“Here to see Jesus Mom!”

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Harman gave his first talk a few Sundays ago. It was on Easter and the resurrection. We felt he learned a lot and were amazed when he actually seemed to retain and comprehend the events that lead to the resurrection. Ben had to speak in another ward so he missed it. I don’t know who was more nervous Harm or Mom. When it was his turn to give his talk he boldy stood up to the microphone and while I was walking up front to help said “My name is Harman Garth Gaby I am 4 years old, I would like to give my talk now and I DON’T NEED ANY HELP MOM!” Turns out he really didn’t. He gave his talk perfectly.

The week of Easter was really amazing at our house because for the first time Harm was understanding the meaning of Easter. As parents I ask you is there a greater feeling? Then on Easter Sunday we had a regional broadcast for Stake Conference from Salt Lake. A few minute into the broadcast I can see Harm sitting there with his arms folded tightly looking fairly annoyed. I asked him what was wrong. He angrily wispered (not so reverently) in my ear…”Mom when is Jesus going to be on the screen I DON’T SEE JESUS MOM!” I was overly perpelexed by the question. I asked ,”Harm what are you talking about Jesus lives in Heaven?” Harm’s reply: “MOM YOU TOLD ME HE CAME BACK TO LIFE AND OUT OF THE TOMB TODAY, AND I THOUGHT WE WERE HERE TO SEE HIM ON THE SCREEN!” Wow, I had no words. Apparently we covered the last week of Christ’s life pretty well but what happened AFTER the resurection we CLEARLY need to expound upon.


Lessons learned in your Local Wal-Mart

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Last Wednesday we had the MORNING to beat ALL MORNINGS. I won’t bore this post will all the haphazard events that went awry but it included a LONG list of me doing VERY VERY stupid things. For example, my favorite had to be going to Wal-Mart bright and early with both boys. I had a list of things to get for mutual that night. One of which was spaghetti sauce for pizza’s we were making that night. I found the HUGE bottles of Prego on the bottom shelf and bent down to pick up two of them. When I went to put them in the cart I lost grip of one and it literally went FLYING across the isle. Knocking stuff over and shattering everywhere. I was covered, the boys were covered, everything was covered in spaghetti sauce. I very shamfully went to find a Wal-Mart employee. I found a manager and let him know I had made a HUGE mess on isle 7 and I was very very sorry. He said it was fine he would get someone to clean it up. I was too embarassed to keep shopping so we went up front to check out only to find out I left my wallet at home…great. While I was loading up the boys in the car Harm put his hand on my shoulder , looked me straight in the eye and said, “Mom I am so proud of you for telling the truth back there…GOOD JOB!” Talk about lessons learned! I guess he is paying attention to those home evening lessons after all, who would have guessed!!


Happy Easter

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We woke up Saturday morning VERY early and ready to find our Easter Baskets.

Cache was super excited about his suckers. Made his whole day!

Harm was equally excited about his Optimus Prime underwear…bless that Easter Bunny’s Heart!

Easter outfits brought to you by Uncle Duke this year! We love the “Duke bag!”

Easter pictures brought to you by Mom who was too pregnant to care that they didn’t look at the camera once in the 30 minutes we were trying to take pictures.


Testing, Testing-Camp Fire

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The boys have begged, and begged AND BEGGED for a camp fire. We’ve already set the tent up in the bonus room. They are DYING for warm weather so we can head to Stanley. But alas the inch and a half of snow that fell yesterday does not have anyone looking too optimistic. Tonight the clouds broke and the wind died down to a dull roar and our Dad pulled off the best test camp fire yet! Duke was even here to initiate the 2011 Camp Fire season!

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