Mister Man

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I went to lunch with some friends recently. It seems that Ben had been telling some “Harm” stories at church and at lunch it was requested I tell some more. I don’t really understand why other people find my anguish with Harm so darn hilarious but those same friends made me PROMISE to write it all down so I can “look back and laugh.”  I guess they know something I don’t.

For starters Harm has started to act all grown up. I’m not sure when it happened?
Last night it was time for bed we had bathed, read scriptures, sang songs, read Brown Bear, prayed (for every single person we know ) and had a drink of water. I’m just about ready to leave the room and he says to me “Mom, wait get back here this minute.”  “Ok, what do you need Harm?” He grabe my face “Sweet Dreams Mom, I need one last KISS!”

Monday morning he was getting in his carseat to go play at his friend’s house and he puts his chin in his hands (this is his sign for I have something to say) he get’s this sad look on his face so I said “What’s up buds?” He says “Mom, I sure do miss my Grandma!”

A few weeks ago in a moment of insanity we decided to get out of the house and take both boys to dinner at Chili’s. Everything was going as it usually goes when you take Harm to a restaurant CR-AZY. We decided to let him play on the floor (never mind the diseases one can contract while playing of the floor right?) He was quiet, we were happy. About 2 minutes into out dessert we hear an elderly lady screaming…MORTIFIED I looked up at Ben and said “THAT would be your son!” Ben’s face goes white “NO! No it’s not!”  Needless to say the lady sitting 3 booths down was NOT impressed with our 3 year old “tickling” her legs.

Harm was sent a special birhday card. He was SOOOO excited to open it because it was his FIRST card in the mail. (He checks the mail everyday with his Dad) He opened it and out fell 5 dollars to which he exclaims “MOM it’s a HUNDRED DOLLARS, I’M RICH! I’M RICH!!!”

We have been really talking up the potty experience at our house. Harm is smart, he gets it about 90% of the time. But in typical 3 year old fashion the other 10% of the time he cannot be bothered. We keep asking him if he wants to be “potty trained like Uncle Duke?” We say this about 6 or 7 times a day. The other day he told me “Mom I’m ready ride on the Potty Train with Uncle Dukey now.”

Some of Harm’s Aunts (they shall remain nameless) taught him the “Down” song by Jay Sean. Every night coming to you live from the tub you can hear “Baby are you down down down!” Complete with a booty shake and a “Whoo Whoo!”

Church is going better. Harm loves going to nursery with his pal Emma. Sacrament meeting is a whole other animal. We practice being reverent at out house but it’s just not the same. One week we were really struggling. It was time for the sacrament prayer I was desperately trying to explain to Harm that now was what we had practiced for, to think about Jesus to which he exclaims to the entire ward “I DON’T LIKE JESUS MOM!!!!”

Harm cannot say his “F’s” We get a lot of : “I’m so hungry mom I need some HOOD”  Our friend who watches Harm while I’m at work on Monday’s and Friday’s name is Fonda, he affectionately refers to her as “Honda Mama”  Bob the Builder  can he HIX IT?! YES HE CAN! You get the point.

Harm recently developed an unusualcase of strep (down south) poor kid. I had to take him to the doctor. As we are waiting to see the doctor he walks up to some poor unsuspecting fella in the waiting room, bends over grabs his ankles and says “Hi, I’m Harman Garth Gaby I have an owchie on my bum, it’s ok though Gail (his doctor) is going to hix it. Do you have an owchie on your bum? Gail can hix it for you too you just have to show her your bum!” Luckily they called us  right back after that.

I’m not really sure what we would do with out this kid he keeps us all laughing pretty hard.


Anatomy of a Kite

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Harm got a kite for his birthday. Harm has been BEGGING us to let him fly it. So being the cunning, wise parents that we are we of course used it to bribe him. Our potty training efforts up to this point have been very much unappreciated. So when we found that Harm was obsessed with this kite we put it together and put it up on the wall for him to see. Upon going poopies in the potty he would be allowed to 1) Call his Dad at work (something he LIVES to do) 2) His dad would stop what he was doing and come RIGHT home to 3) Fly the kite w/ Harm. I won’t go into specifics but today was that day!  The good old Idaho wind was holding out on us, but we managed, our dad was not going to let this opportunity pass.


A new record

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Cache currently holds the Gaby record for “Earliest crawler.” He has been threatening to do this for a few weeks now and this weekend he figured it all out. We don’t really know how we feel about it…but he sure is cute!


A Happy Birthday Boy

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My 2 year old turned 3. I will lament about time flying by too quickly some other time. He had the best darn DINOSAUR Party ever! Just ask him he’ll tell you ALL about it. Coming off the sugar high was difficult. This morning when he woke up he came out of his room with a baffled look on his face. When I asked what was the matter he said “Well MOOOOM where’d all my presents go?!”

There were lots of friends and LOTS of family here to celebrate:

A new blanket made w/ love by Aunt Sa-Sa and Grandma. A perfect union of the two things Harm loves most: Dinosaurs and silky blankets. He slept quite soundly with it last night.

Annnnnd another lovely cake brought to you by Ben, and to Harm’s credit he only attacked it twice, once with his fingers and once with a toy dinosaur.

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