Harm-Daisy Video

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A Match Made in Heaven

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We’ve been talking about it for a while now. Yesterday we picked up Harm’s puppy from Nate and Jerica. She’s the last thing he talks about before he goes to bed and the first thing he talks about when he wakes up. Her name is Daisy and we sure think she’s sweet!



She was jumping up on Harm so Ben decided to get her attention quickly so we could avoid that bad habbit. Harm’s eyes welled up and he started bawling. He promptly informed his dad he is not suppose to yell at his dog. Apparently only he’s allowed to do that. There’s a pretty heafty bet on the table to see who runs out of steam first, Daisy or Harm…we’ll let you know.


Other Various Activities

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One of the highlights of the Oregon Coast (for us) is the Tillamook Cheese Factory. We took the 50 minute drive down highway 101, which is very beautiful this time of year, to stop in. The production line was not up and running that day but Harm still had a good time looking around.



The 20 minute line for the best ice cream around was well worth the wait! Even Harm who is usually not a big fan of ice cream dug right in!




The highlight for Harm other than all the sand was the indoor pool at the Inn we stayed at. We were a little nervous because last year after this little incident he wouldn’t get back in the water all summer. He needed a little coaxing getting in the pool.



But once he was in it was all down hill from there. We couldn’t get him out.




All too soon it was time to load up and say good bye to Haystack rock, the amazing ocean sunsests and the millions of pounds of sand Harm had brought into our hotel room. (we got atleast half a million pounds in our suitcase so don’t feel too bad!)





A Day in Seaside

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The second day we were on the coast we spend a day in Seaside. The first stop was the Carousel:

There was a pretty long line for the carousel ride and Harm saw everyone giving the money to the guy letting people on the “horsies” so he asked his Dad for some “money” and then refused to let go of it.


The guy directing carousel traffic tried to put Harm on a pink “kitty” the “NO NO NO’s” and “Horsie Daddy HORSIE” could be heard across the land!.We finally found a horsie thank goodness.

I, being the dedicated photographer that I am,  jumped on to take a quick picture and they started it before I had time to get off  the blasted thing…I was so sick at one point Ben looked at me and thought I was going to loose it. Luckily for ME the ride didn’t last that long. Harm on the other hand had the opposite emotions and again the crowd was serenaded with NO-NO-NO’s!

Then is was off to the Seaside Aquarium. It’s kind of a giant, circular cave with tanks filled with just about everything you could imagine. Harm was waaay into the sea urchins and star fish but when Ben tried to help him pick up a snail he started screaming “EW Poopies!” Not really sure what that was all about but the aquarium staff were not impressed that he just called their, rare, going extinct snails POOPIE!




The main attraction at the Aquarium were the sea lions. At first when Harm heard them barking he called them doggies. Then they started splashing people and clapping for more fish and Harm was not such a fan.




An Impromptu Trip to the Beach

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About 2 weeks ago Ben and I decided we were in need of a road trip. It’s a little bug we get every now and again.  One afternoon we were talking and decided it was high time to take Harm on a trip just for him. So Thursday we packed up and shipped out. A whole 10 hours in the car with a 2 year old I tell you what Harm was a champ. There is a limit to how  many times our dad can listen to The Man from Snowy River but all in all it was GREAT. Instead of overwhelming this post with EVERYTHING we did I’ll break it up. Today’s Post-THE BEACH(pronounced “BEETCHES” by one Harman Garth Gaby) Pretty much heaven on earth for him, easy access to ALL the dirt you could EVER want! It was true Cannon Beach weather you can bet we had our hoodies on the entire time!
On our way to the beach:



We take our sand castle building very seriously:



But NOT as seriously as our sand castle wrecking. Ben couldn’t get them out fast enough for Harm to SMASH them!

After a few attempts we relented the fact we would never get a family picture. Much to my despair, now I know how my mom feels every time we go see Old Faithful and crush her life long dream of a family photo in front of the geyser.
So here are a few we shot for the heck of it.





This one is my FAVORITE! Harm’s first steps into the ocean. I can’t really put into words how priceless it was. Maybe it’s a mom thing?

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