Hersheys and a Smile

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Today was just another day at Wal-Mart with Harm. We went in for his bi-monthly hair cut. He always BEGS to see the “fishies” and how could I say no? Also I needed some butter and Ziploc bags that just happen to be back by said fishies. (Our new Wal-Mart will BLOW YOUR MIND things are all over the place, it’s going to take me MONTHS to figure it out!) Anyway after the fishies, butter, and Ziploc bags we were on our way to check out. Man was it hot. Man are my scrubs getting tighter and tighter every day. It is painfully obvious that I am painfully close to giving birth. Harm has hair all over him and by this point he is telling every one we pass about the “sharpies” down his shirt, on his neck and all over his face. We finally get to check out and he has sooooo had it. Frankly so have I. Beings how our beloved Wal-Mart has only been open for 2 weeks the check out process is slow, very very slow. What are you going to do? Patiently I tried to entertain Harm w/ various cart activities. All of which were failing miserably. As we neared the cashier and Harm threw a box of butter at her head, I had to pick him up and sling him over my shoulder. He really wanted down, I really wanted him to be down. At one point he stopped wiggling. As I was paying I turned to see what he was so enthralled with…there behind me stood the scariest looking man I have ever met. He was a cross between KISS and Willie Nelson. I am almost positive I saw a tattoo on his arm that read “I Heart MOM” I was a little nervous at first. Then I realized he was in a deep hearted conversation with my son about Harm’s sharpies, the fishies and probably something that involved POOPIES as that is also a favorite conversation starter of Harm’s. I finished paying and realized Harm had something his his hand. A GINORMOUS Hershey’s bar. The friendly biker man told the cashier he’d pay for it. Then he got really close to Harm’s ear, gave him a love and told him to go make a BIG mess in the car with it! Then he winked at me. I didn’t know what to say. All those lessons about judging a book by it’s cover came to my mind but all I could think about was how for the last 5 minutes of checking out this man had saved my sanity and made a life long buddy out of Harm. On any given day, in any other place I probably would have walked right by him, and more than likely, would have encouraged Harm to do the same. Funny how we see things differentlywhen we stop to take a second glance.  Harm did indeed make a mess and you know what? I didn’t complain once while I scrubbed it out of his hair, car seat and blankie!


Fun Stuff

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This weekend for my birthday Ivie, Maddie, and Duke got to come play! We had a blast! We went to the movies, we went BACK to Hop to It and had a grand old time! There was cake, and laughing and ALOT of Harman and Duke wrestling time. It was more than any girl could ask for on her birthday!




There was a new addition at the bounce house: THE VELCRO wall. Ben and Maddy had one heck of a time out doing each other! Even Harm and Duke were up for the challenge!








And of course there was cake! Lots and lots of chocolate cake!



Here’s a Story…of some LOVELY Ladies!

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This weekend Ben and I were in Las Vegas for a dental conference. The weather was great, never got above 80 the entire time we were there, nothing short of a miracle. This story requires some back tracking so go with me here. For MONTHS now (and I do mean months) I have had these tacky samples of paint up on my kitchen walls. We had decided on a color a few weeks ago, thanks to my Aunt Tam and her wonderful fetish with paint, but after putting up the fence, laying the sod, worrying over the sod and planting a garden we were all tuckered out. I had given up all hope for getting the kitchen painted before the baby came. What was a few more months of tacky sample paint on my walls? Really? Well Sunday we drove 10 straight hours from Vegas to home. My feet were the size of small barges by the time we drove into the garage. The first thing I saw when I flipped on the lights was this:


And this:
Annnnnd this:

It was like Ty Pennington HIMSELF had been here! It did indeed prompt a melt down on my kitchen floor sobbing like the big hormonal wreck that I am. Who done it? My amazingly talented always thoughtful sister in law Jerica and my most wonderful always “super-good-awesome” sister Ivie. Mom and the rest of the tribe manned the fort at home with Harman. I am in shock every time I walk in the kitchen and see it! You wouldn’t believe what it’s done for the place…and for my swollen feet. I am a LUCKY LUCKY girl!


Bounce House

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Since all it did was RAIN this weekend we thought we would spend some quality time as a family inside. Around 4 pm Saturday we were ready to get out of the house! We found a fun little BOUNCE HOUSE here in town and ended up going for pizza and a movie after. Harm LOVED Night at the Smithsonian, very very good flick if you’re wondering.

I’ve never said this about my son before but he was actually one of the smallest kids there. He didn’t let it slow him down, but he did get mowed over a few times. Again more of a life lesson for mom and dad than Harm.




Oh look a big pit of balls! Try removing him from this wondrous discovery…FAT CHANCE!


Ben finally convinced him there was an obstacle course they both needed to tackle.




Needless to say they both slept VERY well that night.

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