Going once…Going Twice…Gone?

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There is a two year old for sale at this house. We’re not sure what the going rate for a two year old on the open market is…we’ll take your best offer. Yesterday was the day to beat all days with this kid. I called Ben on his lunch and told him NOT to DARE walk in this house unless he had 1-a child lock for the pantry door 2- a VERY LARGE diet Pepsi…*yes he has driven me to drinking*


In the spirit of full disclosure there was ANOTHER MESS waiting for me downstairs when I finished with this one…it was the SPELNDA in the living room. I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to take a picture of that one.

Then later that night when he was trying to “redeem” himself I found him playing with his little brother who had been severely neglected while I cleaned up mess after mess all day long.


On second thought…maybe I’ll keep him.


Double Take

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We have been saying since Cache was born: “He looks nothing like his brother!” We’re not so sure anymore.  I pulled the pictures up from Harm exactly the same age as Cache. See for your self.
HARM 1 month:

CACHE 1 month:



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This is a typical face you will find Cache making. This is actually very typical of Cache’s personality over all. He is 1 month old today and continues to be a wonderful baby.



Fall and things to get excited about!

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It’s officially September! And in the words of my son: WHOOOO HOOOOO! Here is an assorted list of things that I am currently looking forward to!

#1-Coming in October
In the words of PW herself: “It’s about dadgum time!”

#2- FINALLY Harm’s first Rodeo on Saturday! We are so excited! He can hardly sleep at night!


#3- Butternut Squash! I love Fall food! First that they are orange AND I doooo love orange.


I am ALSO looking forward to fall soups! I sincerely love trying new soups and stews in the fall! This one is a doozie, it will  KNOCK your socks off! I can’t wait!

#4- Well #4 is “technically” not a fall item but I am what you might call “giddy” with anticipation so I’m adding it to the list!

REALLY can’t wait to see this guy:

And I will sooooo be cheering them on:

But let’s be honest it’s only really important they PUMMEL these guys:

So ya that’s what’s gettin me out of bed these days, we’ll that AND these two crazies:

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