A Visit to Fort Smith

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Over Memorial Day weekend we took trip to visit Grandma and Grandpa Gaby in Fort Smith AR. It was so much fun! The plane ride was so exciting for Harm and (most of the time) for Cache. Who had to share a seat with Ben so really the person to feel bad for here is Ben. He was a champ though. All we have to say is THANK HEAVENS (and Clint) for the iPad!!

On our flight from Memphis to Fort Smith (the last leg) our pilot came to the back of the plane and saw Ben and I trying to keep two very overly tired boys from destroying everything they could get their hands on. He bent down and talked to Harm and told him if he could be good for the next 45 minutes he could come visit him in the cockpit when we landed. HARM WAS STOKED OUT OF HIS MIND for an hour! The captain was a sweet sweet guy you could tell he was a Grandpa. He let Harm push ALL the buttons he wanted and talk over the intercom. It was pretty awesome, Harm will never forget it!

Once in Fort Smith the boys were THRILLED to be with Grandma and Grandpa! Harm was excited to see Michael again. We played in Grandma and Grandpa’s HUGE back yard all day and into the night. We went to Michael’s baseball game, ate pizza cooked by Grandpa, visited the best park ever, went to Chuck E. Cheese, and got to swim at our hotel EVERY night. (This was mostly for mom who was 36 weeks pregnant!)

It was a teary good bye! We will miss ALL the Gaby’s until we see them again.


Girls Weekend

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For Mother’s Day we declared a GIRLS WEEKEND in PARK CITY! Mom, Sadie, Jerica, (Klay) and Nat and Ruby and myself all headed to a Park City condo for some shopping, and a little girl bonding. On Friday we headed to Thanksgiving Point to visit the Tulip Festival. It was AMAZING, a lot of walking for this bigprego but it was well worth it. Plus we got some very sweet pictures of little Ruby.


Pre-School Program

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Today Harm had his Pre-School Singing Program. It was in Filer at a church and he was beyond excited. Everyone from his class was there including Buddy Boston. The Mom’s each got a flower to wear for Mother’s Day that the kids made, this was my first home made mother’s day gift as Harm’s Mom and I have to tell you, it was a great feeling. I will have to get Ben to upload the videos we took because they were priceless. Let’s just say it was an hour long program and Harm and Bost were ready to check out about 15 minutes in. The school year is coming to a close and it has been interesting. Harm tells me atleast twice everyday he is going to miss Boston, and play time and his teachers but NOT his homework…like he ever did it to begin with.
Last week they had fire fighters and a fire truck visit the school and they learned about fire saftey. Harm walks around the house saying things like… “MOM YOU SHOULD NEVER…” now. It’s super.

This is my child who seems to have to take EVERY pictures with his tounge sticking out…rock on.

Harmy and Timmy Tache

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Lately Cache’s new thing is to put a “Y” on the end of everything. One thing we find absolutely adorable is how he says “HARMY” It’s fantastic. The other day I asked Cache what his name was, we are working on Timothy Cache…he grins reallllll big as says “Timmy Tache” He has a hard time with his C’s. TOOOOO stinking cute!!

In other news Harm got his first real bike this week. It was for preschool BIKE DAY. He is quite taken with it and his helmet. We can’t convince him to venture out of the garageg, he’s all about what he knows. Cache tags along on his trike.

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