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This morning I woke up, no little hands pulling my limbs telling me “WAKE MAMA WAKE!”
Later I walked out side to feed little Daisy with no little feet running full speed ahead screaming “WALK-A-DA-DAISY MAMA WALK-A-DA DAISY!!!”
As I watered my plants noooooobody pulled at my shorts and begged “Sim-POOL Mama, SIM-POOL!!”
When the phone rang I didn’t have to arm wrestle a brawny two year old to answer it the person on the other end didn’t have to hear “Ummm-Ellow…DAD???”
Harm you see was kidnapped by rogue family members on their way to CANNON BEACH for a WEEK of fun, Oregon Sun, Haystack Rock, the beach, ALL of his beloved Aunts and Uncles, and everything else you could possible imagine that has to do with “bonding” on the Coast. I was left behind with Ben to give birth. NO PRESSURE! Anyway say a prayer for all those riding in the car with Harman for the next 10 hours and while you’re at it send one up in my behalf…it’s time to get this show on the road!!!
Until then, it looks like it’s just me and Denny…I swear I’m going to have to bring a kid home from nursery to ride this thing or I’m NEVER going to make it!

All My Love,
A semi-hysterical mother


Here’s What We’ve Been Up to

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It’s been a VERY fun summer! We’ve had a blast so far. Here are a few things we’ve enjoyed:

My Dad’s 50th Birthday Party! Root Beer and Pancakes for breakfast and a party at the Minidoka Dam:







Harm can usually be found on top of Uncle Curt’s shoulders, I think it’s his HAPPY PLACE!
Harm wanted to hit the pinata like everyone else, he even insisted Aunt Nat put the blind fold on, but only around his neck!



Next it was the 4th of July. Due to the flu and little baby Gaby sitting on my sciatic nerve we did not make it to Rupert for the 4th festivities OR the Harman Reunion…still very very sad about both! Here is what the 4th of July looks like in Twin:







As of late we’ve been trying to beat the heat! When the sign at Costco said 108 on the asphault Saturday we decided it was time for a kiddie pool! Harm and Daisy haven’t gotten out of it since we bought it! They even got Dad wet!



And just in case you’re wondering what the cutest neice in the world is up to these days:




Latest and Greatest: Edition #1 of many to come

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Harm had his first big time crash today. Off the couch oddly enough. Harm’s face tangled with his friend Zay’s head. You have GOT to feel bad for Zay’s head! Harm didn’t cry much but his mom was not the practiced pro she is at work when someone else’s child comes in her office with a banged up and bloody mouth. The dentist I work with was great and stayed late to check Harm out for me and make sure he didn’t get any teeth while he was busy putting his bottom canine through (and through) his top lip. Harm got a toothbrush and a sticker, I got a pat on the back and was told he’ll be just fine with a little ice and time…hmmmmm sounds like familiar advice!


Harm got blood all over his hand and is just sure that’s where his problem lies.  When we asked him to show us his owie this is what he did:


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