The Super Good Awesome Man I married!

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It’s true. Ben is a Super Good Awesome Husband. He does dishes, wipes noses, fixes broken horses, lassos with the best of them, chases lost toys over the fence, and on a day like today consoles me when I have a bad day at work. Let’s just say in includes my pants falling down…in front of my patient. Not-cool.

In Oregon I was adamant that Ben and I take a picture together. This is what I got.

Needless to say he was NOT taking me seriously. He rarley does. That is the beauty of our relationship.

I had all but given up hope at this point. I started begging.

Awww he came around. He’d do anything for me. Even bring me flowers to cheer me up so I wouldn’t consider hiding in the bathroom for the rest of the day at work! Like I said Super, Good, Awesome!


Payette River-Couples Trip

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A while back my boss offered to let us use his cabin up in Garden Valley. Jared threw out the idea to ditch the kids and take some couples from our ward. GENIOUS! So we called our good friends, Julie and Eric Bastian, and Randy and Dena Steele. They were all in. We had a blast. Ben and I went up early Friday and got dinner ready. The rest of the crew left around 4:00. Right at the Lowman/Bend turn off there had been a HUGE fire raging for a few days. Of course right when the rest of our group was trying to come up to Garden Valley the forest service shut down the road due to lack of visibility from the smoke. I got a call from Julie “Jess, we can’t get through, we’re going to follow a man who lives in Garden Valley a different way.” Ben thought she was kidding. She wasn’t. Mind you they were only 8 miles from the cabin when they turned around and followed some very shady characters up and down the mountain. 3 hours and a few wrong turns later, they pulled into the drive. We were THIRLLED to see them and they were THRILLED that dinner was still warm!

The fire smoldering out the next morning:

The Crew at the Loman put in:

The weather was nice and warm when we put in. Which was good because JULIE brought her water guns/cannons and Randy had his pitcher! It was game on the minute we were on the water!

This was the first big drop. Actually the first drop I had ever been on. It was called: Go left or Go Home. I must admit it was pretty awesome!

We took out at Horseshoe Bend. By the time we were bringing the rafts out of the water it was getting cold, and a bit windy. We ate lunch, and drove home. Definitely something we’ll do again next year!

Last Camp Out of the Season

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It was only fitting. We started the camping season with the Heward’s and we ended the camping season with the Heward’s. We drove up past Nat Soo Paw to a place called Bear Gultch. We were told by a few people it would be “desolate” but of course with our luck it was actually very full. We found a nice place with trees and a little creek for the kids to play in.

It just so happened on the night we were there it was the start of a pretty spectacular meteor shower. It was fun to sit around the campfire and watch them.

So long camping season, it was awesome while it lasted!

Oregon Coast-Heading Home

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The trip came to a close all too soon. Friday we loaded up and headed home. We stopped in Portland for a jet boat ride. Most of us were impressed, Cache however was terrified! He screamed himself to sleep.

It was a very awesome way to end a very awesome vacation! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for taking us! We love you!


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One of our goals while we were in Oregon was to get Gaby Family Pictures. Nat and Curt were not with us on account of Baby Ruby being due in a month, so Eames Family Pictures were put on hold pending her arrival. Our Beach house was amazing inside but especailly outside. There was the cutest little “cottage” and the biggest hydrangeas I’ve ever seen. Behind that there was a little “gully” with a river leading to the beach. Needless to say Jerica and I had a blast taking pics.


We had this great idea to take our family picture up on this “water fall” of sorts. Jerica risked her life to take them. It was a colassal mistake trying something like this with a three year old and a one year old.

Mostly we just ended up getting pretty wet:

Finally with a little perseverance…mission accomplished.

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