February Flyies by

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Whoa we had a great February! Here are a few random pics of what we were up to.

The boys spending LOTS of time with their Dad on Wednesday nights while I’m at mutual:

We found a way to make friends with the horses across the fence: Lots and lots of apples/carrots and grass!

Harm’s latest obsession…TRANSFORMERS! He turned Ben’s shin guards into Optimus Prime.

One night while Ben was at High Council I put the boys in the tub and went to find Maggie and let her out…I found her a few minutes later. Not cool.


Dressed up

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In a desperate attempt to get some updated pictures of the hoodlems we have been taking pictures every sunday before church. Eventually we’ll get one. Here’s the best and worst of what I have so far:

Harm’s newest hobby, highjacking my camera and taking “abstract” pictures. This one didn’t turn out half bad.


The Gaby Brother’s are getting a SISTER!!!

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Today we went in for our 20 week ultrasound! It was so nerve racking. Ben and I really felt this one was a girl but you know you never want to say it out loud and be wrong about these things.

Here is her first close up:

We are a little shocked still. Thoughts like bows, and barbies, and tea parties are fillling my head. Kind of a big change. I hope she likes blue. Harm was taking pictures again tonight and this about sums it up.

Her name is pretty much a done deal, now I have to go figure out how to turn an all brown and blue nursery into an ORANGE baby girl nursery!

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