Full Circle

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Just so you know that everything comes full circle here is a little bit of a call I made to my Mom today. It went something like this:

“Hi Mom ya busy?”

“Nope.” (She always says that even if she’s really really busy!)

“Hey you remember when I was little and you’d take ALL us little kids to the store and then we’d get in the car and get yelled
at I’d be like Whoa take a chill pill Mom?”

“Uh huh” (She’s not really sure where this is going)

“Well I just want you to know that we deserved it, and probably the beating of our lives as well.”

“Uh huh…” (Now she’s really REALLY confused.)

“And I’m really really sorry for being such a little stinker when I was little.”

“Uh huh..” (I think she’s laughing inside, she’s knows there’s a story)

“You see I just took 2 children the 2 that I gave birth to and love to Target and JoAnn’s Fabric and, well let’s just say it didn’t go well. I may have yelled in the car, I may have reprimanded the eldest at least a bazillion trillion times IN the store. I was one of those people you walk past at Wal-Mart and roll your eyes at, ya that was me today. My point here Dear Mother is I don’t know how you did this, did you take speed? Because I for sure will have to be HIGH as a KITE if I ever try this again. I honestly don’t know how you got out of bed in the morning Mom, how? How did you do it?!”

She couldn’t answer, she was laughing to dang hard. And that is why I love her so dang much!



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Today was great. We went to Rupert to enjoy Mother’s Day with all my favorite Moms, it was so much fun we forgot to take a single picture! I’m not so sure how I got to be so lucky to know so many GREAT MOMS! You are all amazing moms let me assure you.

My boys did Mother’s Day weekend up right let me tell you. I have been pestering the men in my life for quite some time for a power washer, and Saturday morning bright and early as Numero Uno BOUND into my room I was presented with my VERY OWN CHERRY RED power washer! I have died and gone to heaven. THEN we went to one of my favorite Teppanyaki restaurants here in town. I have been dying to take Numero Uno there for a while. Saturday night the stars aligned just right and the boys were actually both in a good mood at the same time so we went. If you’re ever in town and you want a good time call us up and we’ll go. Numero Uno was a RIOT! Fire fire and more FIRE. He was also deeply taken with the egg throwing and spatula tossing. I am sure we’ll have some egg casualties here as a result but it was sooo worth it!

And to wrap things up we put together the tent my Dad let us borrow for the upcoming Father & Son’s outing. This one’s not excited or anything!

These three make my day! (Getting them together for a picture in our church clothes proved impossible I basically had to BRIBE them with the tent)


Why babies need brothers

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Just a little brotherly love:

I can’t get enough of this kid when he laughs like that.

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