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I don’t know what the rules are, I don’t have a book, a manual or a holding cell for that matter. I am constantly reminding myself however that no matter what, under any circumstance should ANYTHING at this point surprise me.

Yesterday I told Numero Uno TODAY WAS THE DAY, he was NOT going to have an accident in his big boy pants. He assured me OVER and OVER he would not go in his big boy pants “Trust me Mom, Trust me” he said. So imagine my HORROR when I walked in the bathroom and found him going potty in the SINK. He was very proud of himself, (very) he smiled at me and said “Not in my big boy pants mom, see!” Nice.

Three straight days of rain is very hard on little boys, and the mothers who are in lock down in the house with those little boys. End of day three our Dad came home to a very very stir crazy house. Our Dad is smart, and he was a little boy once so you know what he did? He took his little boy outside to play in the mud. (A Mother never would have conceived of such a thing.)

There comes a time when the hose is your best bet:


San Diego

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We went to San Diego to celebrate our anniversary, 7 years not bad. First stop was the newly remodeled Mormon Battalion Center, I almost drove right past it, it looks so different.

Here is the apartment my Grandma and Grandpa lived in while they served at the Battalion Center:

Then we were off to fulfill this guy’s life long dream, see his Braves play. It was Throwback Thursday AND Jackie Robinson day. All the players wore #42 in his honor. It was A LOT of fun! Well being the only Braves fans in the section got a little dicey but we survived.

Before we left we watched a Diner’s Drive In’s and Dives that featured an old fashioned diner in San Diego, so we plugged it in to our GPS and were off. Guy was right, DE-LISH! It lived up to the hype, we ate there twice!

The temple and of course who can visit Cali with out a stop at Claim Jumper?!

Here’s to an infinite amount of years to come with this big lug!


And We’re Off

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It really was bad enough when Basher figured out how to crawl last month, I figured it would give us some time before walking. So such luck Chuck. He pulls himself up to his crib, toys, couch and Mom. Last night we found him tackling the stairs. Lofty goal. There really isn’t anything this kid doesn’t think he can do.

It’s funny having two children. We try not to but it’s hard not to compare and contrast our boys. Numero Uno had to be bribed to try the stairs he was terrified of them. He has been a very cautious child ever since, he won’t ever be the first to try ANYTHING. Basher on the other hand will go after anything and grab on to it with all his might. There is no convincing him otherwise and if he get’s bonked in the process, oh well he laughs about it. If Numero Uno is hurt the entire world knows about it. He is all about the food, Basher is all about the sleep. Numero Uno has turned into QUITE the Mama’s boy. (fine by me it’s about time!) While Basher sees his Dad enter the room and it’s game over for Mom. They are both fairly stubborn, hummmm no comment.


Sub-Zero Easter

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Note to self: When traveling to the farm for Easter PACK FOR ANYTHING!
Friday night we arrived on the farm, 4 hours later we sat staring bewildered out the window watching Mother Nature play one of her crueler Spring tricks: 4 inches of snow, gale force winds, and temperatures that would make most Canadian’s cringe. Don’t worry we were still able to enjoy ourselves.

These two were good sports and hid the eggs in the snow for the boys.

Annnnd the boys were good sports and went and found the eggs in the snow.

We also got to celebrate this little sweet heart’s 1st Birthday! It took her a while to warm up to her cake but she dug right in after a minute.

Numero Uno LOVES going to Uncle Goose’s F-A-R-M. New puppies and a hen house addition he would live there if we’d let him.

Hope you all enjoyed your Easter as well. We’re crossing out fingers we get some warm weather soon!


Because I am the best babysitter…

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… not best dad…just babysitter. So the story goes a little like this. The Wiff and Sa-Sa head to the gym and ask me to watch the boys. I figure that since I’m on break from school and I don’t have any meetings tonight that I could return the favor for the million times that The Wiff has watched the boys. So the girls leave for the gym. Numero Uno wants to watch the most annoying cartoon, but I relent as I think this would be a good opportunity to clean the kitchen, mop the floors etc… and maybe do some work from home. Next thing I know the room is quiet and all I hear is the annoying cartoon. Then I turn around and see this:

Horrible dad? Probably. Good babysitter? Definitely!

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