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There are some deep seeded inevitable truths about boys that you have to learn with time. This time it was that no matter how dry 99% of all the dirt in your back yard it, your BOY will find the 1 foot by 1 foot mud puddle and sit in it.
Oh sure you’ll try to get him to come out, divert him with sidewalk chalk or the bubble gun but it will be to no avail.


But when he smiles at you like this:


You just get him another shovel, thank heaven for Oxy Clean, and ignore his perpetual runny nose  because you are the proud mom of a boy and this is inevitable truth #466.


A far cry

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Saturday at our Stake Conference we were encouraged to use our “homemaking skills” to help get us through these difficult economical times. Let me take you back a weekend when Ivie and I were shopping for an Easter dress for her. We had tried on quite a few but she was struggling with what 4 out of 5 of us Eames girls struggle with when we’re 14…the top was a little “baggy”. I was giving her a hard time about it and in retaliation she gets right in my face and says ” Well if you had any HOMEMAKING SKILLS you could fix it for me!” Well played my friend, well played. She had a good point I’m not exactly skill-full in the home. I sat in our adult session of Stake Conference wondering what my knowledge of the weekly percentages of weigh loss for all 7  Biggest Looser contestants was really contributing to my family and posterity…not much I’m afraid. So new goals:  1-Sew something, (really not sure what these boys of mine will appreciate me sewing, let’s face it, it will have dirt, grass stains, and food all over it with in minutes but I’m determined. 2-Learn to make something new in the Kitchen, 3-Use what I have.
So with all that in mind I decided to teach myself how to make Cheesecake. Never made a cheesecake before so this was going to be new. I did have to buy a spring form pan but I found a recipe that looked simple enough and yesterday after church for 3 hours I was busy “learning something new.”  I let my masterpiece chill in the fridge for the called for 2-3 hours. Some friends of ours  called and wanted to get together so I offered to bring dessert. Upon removing my cheesecake from the fridge after my nap I was walking it to the counter when I did indeed learn something I did not know before  SPRING FORM PANS: DO NOT I repeat DO NOT accidentally set off the “spring form” until it’s setting on the counter. Before I even knew what was happening…SPLAT all over the floor, walls, ceiling, oven, me, counters. Next thing I learned that I did not know before: you cannot substitute Danish Dessert for Knox unflavored gelatin packets. Your cheesecake will NOT I repeat WILL NOT set up. Needless to say Ben heard the commotion from the other room and came running to find me in shock standing in a pool of strawberry goo. He even offered to take a picture but got the look of death and we cleaned it up for the next hour. Good thing we were getting together with GOOD friends who would have been happy to see us show up with a box of graham crackers for dessert as they would have been to see this: exps36628_lt1115223d2

Yes today it is funny, and yes today my floor is still sticky. Good grief do I know how to pick em! Maybe I should put off sewing just so nobody gets hurt.


Easter Baskets and such

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Harm woke up this morning to 2 parents and an aunt very eager to bribe him out of his bed with C-A-N-D-Y

It took very little for him to catch on. He was up like a flash running around the house looking for his candy!


img_2200 img_2203

img_2206 img_2211 img_2216 img_2218 img_2219 img_2221 img_2221 img_2225 img_2233 img_2247
You’ll notice the vest and tie in the back ground no reason EVER to put clothes in your two year old’s Easter Basket. Lesson learned. Next lesson learned: EASTER EGG DYING: NOT FOR BOYS!
Getting my son/husband to participate in this much awaited activity by Ivie and myself was pointless to say the least!
It’s not like we were going for MARTHA style here, just wanted to enjoy a little family bonding time over a long standing tradition. What we got instead was 2 second egg dying and A LOT of broken eggs.



She Loves Me, She Loves Me NOT

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I’ve been dying to take Saige’s pictures forever! Since I was sick I missed a few weekends of going down to see her. Jerica had her all readylast Sunday but she was NOT happy to see me:




Monday night we got together for FHE. Saige was all dolled up as usual and she was much happier to let me take her pictures while she was sleeping!





Conference Weekend

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What a great weekend! We were in Rupert enjoying every last minute of Conference and family!
My mom declared Saturday  we would have “THE FIRST HOT DOG  ROAST OF THE SEASON!” Which was looking a little daunting as they had snow the nigh before, but the sun came out and Harm got his first lesson in camp fire cooking! He’s still a rookie as you can see he was more into STIRRING the coal with his hot dog and stick than cooking it. There was NO convincing him he could not eat it however…Grandpa Tim said a little charcoal never hurt anyone!







Harm spent a lot of time with Grandma Cari this weekend. He is S-P-O-I-L-E-D that’s for sure! We took him over to see his new puppy. They are getting BIG! They have their eyes open and they’re walking all over the place.




And let’s not forget these girls: His favorite: SA-SA’s. We’re not sure if it’s because they ALL have brown hair now or what but Ivie, Maddy, and Sade are all loveingly refered to as: “SA-SA” by Harm.

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