This Little Nino

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If I don’t document some of the HILARIOUS things Harm has said lately, I will hate myself forever.

Yesterday after dumping 2 Pocket Pacs of Antibacterial hand sanitizers all over in my new purse and watching the veins in my neck pop out before I say a word he says to me:

Tonight while examining a zit on Ben’s forehead:
“Ya Harm”

We have a strict NO shooting people rule at our house. As the rule currently stands we ONLY shoot the birds like Uncle Nate. We were at Wal-Mart the other day and mysteriously a ginormous nerf machine gun found it’s way off the shelf and into my cart. When I asked Harm what it was for he responded:
“To shoot the birds Mom, ONLY the birds!”

He ran around for days telling me and Ben the horsies were sleeping in the “Bum”. For the life of us we couldn’t figure that one out until we were out driving and passed a huge red BARN and Harm goes:
“Look mom a Bum!” Mystery solved.

And his latest antics: Throwing a colossal size fit any time someone comes near his head with scissors. Ergo? We are letting him grow it out. We’ll see how it goes. We sure do love him, if nothing else he keeps it interesting around here.




A Day in Paradise

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Well our Halloween weekend was a blast! We went down to South Jordan to spend some quality time with the Newman’s! We started off by meeting up with Aunt Nat at Gardner Village.  It was fun. Curt, Wade and Tyler were hauling hay that day so Nat put in a call to see if we could come see Wade and Ty’s horses. Off we went, I had NO IDEA the joy that would come into my son’s life as we pulled into Grandpa Newman’s yard. Tyler and Wade saddled up Trigger and Pistol, aka Harm’s new BFF’s.
At first Harm was a little unsure to be on such a big horse all by himself.

Then Tyler hopped on it was all good!


Nat and I were in the car with Cache when what do you know I see Ben mount Trigger…The farm girl in me was a little nervous I will admit. To my knowledge Ben had never been around a horse let alone RODE one solo before in his life! Wade gave him Riding 101 and he was a natural. It helps that Trigger is a very very well mannered, easy going horse. Soon Harm wanted to ride with his Dad, they had the time of their lives!


You KNOW I couldn’t let city boy show me up. I had to get on Pistol, who was being a little bit ornery but we warmed up to each other eventually. It’s like riding a bike, before I knew it my 4-H days all came flooding back.  The good ones, not the bad ones.  Definitely not the ones where my Dad’s horse Chico rolled over the top of me in the show arena, or took off with my Uncle Kent riding him 100 miles an hour to the race track 5 minutes before I was suppose to enter the arena to ride. Those I have shoved deep deep deep with in my subconscious.



Harm would have brought Trigger home with him if we’d let him.

We’re not sure if Cowboy’s wear crocs or not? Ty’s not so sure…



Monday morning when Harm woke up first thing he asked for was “Go Uncle Curt’s House!” I said “How come?” He said “I love him Mom!”

I think we all know why!

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