Time keeps on slippin

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These two have changed so much in the past few weeks it seems.We tried to take advantage of the first nice day in a forever and have a little photo shoot. We drove to Balanced Rock (what a pretty drive this time of year!) Then we ended up down in the Canyon. Numero Uno was less than impressed, he really just wanted to splash in the water or climb every where.

Basher is getting H-UGE! He will be walking soon, (sigh) however I’m not sure what the incentive is as he can cruise around pretty fast on his hands and knees. His new trick is to drop something and say Ah-Oh! It’s pretty cute.

I did not get a good one of the two of them. Ben says it depends on what your definition of “good” is so let me re-phrase. I did not get a picture of the two of them where one is not bawling, choking or karate chopping the other. So we will be trying this again…SOON!


Camping Camping and More Camping!

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The month of May came and went and not a lot of nice days came with her. We did however manage to buy a tent, a dutch oven and a camp chef and put all three to the test.

First up was Father and Sons:

It was the ONLY nice weekend in all of May so Ben and Harm lucked out. The enjoyed their bonding time and time with friends.

The weekend after that we had to test out the new tent…in the Idaho wind and rain.It was too wet to start a bonfire so we improvised with the grill. The boys thought the tent was a blast!

Memorial Day weekend we had big plans to head to Cottonwood Canyon with our Heward Friends. Thanks again to the rain we ended up here at our house in our garage and backyard. The kids put up their tents upstairs in the bonus room.

Stay away from this guy.

Chillin by the fire:

A little too much laughing and both Ben and Harm go over backwards.

We spent Memorial Day in Rupert. We got to visit Grandma Shirley’s grave on our way home.

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