Oregon Coast-The Beach

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The beach on the Oregon Coast is cold. We hold this truth to be self evident. When we were little and our parents took us for the first time-WE DIDN’T CARE. Every year I go back I swear that ocean gets a little colder.

Saigers was our OCEAN NUT! She was so crazy about the water and the sand, and then the water again!

Cache was loving the sand, mostly eating it.


The Coast-Getting there

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We left for Cannon Beach on Saturday after Curt finished the Spud Man Triathlon. Because it’s a 10 hour drive to the coast we decided to stop off in Pendleton that night. We had a TON of fun swimming together, inventing the first ever Eames Family Cannon Ball Contest, and waiting FOREVER for dinner at the hotel.

Sunday we got up early and headed to our beach house. BUT we had to stop at see the fish swimming up the ladders at the Bonneville Dam. HARM WAS LOVING IT!

We rolled into a very clowdy Cannon Beach late Sunday night. We didn’t have the address to our “Beach Comber” so it took us a while to find out where we were staying but we got there eventually and it was an awesome place close to the beach!


The Gaby’s Come to Town

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What a whirlwind couple of weeks we had! I will be blogging into the eternities just to get these past 2 weeks updated.

FIRST things FIRST. The last week of July the MUCH anticipated first annual Gaby Family Reunion happened right here in Twin Falls. Cecil and Mellnie and the kids all drove for 3 days from Fort Smith. They rolled in last Sunday night. Harm was so excited to get to see his Grandma and Grandpa Gaby! We spent the week enjoying the sites of Twin Falls and each other’s company!

First up: Shoshone Falls

We had a great time doing dinner together every night here at our house. One rainy day we headed out to Nat Soo Paw for some swimming. Grandpa Gaby was the Hero of the day taking kiddos up and down the slide and catching them at the bottom. Esther and Eliza came with us and it was a great day. We had to make a hasty retreat out of the pool when the lightening and thunder started though.

Here’s to next time Gaby’s!


Abra Cadabra!

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