Very Special People

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I received a package from my mom the other day. She just smiled when she handed it to me. It was from two very special people. Julie and Nicole, heaven knows how I would have turned out with out them in my life growing up. Let’s just say it wouldn’t have been pretty. The countless hours Nicole spent babysitting us having water fights at our every request. Even MORE countless, painstaking hours Julie spent trying to help me not flunk out of geometry and other math related classes.(Geometry Julie still eludes me) It was not an easy task I assure you. That all said Nicole and her mom Julie are VERY talented women. Inside the box I found theseĀ  amazing sweaters and a little hat handmade by Nicole:


If it wasn’t 95 degrees outside Cache would be wearing them right now!
She didn’t stop there. Look at the blanket she made:


Julie made this amazing little bib for Cache. Harman is obsessed with it of course because of the HORSIES on it. I’m not sure if Cache will ever be allowed it wear it. Harm takes it all over the house with him.



We don’t do dull

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Never a dull moment around this house. With a little baby growing and changing EVERY day and a two year old on the loose we get our exercise that’s for sure, we’re loving every minute of it!
Here’s little Cache tonight. I was trying to take some good pictures of him with his eyes open for Aunt Nat and Harm pulled on my leg after a few minutes and said “Mom leave Cache ALONE!” Needless to say this is a trend when the camera comes out around here.






Warming up to Cache

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For the past 9 months we have been trying to prepare Harman for a sibling. Saturday when Sadie brought him back to the house for the first time since Cache came home we were very VERY nervous. Ben took him to Target and got him a baseball mitt, a new ball and a bat. We’re sooooo not above bribery. Needless to say we’ve been playing A LOT of ball. Kind of our fault as a few Monday’s ago we introduced him to The Sandlot and he’s been a “Baseball Junkie” ever since.




Up until today Harm was pretty indifferent to his new little brother. Sunday when we were putting Cache in his car seat to go to Rupert he waved to him and said “Bye Bye Cache go home!” We were thinking then that indifferent was better than hostile right? Well today the tables turned and Harm has become a very loving, doting big brother. He’s been asking all day to hold him, and bringing him his binki and blankie on demand.


(No hands…mom almost dropped the camera!)

After a long day of being the World’s BEST big brother…the poor kid was all tuckered out. Ben went upstairs and found him like this:


Harman and Emma Sittin in a Tree…

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This is Harm’s BFF Emma. She is too dang cute and we love her to death!
Here’s their story: They met on a rainy Sunday mid morning, you know just after nap time aka Sacrament Meeting. There they were, like fate had brought them together both throwing tantrums of epic proportions outside the nursery room. It was then and there they their friendship took root and has blossomed much to their parents delight. Now they go hand in hand from the chapel to the nursery room and look out for one another for the entire 2 hours. Monday Emma came over to play in Harm’s pool and have an all around good time.


P.S.-We hereby reserve the right to enforce arranged marriages.


Quick Photo Shoot

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Here are some pictures I took tonight while Cache was awake and looking pretty dang cute. Enjoy!

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