First Snow of the Season

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Our morning started at 5:45am. Harman saw the snow and that was the end of that. Our early rising time was followed by a early morning Wal-Mart run to get snow boots and snow gear for Harm. The rest of the day was spent outside throughly enjoying ourselves.

As the sun was going down Dad and Harman built BYU-Snowman.

And to top things off we ended the night with BUDDY THE ELF. It was pretty much the perfect snow day!


Mystery Dinner Date Night

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We have some awesome friends. About a year ago our ward split and we have not seen a whole lot of some of them. Jared and Rachel wrote an entire script for a Murder Mystery Night. We decided to get the old gang together so we could enjoy a night with out the kids. I was not real sure how people would react to their parts, BUT everyone was decked out to the nines, it was a TON of fun.

We met at the church where we were greeted by our Host and Hostess Professor Nova And Mrs. Scotia: Jared and Rachel

Slowly but surely everyone trickled in.
Mayor Green and Mrs. Grapes: Bishop and Julie

Mr. South and Mrs. Dakota: James and Alisa

Mr. North and Mrs. Carolina: Brent and Annie

Mr. Black and Miss. Berry

Judge New and Mrs. York: David and Sharla

:Ryan and Autumn

Mr. West and Mrs. Virginia
:Sheldon and Sherri

Doctor Brown and Mrs. Bear (AKA OUR MURDERE):Rob and Nicole

We had dinner and laughed, (mostly at Jared) we found out who our MURDER was. That Sneaky Nicole. She even let Sharla in on the fun to help her. The funny part was she didn’t even tell her husband ROB she was the murder until she murdered him! It was so much fun! Hopefully we can do it again some time.


Big Friendly Giants

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Meet Harm’s best friend Boston.

Their birthdays are only a few days apart. They play in nursery together and now they go to pre-school together. Harm and Bost (as we lovingly call him) are bruisers. Harman asks about Boston at least 327 times a day. I wish you could be in the car to hear their conversations to and from school. Today it was about Football. (They could each line back for the NY Jets next year)
HARM: Hey Bost you wanna play football with me when we’re big like my dad?
BOSTON: Ya at the school like my Creighton (his brother)
HARM: Bost which school we gonna play for? The red one or the blue one?
BOSTON: We play for the red one now Har-man. We don’t like the blue one, memeber?
HARM: Oh ok. Well Bost are we gonna play football when we’re kids then?
BOSTON: Harm we are not kids we’re DUDES!

Just a word of warning, if you happen to be on the 2023 “BLUE TEAM” Watch out, these two don’t mess around.

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