Christmas Time!

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Chrsitmas Eve with the Eames’. Uncle Kurt brought the Prime Rib and Mom made some super cute appetizers.

Harman was a hoot this Christmas! He was so sure we had to be at Grandma Cari’s so Santa could come down a Chimney because we don’t have one.

Harm picked these out for Grandma all by himself. Actually he first picked out a star wars place mat but I sucessfully helped him move on.

The Nativity

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We had a little Christmas party with the Heward’s. We had a very “hectic” run through from Luke 2. It was hilarious.

Here they are our Cast and Crew:
Our wisemen:

The shepards watching over their flock by night:




Making her Blog Debut…RUBY RAE

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It has been a long time coming but here is the sweetest little thing imaginable!

She was a very good girl this year, I’m sure she got everything she asked Santa for.

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