Halloween Sucess

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Halloween was a HUGE sucess this year! It was touch and go there for a minute, there were some BIG players there in the 11th hour!

Cowboy Harman and Mountain Man Cache.

The Chaps were handmade by Uncle Jared, as no true American Cowboy would ever be complete with out them. The BOOTS, and mighty FINE boots they are were a last minute save by none other than Grandpa Tim. For about 3 days prior to the big even we could only come up with one cowboy boot. It was not pretty. There were tears. Grandpa Tim will live on in Halloween infamy around our house.

At our ward party they had a “costume parade” we were worried Harm would be too shy to do it by himself. Apparently we had NOTHING to worry about:




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Is it really the end of October? I think this is a record for no posts from me. October has BEEN BUSY.
Ivie went to her first dance: HOMECOMING!
On the 5th my sweet little niece Ruby Rae was born! I got to go visit and Ben held down the fort here with the boys.
Harm started Pre-School. (Actually in September but we were not sure how it would go.) It went great! He loves it!
Ben was busy busy busy and gone A LOT on business trips.

Harm on his first day of Pre-School:

Harm when he thought he needed glasses like his Dad for school:

Ivie and her date Keane:

Ivie and Brae:

The boys playing in the Mud while I was away at Nat’s:

And last but not least on my way home from Nat’s I stopped and picked up this little sweetie. Her name is Maggie. The boys LOVE HER.

Harm was very excited to take this picture of him and Maggie to show and tell at pre-school. Yes he was sad he couldn’t actually take the puppy. But 17 pre-schoolers under the age of 4, poor dog wound’t have had a chance.

Ok so that was our October up to this point. Let’s hope I can get it together a little better in November!

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