Ode to Miller…Over and Out

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OH MAN those were the best 3 periods plus 7 minutes and 57 seconds of over time OF MY LIFE!!! If you watched that game I LOVE YOU, you are  my new best friend.  That good people who read this blog, was what HOCKEY is all about. Hard hitting, LOTS of mix ups and can we just have a moment of silence for the game’s MVP goalie Ryan Miller. Who looked like this A LOT tonight:

I give these guys 2 great big thumbs up for playing an amazing game. I am sure at some point it will sink in that they won a silver medal, even though while they were handing them out  they looked like they were attending a funeral. It stings a little to loose like that, especially to their arch rivals due north.

I am saddened that it has all come to an end.  We will have to go back to boring nights of phase 10 and Candy Land…bummer. In parting I’d like to leave you with a funny little good bye clip starring my guy Bob Costas (does anyone know what his gig is between Olympic seasons?) and Jimmy Fallon. Click HERE it will make you laugh, I promise…come on would I lie to you? I was right about Hockey wasn’t I? Next time any of you are heading to Calgary, give me a shout, I’ll take you on over to the Saddle dome and we’ll take in a Flames game, my treat. Over and Out.


The Need for SPEED

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Here is how my morning went: Wake up, wake boys up, boys begin to SCREAM  no one wants to be awake, no one wants to be dressed, or fed or get in the car for that matter. Screaming ensues all the way to the babysitters. Silence the moment we walk in her door they are blissfully happy as I walk out the door. Enter my office. Seat my first patient…turn on the TV for him, the first words out of his mouth I kid you not “I HATE the Olympics!” ***I think to myself “WHY DID I EVEN GET OUT OF BED?!!!*** I didn’t try to sway his opinion (Hate is a very strong word) but I did tell him how I was a nervous wreck last night as I watched Speedy Peterson (AKA The Olympic Stud of the Day) pull this off last night:

My mom has a name for individuals like this… MORE GUTS THAN BRAINS people . I could think of a few of you who would really thrive at the winter Olympics by the way. I won’t name names, you know who you are. I think we should rename the Winter Olympics: the NEED FOR SPEED, ADRENALINE RUSH Olympics instead…just a random thought. Bode, Lindsey,  Princess Mancuso, Apollo, Speedy…all speed freaks, every single last one of them has made my heart just about STOP at some point over the last 2 weeks!

The sad part is I just keep watching! (With one hand over my eyes) but still I’m hooked! And it’s not over! Apollo and Vonn are back up tonight!
This just in: My boys just finished DEMOLISHING Finland 6-1.  SUNDAY NIGHT HERE WE COME! This is so amazing! I may just get to watch a USA  vs. O CANADA REMATCH!! Be still my heart!!


Can’t Be Bothered…

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I’m sorry I can’t come to the blog right now… I’m paying CLOSE attention to the US of A vs. O CANADA hockey game.  Yes the game I have been anticipating for many many moons now. Yes the game where I was going to get to watch my boy Iggy play again!  This fetish I have with Hockey needs some explaining, I know. See one day a few years ago I moved to O Canada.  I was your typical US of A-er. I didn’t believe in Hockey, donairs, or using the phrase “Come again” Typical.
Then one day a few years and some plus days ago I went to my first ever, real live Calgary Flames Hockey game. Located here at the Pengrowth Saddledome in Calgary.

2 words…A-MAZING! Since that day I have been known to scream things like “HIT EM HARDER!” “NICE POWER PLAY LADIES”and “Sweet save KIPPY!” It’s true. I now know what things like “shots on goal” and “hat trick” mean. I do enjoy a good old hockey mix up. So ya I have been waiting with MUCH anticipation for this game to be on T.V.  You can imagine my deep dispair when I found out just today I with my meer 7 digital channels would not be able to watch this event live. So here I pathetically sit…refreshing this site. There is no screaming, there is no watching Iggy or Team USA…I don’t know if I’ll be able to get out of bed tomorrow. It’s O Canada -2 USA-4 perhaps I will be able to get up…HIT EM HARDER BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!


If no other day…TODAY

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Today is your day people! If you don’t watch the olympics fine, no big deal, I’m not going to judge. That said TODAY if you watch TODAY you will be entertained I assure you.

Today’s line up includes:
Shawn White-AKA the “Flying Tomato”-SNOWBOARDING

Lindsey Vonn- Talk about FIERCE!-ALPINE SKIING

Shani Davis-World record holding speed skater, out to break all his old records…again!

Apollo Anton Ono-Need I say MORE?

In other news, Nat text me to inform me there was an actual Men’s figure skating shirt that did not contain any “bling” I believe her, but I didn’t see it with my own eyes. I’m bummed I missed it…ok not THAT bummed.

Also in case you were wondering my US Men’s Hockey Team soundly whomped the Swiss boys 3-1 yesterday it was a good day.

I don’t know what is more concerning to me?  A) The fact that my boy Iggy will play against my US Men’s Hockey team OR B) The fact that there have been reports of circulating “trash talk” amongst the men’s figure skating finalists. Hmmmmm let’s see…you wear shinny shirts and tight pants for a living…and yet you feel the need to talk smack? Mama Jo would be giving you the glass houses speech right about now fellas!

In conclusion…FOR HEAVEN SAKES WATCH THE OLYMPICS TODAY/TONIGHT/The 3:00 AM re-runs WHATEVER, WHENEVER you will NOT be disappointed!


Words to Live by…”such as”

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I know I’m a girl and I’m suppose to love figure skating… and the seven year old in me still does. So for her, I will briefly discuss figure skating.  A few words to live by:

1- Black pants for the men are a must…I REPEAT A MUST!

2- The two US figure skaters who are dating (and have dated for several years) but skate on opposing teams SWEAR that they have no problem competing against each other. IIIIIIIIIIII don’t know… come on, be serious. Ben and I try to play a friendly game of phase 10 and there is  blood, name calling, your occasional wet willy. I therefore  do not concur.

3- I have never in all my life see so much BLING (and I lived in Vegas) on any one man.

4- Chinese people are petite. Let’s just accept this to be a universal truth and move on. They are tiny boned and “such as” they will fly higher, twist twirlier,  and quadruple-niner- axel better than us all.

Now it must be mentioned that Harman is OBSESSED with the snowboarding, he get’s so mad when they fall down. He yells at the TV….I haven’t a clue where he learned this.

Stay tuned my friends for tomorrow, tomorrow the US Hockey team take to the I-C-E against Switzerland. It’s my day off. I will BE watching. Same bat time Same bat channel.

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