Basher Boy Get’s a Haircut

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My boys are notorious for HATING having their hair cut. That said the last 2 times we’ve had to knuckle down and do it they’ve been very well behaved!


Island Park

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We enjoyed a very impromtu trip to Island Park with the entire Eames Clan, we missed Sadie and Tyler 🙁
There was food, fun, games, nails, BOW MAKING and some very serious Wii Playing!! Harm kept saying “I LOVE THIS CAMP!” It was an amazing cabin and they snow was heavenly!

This was a landmark event. Nate and Ben faced off on Just Dance. There are no words!

At this juncture it would be hard to nail down Harm’s FAVORITE part. IT would be a tie between Wacthing Tansformer’s with Grandpa Tim and THE HOT TUB! He was a shrivelly little prune by the time we left. 2-3 times a day he and Duke could be found here:

My favorite part? Hands down spending time with my two little neices and family!! Here’s to next time folks!


First Trip to the Dentist

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Harm had his first visit to the dentist. Ben took him and no I did not clean his teeth. I thought long and hard about whether to do this or not but I kept coming back to the old adage “Your children are always better for someone else.” With Harm this seems to be particularly true. He saw my good friend Ina and Dr. Hamblin and he did awesome!

The waiting room:

The Chair: He even let Ina take 2 x-rays!

The End with Dr. Hamblin: NO CAVITIES! His favorite part was this bouncy ball and balloons Terri spoiled him with.
He came home and told me that his Dentist office was COOL and that it was weird because there was a picture of me on Dr. Hamblin’s waiting room wall… Ha ha! Someday we’ll tell him I work there.


Face Time

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Cacher Boy is 17 months old today. Where the months have gone I HAVE NO IDEA. That said he is the funniest 17 month old I know. He has the biggest smile and loves to laugh. Oddly enough his favorite thing to do these days is THROW things and hang upside down. His vocabulary consists of: Keys, Pleeeeeeze, Thank You, Saige, IVIEEEEEEEE, Hot, Food, Juice, Mamma, Daddy, Jesus name, Amen, HARM, Ouch, Go and my personal favorite “I LOVE YOU”

Don’t let that cute face fool you. He gets into his fair share of trouble, WITH OUT the help of his brother.

Cache sleeps well and eats better. One of my most favorite times of the day is night time right before the boys go to bed. We just sit on the floor and talk and play. They are at their “cutest” because they’re trying to get out of going to bed. ESPECIALLY CACHE.


New Post New Year

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So you may have noticed the new “MANTRA” of this blog. It was time. We really needed to up our game here at the Gaby house. We sat down like most people and thought about our goals for this year. I decided that once and for all I’m going to try to care less and feel more. I could spend my ENTIRE day caring about “What If” that toliet isn’t sparkly clean. Or “What If” there are dishes in the sink? (I seriously can’t sleep if there are) I have a GREAT frirend who peridoically sends me emails after church. She puts ALL sorts of funny commentary in them about how hysterical it was watching our little family try and SURVIVE sacrament meeting. Perspective is all in the eye of the beholder. My friend sends me these amazing emails that make me want to cry. They are all about me and my kids and how they remind her of her 5 kids a few years ago, and now her kids are grown, and leaving the nest and her heart aches to be back on the bench dodging marshmellows and sippy cups. It makes you laugh right? Because there are days I think I will never make it out of the sippy cup dodging days alive. But that’s what this year is all about, LIVING TO LOVE these day! Living life in this house!

So here is to us! And a little bit of Life in the Middle!

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