New Beds

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This weekend we decided that it was TIME! Time to move Cache to a big boy bed and time for Harm to down size from the queen. We have been talking for months about how to best go about this. Harm is very sensitive to change and his sleep patterns are getting better but not stellar yet. We looked online and found some good deals with free shipping. Then I announced we were getting in the car and heading to DI. We have bought both boy’s dressers from there new and I really really like they way they’ve held up. (Let’s face it in the Gaby house hold DURABILITY goes a LONG way!) Once we were at DI we were told by a friend of Ben’s who worked there that there was indeed a bunk bed set in the color that we were looking for on the floor all set up. A bishop had ordered it but brought it back and donated it back to DI still in the box. They were going to sale it for 100 dollars less than the new ones IN THE BOX. Ben had to think about it but seriously you had me at 100 dollars LESS! We were able to get new mattresses, sheets and mattress pads for all UNDER budget. I tell you what the Lord work’s in mysterious ways and today he answered our prayers through DI!

Loading them up:

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do:

Harm was totally stoked as he saw the beds IN DI all set up as BUNK BEDS. We didn’t have the heart to tell him right away they would still be in separate rooms while Cache adjusts to sleeping out of a crib.

So far so good. It’s been a few nights and naps and Cache goes right in a goes to bed. He has always been serious about sleep. Let’s hope it sticks!


Happy #4 Harm!

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Harman’s birthday FINALLY arrived. He has been counting down since CHRISTMAS!

He came out and found the Birthday decorations all hung in his honor. He did notice the Christmas wrapping paper, he’s yet to let me live that one down:

The traditional Breakfast Waffles made by Dad:

Then it was off to preschool with his homemade DINOSAUR cookies. While we were frosting them he informed me that they looked more like alligators. What can I say? At school they were flying the birhtday flag just for Harm. He got to be the Birthday Prince and painted an Optimus Prime picture, which according to Ben is dead on.

After Ben could sneak away from work we were off to BOISE for a fun filled trip of GABY FAMILY BIRTHDAY FUN!
First we met The Adam’s at Red Robin.

Then we headed down the road to our hotel so we could swim till our hearts content. Harm kept saying THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!!

The pool was a little cold. Did not slow Harm down 1 bit. Cache on the other hand never left the hot tub.

The next morning we found a Krispy Kreme’s. The boys were loving the mass production of one of their all time favorite foods:

Then we made a trip to the “Dead Animal Zoo” Aka: Cabela’s

And FINALLY after months and months of waiting we hit what Harm’s thinks was Chuck E. Cheese (It did not open until 11:20) Wahzoo’s Fun Zone on the other hand opened at 10:00 so Wahzoo’s it was. We’ll tell him the truth some day. It was a blast!

Not sure who had more fun Dad or the boys. It was all Mom could do to keep up.

Last but not least we got together last weekend in Rupert for the “Birthday Cake” Transformers made by dad of course.

SO now my little Harman Garth is 4 years old. I can’t beleive it. It has been an interesting year. 3 was a bit of a challenge at times. It seemed like over night right around his birthday this year he suddenly grew up. Started acting and sounding and being 4! I can’t wait for what the rest of 4 will bring. Love you Harmy!!

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