Iron Creek

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We did it. The First Gaby Family Camp out. Friday afternoon we headed up to Stanley. It was a great weekend. We searched all over Red Fish Lake for a spot to camp but everything was full. We tried Sunny Gultch and Stanley Lake, finally we came upon Iron Creek. It was beautiful, and we didn’t have to pay to camp in a designated spot. The boys had a great time playing in the creek and chasing the chipmunks.

We spent Saturday at Red Fish. Harm enjoyed making new friends and Cache loved the sand. Ben and I enjoyed the warm weather! Red Fish is a little piece of Heaven on Earth in my book.


Girls Camp

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I am currently serving as the Young Women Secretary. It has been a very cool calling so far. I was a little apprehensive about girls camp though ONLY because it was my first year back to girls camp as a leader and not a girl! It was Stake Girls camp and as fate would have it we were at Pinedell. The exact same location I went to girls camp when I was a new Beehive. Our Theme was D.O.T.S. (Depend On the Savior) Our Stake Leaders are amazing, needless to say we had a FABULOUS TIME!!!

Doing our ward crafts, painting shirts and making visors:

Our fearless 2nd Counselor:

All finished:

Skit Night:

Me and our girls:

Before I go on let me introduce you to my new best friend and crazy YW President: Julie Bastian. Julie is a kid at heart, seriously she would put Uncle Kent to shame. She loves water, water, and taking long walks to the 12th Ward’s cabin after midnight! I love her!!

The Stake craft was a really cute COURAGE bracelet but lets just say it was FAR beyond my comprehension and craft capabilities. Here is another great friend of mind Sharla helping Julie and I try to figure it out. I had to laugh because Julie and I were suppose to be helping our 3 girls with their bracelets but Shar ended up helping us more than any of the girls!

Early Morning Devotional with Bishop Thomas at Pike’s Peak! It was totally worth going to bed at 3:30 and waking up at 6 for this view!


Dad’s Birthday Float

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For my Dad’s birthday in June we decided we would give him a rafting trip down the Hagerman River. WE HAD A BLAST! Nat and Curt opted this one out due to Nat being 30 weeks pregnant. It was a hot day and the water was perfect! We did loose Bryce, Ivie and Sadie overboard once. Some of us laughed harder than others, luckily it was at the end of the rapids.

A great big thanks to Jared and Rachel for taking us AND all these cool pictures!

Question and Answer: Harman Age 3

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Holy Moly this kid has said some doozies lately. I decided to sit down with him and ask him some questions.

1- What is your name? Hawman. What is your WHOLE name? Hawman Gawth Gaby
2- How old are you? F-wee.
3- Who is your best friend? Wiza and Emma
4- What is your favorite color? Green Says GOOOOOOOO!
5- What is your favorite ice cream? GREEN Mom, GREEN. (Mint just like his Dad.)
6- What is your favorite snack? Crackers
7- What is your favorite animal? Goats, cause you ROPE them. (This came as quite a shock because actually he is obsessed with HORSES!)
8- Who is your favorite Aunt? Jerica Who is your favorite Uncle: Na-fan.
9- Who is going to take you to the beach? Grandpa Tim!
10-What do you like MOST about summer? RADIO and Cowboys (Which translates into RODEOS and COWBOYS)


Balanced Rock-Take 2

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The Monday after the 4th we went to Balanced Rock with our good pals. This time we weren’t all dolled up for Family Pics so we climbed to the tippy tippy top. Harm was in Heaven! He loved loved loved crawling in and out of the rocks and scaring me half to death!

After we went to a park nearby and played in the lazy river and Harm got to watch some fishing, he’s pretty taken with it. I told him maybe Grandma Tweet would take him on the river sometime.

Calvin and Cache are only two months apart, a pretty gruesome twosome. They are too cute together!

It was a great weekend with the 4th and the Harman Reunion, it was sad to see it all come to an end!

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