favorite new addition, installed hard wood flooring. It is more amazing than I ever could have imagined.

Now enter my Mom and sisters. Today they came up with their children and their sewing machines and now the baby is offically allowed to come! It was chaos at times. Aunt Maddi was the designated babysitter…I’m sure her calling and election has been made sure.

Mom and Natalie sewed their little hearts out. Jerica and Sadie and I hit Real Deals and scored big.

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